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1-1 Commands for Developing HP COBOL Programs on Tru64 UNIX
1-2 DCL Commands for Developing Programs
4-1 Organization of the One-Dimensional Table
4-2 Organization of Multiple Data Items in a One-Dimensional Table
4-3 Organization of a Table with an Index and an Ascending Search Key
4-4 Organization of a Two-Dimensional Table
4-5 Organization of a Three-Dimensional Table
4-6 Memory Map for Sample Record Description Example
4-7 Memory Map for Record Description Containing a COMP SYNC Item
4-8 Memory Map for Example on Adding an Item Without Changing the Table Size
4-9 Memory Map for Example on How Adding 3 Bytes Adds 4 Bytes to the Element Length
4-10 Memory Map for Example on Initializing Tables with the VALUE Clause
4-11 Memory Map for Example on Initializing Mixed Usage Items
4-12 Memory Map for Example on Initializing Alphanumeric Items
5-1 Results of the STRING Operation
5-2 Matching Delimiter Characters to Characters in a Field
5-3 Sample INSPECT Statement
5-4 Typical REPLACING Phrase
5-5 The Replacement Argument
6-1 Sequential File Organization
6-2 A Multiple-Volume, Sequential File
6-3 Line Sequential File Organization (Alpha, I64)
6-4 Relative File Organization
6-5 Indexed File Organization
8-1 Multiple Access to a File
8-2 Relationship of Record Locking to File Sharing
8-3 Why a Record-Already-Exists Error Occurs
10-1 Sample Layout Worksheet
10-2 Subtotals, Crossfoot Totals, and Rolled Forward Totals
10-3 Logical Page Area for a Conventional Report
10-4 A 20-Line Logical Page
10-5 A Double-Spaced Master Listing
10-6 Logical Page Areas for a Linage-File Report
10-7 A 28-Line Logical Page
10-8 A 20-Line Logical Page
10-9 Presentation Order for a Logical Page
10-10 Sample Report Using All Seven Report Groups
10-11 First GENERATE Statement
10-12 Subsequent GENERATE Statements
10-13 TERMINATE Statement
10-14 Sample MASTER.DAT File
10-15 EX1006.LIS Listing
10-16 EX1007.LIS Listing
10-17 EX1008.LIS Listing
10-18 EX1009.LIS Listing
10-19 EX1010.LIS Listing
10-20 Printing Labels Four-Up
10-21 Printing Labels Four-Up in Sort Order
11-1 Video Form to Gather Information for a Master File Record
11-2 Screen After the ERASE Statement Executes
11-3 Positioning the Data on Line 19, Column 5
11-4 Cursor Positioning Using the PLUS Option
11-5 Screen Display with Character Attributes
11-6 Sample Run of Program CONVERT
11-7 Accepting Data with the ON EXCEPTION Option
11-8 Screen Display of NUM-DATA Using the PROTECTED Option
11-9 Accepting Data with the DEFAULT Phrase
11-10 HP COBOL Control Keys on the Standard VT100 Keypad and Keyboard
11-11 HP COBOL Control Keys on a Typical VT200 or Later Keypad and Keyboard
11-12 Screen Display of Program SPECIAL
11-13 Form with ACCEPT WITH EDITING Phrase
11-14 MENU-SCREEN Output (Alpha, I64)
11-15 SCHEDULE-SCREEN Output (Alpha, I64)
12-1 Nesting CALL Statements
12-2 Transfer of Control Flow from a Main Program to Multiple Subprograms
12-3 Accessing Another Program's Data Division
12-4 Defining Data Names in the Linkage Section
12-5 Sharing USE Procedures
12-6 Executing Declaratives with Contained Programs (Rule 1)
12-7 Executing Declaratives Within Contained Programs (Rule 2)
15-1 Sharing Record Areas
15-2 Two-Level Primary Index

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