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POLYCENTER Software Installation Utility Developer's Guide

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Appendix A
Appendix A Migrating from VMSINSTAL to the POLYCENTER Software Installation Utility
     A.1     VMSINSTAL Options and Equivalents
     A.2     VMSINSTAL Callbacks and Equivalents
Glossary Glossary
1-1 PDF for Software Kit TNT
1-2 PTF for Software Kit TNT
3-1 PDF for a Full Kit That References Another Full Kit
3-2 PDF for a Full Kit
3-3 PDF for an Operating System Kit
3-4 PDF for a Platform Kit
3-5 PDF for a Partial Kit
3-6 PDF for a Patch Kit
3-7 PDF for a Patch Kit That Modifies the Operating System
3-8 PDF for a Transition Kit
2-1 Package Operation
2-2 Integrated Platform Example
6-1 EXECUTE Statement Summary
6-2 INSTALL Operation - Product Is Installed for the First Time
6-3 INSTALL Operation - Product Is Upgraded
6-4 RECONFIGURE Operation - Product Is Reconfigured
6-5 REMOVE Operation - Product Is Removed
2-1 Format of tmn-ue Version Identification
2-2 PDF Kit Types and Values
3-1 Base Data Types and Values
3-2 String Data Type Constraints
6-1 Command Procedure Execution by Operation
6-2 Comparison of Noninteractive with Interactive Mode
7-1 Features by OpenVMS Version: Statements
7-2 Features by OpenVMS Version: Functions
7-3 Directory Managed Object Scope and Lifetime
7-4 Resolving File Conflict with Generation Numbers
7-5 File Managed Object Scope and Lifetime
7-6 Link Managed Object Scope and Lifetime
7-7 Library Types for Module Statement
7-8 Resolving Module Conflict with Generation Numbers
7-9 Library Types for Register Module Statement
7-10 Summary of SOFTWARE Statement and SOFTWARE Function Differences
A-1 VMSINSTAL Options and Equivalents
A-2 VMSINSTAL Callbacks and Equivalents

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