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Compaq Availability Manager User's Guide

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Contents (summary)
Preface Preface
Chapter 1 Overview
Chapter 2 Getting Started
Chapter 3 Getting Information About Nodes
Chapter 4 Displaying OpenVMS Cluster Data
Chapter 5 Getting Information About Events
Chapter 6 Performing Fixes on OpenVMS Nodes
Chapter 7 Customizing the Availability Manager
Appendix A CPU Process States
Appendix B Tables of Events
Appendix C OpenVMS Events by Type of Data Collected


Preface Preface
Chapter 1
1 Overview
     1.1     What Is the Availability Manager?
     1.2     How Does the Availability Manager Work?
     1.3     How Does the Availability Manager Identify Performance Problems?
         1.3.1         Collecting and Analyzing Data
                Types of Data Collection
                Events and Data Collection
                Data Collection Intervals
         1.3.2         Posting Events
                Thresholds and Occurrences
     1.4     How Does the Availability Manager Maintain Security?
         1.4.1         Data Analyzer Password Security
         1.4.2         OpenVMS Data Collector Security Features
Chapter 2
2 Getting Started
     2.1     Starting the Data Collector
     2.2     Starting the Data Analyzer
         2.2.1         How to Start the Data Analyzer on an OpenVMS Alpha Node
         2.2.2         How to Start the Data Analyzer on a Windows Node
     2.3     Using the Application Window
         2.3.1         Other Window Components
         2.3.2         Displaying More Information
         2.3.3         Understanding Groups of Nodes
     2.4     Displaying More Information about Nodes
         2.4.1         Choosing a Node
         2.4.2         Specifying Data to Collect on OpenVMS Nodes
         2.4.3         Sorting Data
     2.5     Getting Help
Chapter 3
3 Getting Information About Nodes
     3.1     Node Panes
         3.1.1         OpenVMS Node Pane
         3.1.2         Windows Node Pane
     3.2     Node Data Pages
         3.2.1         Node Summary
         3.2.2         CPU Modes and Process Summaries
                Windows CPU Modes
                OpenVMS CPU Modes Summary
                OpenVMS CPU Modes Detail
                OpenVMS CPU Process Summary
         3.2.3         Memory Summaries and Details
                Windows Memory Summary
                OpenVMS Memory Summary
                OpenVMS Memory Details
         3.2.4         OpenVMS I/O Summaries and Page/Swap Files
                OpenVMS I/O Summaries
                OpenVMS I/O Page/Swap Files
         3.2.5         Disk Summaries
                OpenVMS Disk Status Summary
                OpenVMS Single Disk Summary
                OpenVMS Disk Volume Summary
                Windows Logical Disk Summary
                Windows Physical Disk Summary
         3.2.6         OpenVMS Lock Contention
     3.3     OpenVMS Single Process
         3.3.1         Single Process Information
         3.3.2         Single Process Working Set
         3.3.3         Single Process Execution Rates
         3.3.4         Single Process Quotas
         3.3.5         Single Process Wait States
         3.3.6         Single Process Job Quotas
Chapter 4
4 Displaying OpenVMS Cluster Data
     4.1     OpenVMS Cluster Summary Page
         4.1.1         OpenVMS Cluster Summary Pane
         4.1.2         OpenVMS Cluster Members Pane
     4.2     Summary Data in the Cluster Members Pane
         4.2.1         Port Summary Data
         4.2.2         SCA (System Communications Architecture) Summary Data
         4.2.3         SCS (System Communications Services) Connections Summary Data
         4.2.4         LAN Virtual Circuit Summary Data
         4.2.5         LAN Channel Summary Data
     4.3     Detailed Data in the Cluster Members Pane
         4.3.1         Adapter Data
         4.3.2         LAN Virtual Circuit Details Data
                LAN VC Transmit Data
                LAN VC Receive Data
                LAN VC Congestion Control Data
                LAN VC Channel Selection Data (Pre-Version 2.0)
                LAN VC Channel Selection Data (Version 2.0 and Later)
                LAN VC Closures Data
                LAN VC Packets Discarded Data
         4.3.3         LAN Channel Details Data
                LAN Channel Overview Data Page
                LAN Channel Counters Data Page
                LAN Channel Errors Data Page
                LAN Channel Remote System Data Page
                LAN Channel ECS (Equivalent Channel Set) Criteria Data Page
         4.3.4         LAN Adapters Detail Data
                LAN Adapter Overview Data Page
                LAN Adapter Transmit Data Page
                LAN Adapter Receive Data Page
                LAN Adapter Events Data Page
                LAN Adapter Errors Data Page

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