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1-1 Other File Name Suffixes
1-2 HP COBOL Command Flags on Tru64 UNIX
1-3 Main Tools for Program Development and Testing
1-4 COBOL Command Qualifiers
1-5 Commonly Used LINK Qualifiers
2-1 Numeric Relational Operator Descriptions
2-2 Sign Tests
2-3 Numeric Editing
3-1 Relational Operator Descriptions
3-2 Nonnumeric Elementary Moves
3-3 Data Movement with Editing Symbols
3-4 Data Movement with the JUSTIFIED Clause
4-1 Subscripting Rules for a Multidimensional Table
4-2 Subscripting with Data Names
5-1 Results of Sample Overflow Statements
5-2 Values Moved into the Receiving Items Based on the Sending Item Value
5-3 Handling a Short Sending Item
5-4 Results of Delimiting with an Asterisk
5-5 Results of Delimiting Multiple Receiving Items
5-6 Results of Delimiting with Two Asterisks
5-7 Results of Delimiting with ALL Asterisks
5-8 Results of Delimiting with ALL Double Asterisks
5-9 Results of Multiple Delimiters
5-10 Values Resulting from Implicit Redefinition
5-11 Relationship Among INSPECT Argument, Delimiter, Item Value, and Argument Active Position
5-12 LEADING Delimiter of the Inspection Operation
5-13 Results of the Scan with Separate Tallies
6-1 HP COBOL File Organizations---Advantages and Disadvantages
6-2 Record Format Availability
6-3 Valid I/O Statements for Sequential Files
6-4 Valid I/O Statements for Line Sequential Files (Alpha, I64)
6-5 Valid I/O Statements for Relative Files
6-6 Valid I/O Statements for Indexed Files
6-7 Indexed File---ISAM Mapping
8-1 File-Sharing Options (OpenVMS)
8-2 File-Sharing Options (Tru64 UNIX)
8-3 File Status Values Used in a File-Sharing Environment
8-4 RMS-STS Values Used in a File-Sharing Environment (OpenVMS)
8-5 Manual Record Locking Combinations
10-1 Report Writer Report Group Types
10-2 Results of Group Indicating
11-1 Available Character Attributes by Terminal Type
11-2 HP COBOL Characters Returned for Cursor Positioning, Program Function, Function, Keypad, and Keyboard Keys
11-3 Key Functions for the EDITING Phrase
11-4 Character Attribute Clauses for Screen Description Formats (Alpha, I64)
11-5 Color Table
12-1 Calls to COBOL Programs (Alpha, I64)
12-2 C Routine Called by Statement: CALL" Job1"
12-3 C Invocation to Call COBOL PROGRAM-ID" Job2"
13-1 OpenVMS Alpha and I64 Register Usage
13-2 Run-Time Library Facilities (OpenVMS)
13-3 System Services (OpenVMS)
13-4 COBOL Implementation of the OpenVMS Data Types (OpenVMS)
16-1 Boundaries for Naturally Aligned Binary Data (Alpha, I64)
16-2 Alignment and Padding Order of Precedence (Alpha, I64)
B-1 Cross-Platform Compatibility of COBOL Features
B-2 Qualifiers Shared by HP COBOL for OpenVMS Alpha, I64, and VAX and Equivalent Tru64 UNIX Flags and Options
B-3 HP COBOL on Alpha and I64 Options Not Available on VAX
B-4 HP COBOL for OpenVMS VAX Specific Qualifiers
C-1 Oracle CDD/Repository Data Types: Level of Support in HP COBOL on OpenVMS
D-1 Recognized Foreign Reserved Words

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