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The OpenVMS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Chapter 5
5 System Management Information
     5.1     What is an installed image?
     5.2     Are there any known viruses for OpenVMS?
     5.3     Sources of OpenVMS security information?
     5.4     How do I mount an ISO-9660 CD on OpenVMS?
     5.5     How do I extract the contents of a PCSI kit?
     5.6     Emergency (Conversational) System Startup?
         5.6.1         I've forgotten the SYSTEM password - what can I do?
         5.6.2         My product licenses have expired - what can I do?
     5.7     How do I change the node name of an OpenVMS System?
     5.8     Why doesn't OpenVMS see the new memory I just added?
     5.9     How do I change the text in a user's UIC identifier?
     5.10     What are the OpenVMS version upgrade paths?
         5.10.1         OpenVMS Alpha Upgrade (or Update) Paths
         5.10.2         OpenVMS I64 Upgrade Paths
         5.10.3         OpenVMS VAX Release Upgrade Paths
         5.10.4         OpenVMS Cluster Rolling Upgrade Paths
         5.10.5         OpenVMS VAX Manual Organization
         5.10.6         OpenVMS Product Version and Support Information
         5.10.7         OpenVMS Alpha and I64 Upgrade Terminology
     5.11     Why do I have a negative number in the pagefile reservable pages?
     5.12     Do I have to update layered products when updating OpenVMS?
     5.13     How do I change the volume label of a disk?
     5.14     How can I set up a shared directory?
     5.15     Why do I get extra blank pages on my HP Printer?
     5.16     Drivers and Configuration of New Graphics Controllers?
         5.16.1         The ELSA GLoria Synergy
         5.16.2         PowerStorm 300, PowerStorm 350
         5.16.3         PowerStorm 3D30, PowerStorm 4D20
         5.16.4         Radeon 7500
     5.17     How can I acquire OpenVMS patches, fixes, and ECOs?
     5.18     How do I move the queue manager database?
     5.19     How do I delete an undeletable/unstoppable (RWAST) process?
     5.20     How do I reset the error count(s)?
     5.21     How do I find out if the tape drive supports compression?
     5.22     Can I copy SYSUAF to another version? To VAX? To Alpha?
     5.23     How do I delete (timeout) idle processes?
     5.24     Do I need a PAK for the DECevent (HP Analyze) tool?
     5.25     INITIALIZE ACCVIO and ANSI tape label support?
     5.26     How do I recover from INSVIRMEM errors?
     5.27     How can I prevent a serial terminal line from initiating a login?
     5.28     How does PCSI use the image BUILD_IDENT field?
     5.29     How can I tell what software (and version) is installed?
     5.30     What file checksum tools are available for OpenVMS?
     5.31     What (and where) is the OpenVMS Management Station?
     5.32     How to determine current disk fragmentation level?
     5.33     SYSBOOT-I-FILENOTLOC, Unable to locate SYS$CPU_ROUTINES?
     5.34     How can I customize the DCPS device control for a new printer?
     5.35     Why do $GETDEV MOUNTCNT and SHOW DEVICE mount counts differ?
     5.36     What software is needed for Postscript printers?
     5.37     How do I remove a PCSI-installed patch (ECO) kit?
     5.38     SYSINIT-E, error mounting system device, status=0072832C
     5.39     Resolving License PAK Problems?
     5.40     Changing the OpenVMS Version Number?
     5.41     How to prevent users from choosing obvious passwords?
     5.42     Please help me with the OpenVMS BACKUP utility?
         5.42.1         Why isn't BACKUP/SINCE=BACKUP working?
                Why has OpenVMS gone through the agony of this change?
                Can you get the old BACKUP behaviour back?
         5.42.2         What can I do to improve BACKUP performance?
         5.42.3         Why is BACKUP not working as expected?
         5.42.4         How do I fix a corrupt BACKUP saveset?
         5.42.5         How do I write a BACKUP saveset to a remote tape?
         5.42.6         How to perform a DoD security disk erasure?
         5.42.7         How to enable telnet virtual terminals?
                Volume Shadowing MiniCopy vs MiniMerge?
     5.43     Please explain DELETE/ERASE and File Locks?
     5.44     Managing File Versions?
     5.45     Host-based Volume Shadowing and RAID?
Chapter 6
6 Information on Mail
     6.1     MAIL keeps saying I have new messages, but I don't. What do I do?
     6.2     How do I send or read attachments in VMS MAIL?
     6.3     How can I block SMTP mail relay spam?
Chapter 7
7 Information on Utilities
     7.1     How do I play an audio CD on my workstation?
     7.2     How do I access a Microsoft Windows floppy disk from OpenVMS?
     7.3     How do I play sound files on an AlphaStation? DECsound doesn't work.
     7.4     How do I read IBM EBCDIC tapes on OpenVMS?
     7.5     How can I patch an OpenVMS Alpha image?
Chapter 8
8 DCL Details
     8.1     DCL Symbols and OpenVMS Logical Names?
     8.2     How do I run a program with arguments?
     8.3     How can I clear the screen in DCL?
     8.4     Using REPLY/LOG from DCL? Disabling Console OPCOMs?
     8.5     How do I generate a random number in DCL?
     8.6     What does the MCR command do?
     8.7     How do I change the OpenVMS system prompt?
     8.8     Can I do DECnet task-to-task communication with DCL?
     8.9     How can I get the width setting of a terminal?
     8.10     Why doesn't DCL symbol substitution work?
     8.11     How can I substitute symbols in a PIPE?
     8.12     Use of RUN/DETACH, LOGINOUT, and logical names?
     8.13     How to use escape and control characters in DCL?

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