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HP Fortran for OpenVMS
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Chapter 10
10 Data Transfer I/O Statements
     10.1     Overview of Records and Files
     10.2     Components of Data Transfer Statements
         10.2.1         I/O Control List
                Unit Specifier
                Format Specifier
                Namelist Specifier
                Record Specifier
                 Key-Field-Value Specifier
                 Key-of-Reference Specifier
                I/O Status Specifier
                Branch Specifiers
                Advance Specifier
                Character Count Specifier
         10.2.2         I/O Lists
                Simple List Items in I/O Lists
                Implied-Do Lists in I/O Lists
     10.3     READ Statements
         10.3.1         Forms for Sequential READ Statements
                Rules for Formatted Sequential READ Statements
                Rules for List-Directed Sequential READ Statements
                Rules for Namelist Sequential READ Statements
                Rules for Unformatted Sequential READ Statements
         10.3.2         Forms for Direct-Access READ Statements
                Rules for Formatted Direct-Access READ Statements
                Rules for Unformatted Direct-Access READ Statements
         10.3.3          Forms for Indexed READ Statements
                 Rules for Formatted Indexed READ Statements
                 Rules for Unformatted Indexed READ Statements
         10.3.4         Forms and Rules for Internal READ Statements
     10.4      ACCEPT Statement
     10.5     WRITE Statements
         10.5.1         Forms for Sequential WRITE Statements
                Rules for Formatted Sequential WRITE Statements
                Rules for List-Directed Sequential WRITE Statements
                Rules for Namelist Sequential WRITE Statements
                Rules for Unformatted Sequential WRITE Statements
         10.5.2         Forms for Direct-Access WRITE Statements
                Rules for Formatted Direct-Access WRITE Statements
                Rules for Unformatted Direct-Access WRITE Statements
         10.5.3          Forms for Indexed WRITE Statements
                 Rules for Formatted Indexed WRITE Statements
                 Rules for Unformatted Indexed WRITE Statements
         10.5.4         Forms and Rules for Internal WRITE Statements
     10.6     PRINT and TYPE Statements
     10.7      REWRITE Statement
Chapter 11
11 I/O Formatting
     11.1     Overview
     11.2     Format Specifications
     11.3     Data Edit Descriptors
         11.3.1         Forms for Data Edit Descriptors
         11.3.2         General Rules for Numeric Editing
         11.3.3         Integer Editing
                I Editing
                B Editing
                O Editing
                Z Editing
         11.3.4         Real and Complex Editing
                F Editing
                E and D Editing
                EN Editing
                ES Editing
                G Editing
                Complex Editing
         11.3.5         Logical Editing (L)
         11.3.6         Character Editing (A)
         11.3.7         Default Widths for Data Edit Descriptors
         11.3.8         Terminating Short Fields of Input Data
     11.4     Control Edit Descriptors
         11.4.1         Forms for Control Edit Descriptors
         11.4.2         Positional Editing
                T Editing
                TL Editing
                TR Editing
                X Editing
         11.4.3         Sign Editing
                SP Editing
                SS Editing
                S Editing
         11.4.4         Blank Editing
                BN Editing
                BZ Editing
         11.4.5         Scale Factor Editing (P)
         11.4.6         Slash Editing (/)
         11.4.7         Colon Editing (:)
         11.4.8          Dollar Sign ($) and Backslash (\) Editing
         11.4.9          Character Count Editing (Q)
     11.5     Character String Edit Descriptors
         11.5.1         Character Constant Editing
         11.5.2          H Editing
     11.6     Nested and Group Repeat Specifications
     11.7      Variable Format Expressions
     11.8     Printing of Formatted Records
     11.9     Interaction Between Format Specifications and I/O Lists

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