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Chapter 6
6 Processing Files and Records
     6.1     Defining Files and Records
         6.1.1         File Organization
         6.1.2         Record Format
         6.1.3         Print-Control Records
         6.1.4         File Design
     6.2     Identifying Files and Records from Within Your HP COBOL Program
         6.2.1         Defining a File Connector
         6.2.2         Specifying File Organization and Record Access Mode
     6.3     Creating and Processing Files
         6.3.1         Opening and Closing Files
         6.3.2         File Handling for Sequential and Line Sequential (Alpha, I64) Files
         6.3.3         File Handling for Relative Files
         6.3.4         File Handling for Indexed Files
     6.4     Reading Files
         6.4.1         Reading a Sequential or Line Sequential (Alpha, I64) File
         6.4.2         Reading a Relative File
         6.4.3         Reading an Indexed File
     6.5     Updating Files
         6.5.1         Updating a Sequential File or Line Sequential (Alpha, I64) File
         6.5.2         Updating a Relative File
                Rewriting a Relative File
                Deleting Records from a Relative File
         6.5.3         Updating an Indexed File
     6.6     Backing Up Your Files
Chapter 7
7 Handling Input/Output Exception Conditions
     7.1     Planning for the AT END Condition
     7.2     Planning for the Invalid Key Condition
     7.3     Using File Status Values and OpenVMS RMS Completion Codes
         7.3.1         File Status Values
         7.3.2         RMS Completion Codes (OpenVMS)
     7.4     Using Declarative USE Procedures
Chapter 8
8 Sharing Files and Locking Records
     8.1     Controlling Access to Files and Records
     8.2     Choosing a File Sharing and Record Locking Standard (Alpha, I64)
     8.3     Ensuring Successful File Sharing
         8.3.1         Providing Disk Residency
         8.3.2         Using File Protection
         8.3.3         Determining the Intended Access Mode to a File
         8.3.4         Specifying File Access Using X/Open Standard File Sharing (Alpha, I64)
         8.3.5         Specifying File Access Using Hewlett-Packard Standard File Sharing
         8.3.6         Error Handling for File Sharing
     8.4     Ensuring Successful Record Locking
         8.4.1         X/Open Standard Record Locking (Alpha, I64)
         8.4.2         Hewlett-Packard Standard Record Locking
         8.4.3         Error Handling for Record Locking

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