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HP Pascal for OpenVMS
User Manual

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Chapter 6
6 Programming on OpenVMS Systems
     6.1     Using System Definitions Files
     6.2     Declaring System Routines
         6.2.1         Methods Used to Obtain OpenVMS Data Types
         6.2.2         Methods Used to Obtain Access Methods
         6.2.3         Methods Used to Obtain Passing Mechanisms
         6.2.4         Data Structure Parameters
         6.2.5         Default Parameters
         6.2.6         Arbitrary Length Parameter Lists
     6.3     Calling System Routines
     6.4     Using Attributes
     6.5     Using Item Lists
     6.6     Using Foreign Mechanism Specifiers on Actual Parameters
     6.7     Using 64-Bit Pointer Types
         6.7.1         Pascal Language Features Not Supported with 64-Bit Pointers
         6.7.2         Using 64-Bit Pointers with System Definition Files
Chapter 7
7 Input and Output Processing
     7.1     Environment I/O Support
         7.1.1         Indexed Files
         7.1.2         OpenVMS Components and RMS Records
         7.1.3         Count Fields for Variable-Length Components
         7.1.4         Variable-Length with Fixed-Length Control Field (VFC) Component Format
         7.1.5         Random Access by Record File Address (RFA)
         7.1.6         OPEN Procedure
                OPEN Defaults
                OPEN and RMS Data Structures
         7.1.7         Default Line Limits
     7.2     User-Action Functions
     7.3     File Sharing
     7.4     Record Locking
Chapter 8
8 Error Processing and Condition Handling
     8.1     Condition Handling Terms
     8.2     Overview of Condition Handling
         8.2.1         Condition Signals
         8.2.2         Handler Responses
     8.3     Writing Condition Handlers
         8.3.1         Establishing and Removing Handlers
         8.3.2         Declaring Parameters for Condition Handlers
         8.3.3         Handler Function Return Values
         8.3.4         Condition Values and Symbols
         8.3.5         Using Condition Handlers that Return SS$_CONTINUE
     8.4     Fault and Trap Handling (OpenVMS VAX systems)
     8.5     Examples of Condition Handlers
Chapter 9
9 Migrating from OpenVMS VAX to OpenVMS I64 or OpenVMS Alpha
     9.1     Sharing Environment Files Across Platforms
     9.2     Default Size for Enumerated Types and Booleans
     9.3     Default Data Layout for Unpacked Arrays and Records
     9.4     Overflow Checking
     9.5     Bound Procedure Values
     9.6     Different Descriptor Classes for Conformant Array Parameters
     9.7     Data Layout and Conversion
         9.7.1         Natural Alignment, VAX Alignment, and Enumeration Sizes
         9.7.2         HP Pascal Features Affecting Data Alignment and Size
         9.7.3         Optimal Record Layout
         9.7.4         Optimal Data Size
         9.7.5         Converting Existing Records
         9.7.6         Applications with No External Data Dependencies
         9.7.7         Applications with External Data Dependencies
Appendix A
Appendix A Errors Returned by STATUS and STATUSV Functions
Appendix B
Appendix B Entry Points to HP Pascal Utilities
     B.1     PAS$FAB( f )
     B.2     PAS$RAB( f )
     B.3     PAS$MARK2( s )
     B.4     PAS$RELEASE2( p )
Appendix C
Appendix C Diagnostic Messages
     C.1     Compiler Diagnostics
     C.2     Run-Time Diagnostics
2-1 An Interface Module for Graphics Objects and Routines
2-2 An Implementation Module for Graphics Objects and Routines
2-3 A Graphics Main Program
4-1 Using LSE to Create a FOR Statement
4-2 Using LSE Comments in Program Design ( OpenVMS VAX systems)
4-3 Using %DICTIONARY to Access a Oracle CDD/Repository Record Definition
6-1 Inheriting STARLET.PEN to Call SYS$HIBER
6-2 Using $GETJPIW to Retrieve a Process Name
7-1 User-Action Function
2-1 Cascading Inheritance of Environment Files
2-2 Inheritance Path of an Interface, an Implementation, and a Program
2-3 Cascading Using the Interface and Implementation Design
1-1 /ALIGN Qualifier Options
1-2 /ARCHITECTURE Qualifier Options
1-3 /CHECK Qualifier Options
1-4 /DEBUG Qualifier Options
1-5 /DESIGN Qualifier Options
1-6 /ENUMERATION_SIZE Qualifier Options
1-7 /FLOAT Qualifier Options
1-8 /OPTIMIZE Qualifier Options
1-9 /PLATFORMS Qualifier Options
1-10 /SHOW Qualifier Options
1-11 /STANDARD Qualifier Options
1-12 /TERMINAL Qualifier Options
1-13 /USAGE Qualifier Options
1-14 Compilation Listing Contents and Qualifiers
4-1 Placeholders Within the Declaration Section
4-2 Placeholders Within the Executable Section
4-3 Equivalent CDD/Repository Language and HP Pascal Data Types
5-1 Parameter-Passing Descriptions
5-2 Parameter-Passing Syntax on HP Pascal
5-3 Parameter Descriptors
5-4 Summary of Passing Mechanisms and Passing Semantics
6-1 HP Pascal Definitions Files
6-2 Access Type Translations
6-3 Mechanism Type Translations
7-1 Default Values for OpenVMS File Specifications
7-2 Setting of RMS File Access Block Fields by a Call to the OPEN Procedure
7-3 Setting of RMS Record Access Block Fields by a Call to the OPEN Procedure
7-4 Setting of Extended Attribute Block Fields by a Call to the OPEN Procedure
7-5 Setting of Name Block Fields by a Call to the OPEN Procedure
9-1 Unpacked Sizes of Fields and Components
A-1 STATUS and STATUSV Return Values
C-1 Compiler Message Warning Levels

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