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HP DECwindows Motif
for HP OpenVMS Alpha
New Features

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Preface Preface
Part 1 Features of This Release
Chapter 1 General User Features
Chapter 2 System Management Features
Chapter 3 Programming Features
Part 2 Features from Previous Releases
Chapter 4 General User Features
Chapter 5 System Management Features
Chapter 6 Programming Features


Preface Preface
Part 1
Part 1 Features of This Release
Chapter 1
1 General User Features
     1.1     Enhanced DECwindows Motif Display Device Capabilities
         1.1.1         New SET DISPLAY Qualifiers
         1.1.2         New SHOW DISPLAY Qualifiers
         1.1.3         Command Examples
         1.1.4         Additional Display Device Logicals
     1.2     Additional X Window System Utilities
         1.2.1         AccessX Keyboard Utility (accessx)
                The AccessX Configuration File
                Default Resource Settings
         1.2.2         X Authority Utility (xauth)
                The X Authority File
                        Format of an X Authority File Entry
                        Specifying an X Authority File
                Invoking xauth and Entering Commands
                Accessing Online Help
                Creating an X Authority File
                Displaying File Information
                Viewing and Editing X Authority Entries
                Generating Authorization Keys
         1.2.3         X Keyboard Compiler Utility (xkbcomp)
                The X Keyboard Components Database
     1.3     New Desktop Enhancements
         1.3.1         Support for UNIX-Style Filenames
                Enabling in the File Selection Dialog Box
                Enabling in the File Manager (DTFILE)
         1.3.2         Disabling the Suggested Password List
         1.3.3         Allowing Trusted Users to Unlock Paused Desktop Sessions
Chapter 2
2 System Management Features
     2.1     New Server Customization Parameters
         2.1.1         Extension Setup
         2.1.2         Device Setup
         2.1.3         Keyboard
         2.1.4         Security
         2.1.5         Error Reporting
     2.2     Enhanced Support for Dynamically Loadable Extensions
     2.3     Support for Multihead Systems Using XINERAMA
         2.3.1         Hardware and Configuration Requirements
         2.3.2         Setting Up a Multiheaded Alpha System
     2.4     Support for Euro Currency Symbol
         2.4.1         Enabling Euro Support
         2.4.2         Displaying the Euro Symbol in DECwindows Motif Applications
         2.4.3         Using the Keyboard to Manually Enter the Euro Symbol
         2.4.4         DECTPU Character Set Qualifier
     2.5     Support for X Keyboard Keymap Files
         2.5.1         Creating a Modified Keymap File
         2.5.2         Loading a Compiled Keymap File
         2.5.3         Enabling the AccessX Key Features
     2.6     Enhanced Access Control
         2.6.1         User-Based Access Control
         2.6.2         Token-Based Access Control
                Magic Cookie (MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1)
                Kerberos (MIT-KERBEROS-5)
         2.6.3         Specifying X Server Access Control
                Enabling Outside a DECwindows Motif Session
                        The Access Allowed File
                        The Access Trusted File
                        Format of File Entries
                        User-Based Access Control
                        Magic Cookie Access Control
                        Kerberos Access Control
                Enabling Inside a DECwindows Motif Session
                        User-Based Access Control
                        Magic Cookie Access Control
                        Kerberos Access Control
         2.6.4         Specifying Client Access Control
         2.6.5         Using the SECURITY Extension
                Enabling the SECURITY Extension
                Using the Security Policy File
     2.7     Support for Low-Bandwidth X (LBX)
         2.7.1         Proxy Server
                Starting LBX Proxy Servers
                LBXPROXY Qualifiers
                Stopping LBX Proxy Servers
         2.7.2         Proxy Manager
                The Proxy Manager Configuration File
                Starting the Proxy Manager
                Stopping a Proxy Manager
         2.7.3         Authentication in an LBX Environment

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