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Chapter 9
9 Using the SORT and MERGE Statements
     9.1     Sorting Data with the SORT Statement
         9.1.1         File Organization Considerations for Sorting
         9.1.2         Specifying Sort Parameters with the ASCENDING and DESCENDING KEY Phrases
         9.1.3         Resequencing Files with the USING and GIVING Phrases
         9.1.4         Manipulating Data Before and After Sorting with the INPUT PROCEDURE and OUTPUT PROCEDURE Phrases
         9.1.5         Maintaining the Input Order of Records Using the WITH DUPLICATES IN ORDER Phrase
         9.1.6         Specifying Non-ASCII Collating Sequences with the COLLATING SEQUENCE IS Alphabet-Name Phrase
         9.1.7         Multiple Sorting
         9.1.8         Sorting Variable-Length Records
         9.1.9         Preventing I/O Aborts
         9.1.10         Sorting Tables (Alpha, I64)
         9.1.11         Sorting at the Operating System Level
     9.2     Merging Data with the MERGE Statement
     9.3     Sample Programs Using the SORT and MERGE Statements
Chapter 10
10 Producing Printed Reports
     10.1     Designing a Report
     10.2     Components of a Report
     10.3     Accumulating and Reporting Totals
     10.4     The Logical Page and the Physical Page
     10.5     Programming a Conventional File Report
         10.5.1         Defining the Logical Page in a Conventional Report
         10.5.2         Controlling the Spacing in a Conventional Report
         10.5.3         Advancing to the Next Logical Page in a Conventional Report
                Programming for the Page-Overflow Condition in a Conventional Report
                Using a Line Counter
         10.5.4         Printing the Conventional Report
         10.5.5         A Conventional File Report Example
     10.6     Programming a Linage-File HP COBOL Report
         10.6.1         Defining the Logical Page in a Linage-File Report
         10.6.2         Controlling the Spacing in a Linage-File Report
         10.6.3         Using the LINAGE-COUNTER
         10.6.4         Advancing to the Next Logical Page in a Linage-File Report
         10.6.5         Programming for the End-of-Page and Page-Overflow Condition
         10.6.6         Printing a Linage-File Report
         10.6.7         A Linage-File Report Example
     10.7     Modes for Printing Reports
         10.7.1         Spooling to a Mass Storage Device
     10.8     Programming a Report Writer Report
         10.8.1         Using the REPORT Clause in the File Section
         10.8.2         Defining the Report Section and the Report File
         10.8.3         Defining a Report Writer Logical Page with the PAGE Clause
         10.8.4         Describing Report Group Description Entries
         10.8.5         Vertical Spacing for the Logical Page
         10.8.6         Horizontal Spacing for the Logical Page
         10.8.7         Assigning a Value in a Print Line
         10.8.8         Defining the Source for a Print Field
         10.8.9         Specifying Multiple Reports
         10.8.10         Generating and Controlling Report Headings and Footings
         10.8.11         Defining and Incrementing Totals
                Rolling Forward
                RESET Option
                UPON Option
         10.8.12         Restricting Print Items
         10.8.13         Processing a Report Writer Report
                Initiating the Report
                Generating a Report Writer Report
                Automatic Operations of the GENERATE Statement
                Ending Report Writer Processing
                Applying the USE BEFORE REPORTING Statement
                Suppressing a Report Group
         10.8.14         Selecting a Report Writer Report Type
                Detail Reporting
                Summary Reporting
     10.9     Report Writer Examples
         10.9.1         Input Data
         10.9.2         EX1006---Detail Report Program
         10.9.3         EX1007---Detail Report Program
         10.9.4         EX1008---Detail Report Program
         10.9.5         EX1009---Detail Report Program
         10.9.6         EX1010---Summary Report Program
     10.10     Solving Report Problems
         10.10.1         Printing More Than One Logical Line on a Single Physical Line
         10.10.2         Group Indicating
         10.10.3         Fitting Reports on the Page
         10.10.4         Printing Totals Before Detail Lines
         10.10.5         Underlining Items in Your Reports
         10.10.6         Bolding Items in Your Reports

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