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The OpenVMS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Preface Preface
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 General Information
Chapter 3 Documentation
Chapter 4 Time and Timekeeping
Chapter 5 System Management Information
Chapter 6 Information on Mail
Chapter 7 Information on Utilities
Chapter 8 DCL Details
Chapter 9 Files
Chapter 10 OpenVMS Programming Information
Chapter 11 DECwindows
Chapter 12 Miscellaneous Information
Chapter 13 Finding and Using Software
Chapter 14 Hardware Information
Chapter 15 Information on Networks and Clusters


Preface Preface
Chapter 1
1 Introduction
     1.1     What core OpenVMS URLs do you need to know?
     1.2     What are the OpenVMS Usenet Newsgroups?
         1.2.1         What is the scope of the comp.os.vms newsgroup?
                Using the Natural Language Search Assistant (AskQ)?
         1.2.2         What newsgroups carry VMS-related information?
         1.2.3         What newsgroup archives are available?
         1.2.4         What is the INFO-VAX mailing list?
                How do I subscribe to or unsubscribe from INFO-VAX?
     1.3     What is [n]etiquette?
     1.4     What OpenVMS user group(s) are available?
     1.5     OpenVMS Support, Questions and Comments?
         1.5.1         Corporate contacts for OpenVMS Business Issues?
         1.5.2         OpenVMS Ambassadors?
         1.5.3         Contact for OpenVMS Marketing Issues and Questions?
         1.5.4         Contact URLs for OpenVMS Technical Issues?
Chapter 2
2 General Information
     2.1     What is OpenVMS? What is its history?
     2.2     What is the difference between VMS and OpenVMS?
     2.3     What's in a Name? Terminology and Products?
         2.3.1         How do I port from VMS to OpenVMS?
     2.4     Which is better, OpenVMS or UNIX?
     2.5     Is HP continuing funding and support for OpenVMS?
     2.6     What OpenVMS distribution kits are available?
         2.6.1         Where can I download OpenVMS and Layered Product Kits?
     2.7     In what language is OpenVMS written?
     2.8     Obtaining and Transfering OpenVMS licenses?
         2.8.1         Questions asked by Hobbyist OpenVMS licensees?
                Vendors offering Hobbyist Licenses
         2.8.2         OpenVMS Educational and CSLG licenses?
         2.8.3         What developer and partner licensing programs are available?
         2.8.4         How do I obtain or transfer an OpenVMS license?
     2.9     Does OpenVMS support the Euro currency symbol?
     2.10     OpenVMS Ports? Itanium? Ports to IA-32, EM64T or AMD64 systems?
     2.11     Are there any network-accessible OpenVMS systems?
     2.12     What version of OpenVMS do I need?
     2.13     How can I submit OpenVMS Freeware?
     2.14     Porting applications to OpenVMS?
     2.15     What resources are available to OpenVMS software developers?
     2.16     memory management, resource management, process scheduling, etc?
     2.17     Basic Units of Measurement?
         2.17.1         How many bytes are in a disk block?
         2.17.2         How many bytes are in a memory page?
         2.17.3         How do I convert? Disk Blocks? KB, MB, GB, TB?
Chapter 3
3 Documentation
     3.1     Where can I find online copies of OpenVMS manuals?
     3.2     What online information and websites are available?
     3.3     How do I extract the contents of a HELP topic to a text file?
     3.4     Does OpenVMS Marketing have an e-mail address?
     3.5     Where can I learn about OpenVMS executive internals?
     3.6     Where can new users find tutorial information about OpenVMS?
         3.6.1         Tutorial Websites?
         3.6.2         Books and Tutorials?
     3.7     What OpenVMS mailing lists are available?
     3.8     What is this Ask The Wizard website I've heard about?
     3.9     Where can I find the latest C run-time library manuals?
Chapter 4
4 Time and Timekeeping
     4.1     A brief history of OpenVMS Timekeeping, please?
         4.1.1         Details of the OpenVMS system time-keeping?
                VAX hardware time-keeping details...
                        TOY clock
                Alpha hardware time-keeping details...
                        Battery-Backed Watch (BB_WATCH) Chip
                Why does VAX need a SET TIME at least once a year?
         4.1.2         How does OpenVMS VAX maintain system time?
     4.2     Keeping the OpenVMS system time synchronized?
     4.3     External time-base hardware?
         4.3.1         Why do my cluster batch jobs start early?
         4.3.2         Why does my OpenVMS system time drift?
         4.3.3         Resetting the system time into the past?
         4.3.4         How can I drift the OpenVMS system time?
         4.3.5         How can I configure TCP/IP Services NTP as a time provider?
     4.4     Managing Timezones, Timekeeping, UTC, and Daylight Saving Time?
         4.4.1         Creating, Updating and Managing Timezone Definitions?
                Customizing or Updating your TDF (Timezone) Setting?
                US Daylight Time Changes Starting 1-Mar-2007?
         4.4.2         Timezones and Time-related Logical Names?
         4.4.3         How to troubleshoot TDF problems on OpenVMS?
     4.5     Why does the SET TIME command fail? Help managing DTSS?
     4.6     Setting time on AlphaServer ES47, ES80, GS1280 console?
     4.7     UTC vs GMT vs vs UT1/UT1/UT2 TDF? What are these acronyms?
     4.8     Using w32time or an SNTP as a time provider?

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