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HP Fortran for OpenVMS
Language Reference Manual

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Contents (summary)
Preface Preface
Chapter 1 Overview
Chapter 2 Program Structure, Characters, and Source Forms
Chapter 3 Data Types, Constants, and Variables
Chapter 4 Expressions and Assignment Statements
Chapter 5 Specification Statements
Chapter 6 Dynamic Allocation
Chapter 7 Execution Control
Chapter 8 Program Units and Procedures
Chapter 9 Intrinsic Procedures
Chapter 10 Data Transfer I/O Statements
Chapter 11 I/O Formatting
Chapter 12 File Operation I/O Statements
Chapter 13 Compilation Control Statements
Chapter 14 Compiler Directives
Chapter 15 Scope and Association
Appendix A Deleted and Obsolescent Language Features
Appendix B Additional Language Features
Appendix C ASCII and DEC Multinational Character Sets
Appendix D Data Representation Models
Appendix E Summary of Language Extensions


Preface Preface
Chapter 1
1 Overview
     1.1     Language Standards Conformance
     1.2     Language Compatibility
     1.3     Fortran 95 Features
     1.4     Fortran 90 Features
Chapter 2
2 Program Structure, Characters, and Source Forms
     2.1     Program Structure
         2.1.1         Statements
         2.1.2         Names
     2.2     Character Sets
     2.3     Source Forms
         2.3.1         Free Source Form
         2.3.2         Fixed and Tab Source Forms
                Fixed-Format Lines
                 Tab-Format Lines
         2.3.3         Source Code Useable for All Source Forms
Chapter 3
3 Data Types, Constants, and Variables
     3.1     Overview
     3.2     Intrinsic Data Types
         3.2.1         Integer Data Types
         3.2.2         Real Data Types
                General Rules for Real Constants
                REAL(4) Constants
                REAL(8) or DOUBLE PRECISION Constants
                REAL(16) Constants
         3.2.3         Complex Data Types
                General Rules for Complex Constants
                COMPLEX(4) Constants
                COMPLEX(8) or DOUBLE COMPLEX Constants
                COMPLEX(16) Constants
         3.2.4         Logical Data Types
         3.2.5         Character Data Type
                 C Strings in Character Constants
                Character Substrings
     3.3     Derived Data Types
         3.3.1         Derived-Type Definition
         3.3.2         Default Initialization
         3.3.3         Structure Components
         3.3.4         Structure Constructors
     3.4     Binary, Octal, Hexadecimal, and Hollerith Constants
         3.4.1         Binary Constants
         3.4.2         Octal Constants
         3.4.3         Hexadecimal Constants
         3.4.4          Hollerith Constants
         3.4.5         Determining the Data Type of Nondecimal Constants
     3.5     Variables
         3.5.1         Data Types of Scalar Variables
                Specification of Data Type
                Implicit Typing Rules
         3.5.2         Arrays
                Whole Arrays
                Array Elements
                Array Sections
                Array Constructors
Chapter 4
4 Expressions and Assignment Statements
     4.1     Expressions
         4.1.1         Numeric Expressions
                Using Parentheses in Numeric Expressions
                Data Type of Numeric Expressions
         4.1.2         Character Expressions
         4.1.3         Relational Expressions
         4.1.4         Logical Expressions
         4.1.5         Defined Operations
         4.1.6         Summary of Operator Precedence
         4.1.7         Initialization and Specification Expressions
                Initialization Expressions
                Specification Expressions
     4.2     Assignment Statements
         4.2.1         Intrinsic Assignments
                Numeric Assignment Statements
                Logical Assignment Statements
                Character Assignment Statements
                Derived-Type Assignment Statements
                Array Assignment Statements
         4.2.2         Defined Assignments
         4.2.3         Pointer Assignments
         4.2.4         WHERE Statement and Construct
         4.2.5         FORALL Statement and Construct
Chapter 5
5 Specification Statements
     5.1     Type Declaration Statements
         5.1.1         Declaration Statements for Noncharacter Types
         5.1.2         Declaration Statements for Character Types
         5.1.3         Declaration Statements for Derived Types
         5.1.4         Declaration Statements for Arrays
                Explicit-Shape Specifications
                Assumed-Shape Specifications
                Assumed-Size Specifications
                Deferred-Shape Specifications
     5.2     ALLOCATABLE Attribute and Statement
     5.3      AUTOMATIC and STATIC Attributes and Statements
     5.4     COMMON Statement
     5.5     DATA Statement
     5.6     DIMENSION Attribute and Statement
     5.7     EQUIVALENCE Statement
         5.7.1         Making Arrays Equivalent
         5.7.2         Making Substrings Equivalent
         5.7.3         EQUIVALENCE and COMMON Interaction
     5.8     EXTERNAL Attribute and Statement
     5.9     IMPLICIT Statement
     5.10     INTENT Attribute and Statement
     5.11     INTRINSIC Attribute and Statement
     5.12     NAMELIST Statement
     5.13     OPTIONAL Attribute and Statement
     5.14     PARAMETER Attribute and Statement
     5.15     POINTER Attribute and Statement
     5.16     PRIVATE and PUBLIC Attributes and Statements
     5.17     SAVE Attribute and Statement
     5.18     TARGET Attribute and Statement
     5.19      VOLATILE Attribute and Statement

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