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    See Addition operator
    See also Concatenation operator
    See also Type declaration statements
    See Array constructors
    See Array constructors
    See Asterisk character
    See Backslash character
    See Blank common blocks
    See Built-in functions
    See Double colon separator
    See Exclamation point character
    See Exponential operator
    See Pointer assignment statements
    See Question mark character
    See Relational operators
    See Relational operators
    See Relational operators
    See Relational operators
    See Relational operators
    See Relational operators
    See Semicolon character
    See Slash character
    See Subtraction operator
A edit descriptor
ABS function #1
ABS function #2
Absolute spacing
    function returning
Absolute value
    function computing
    function returning
        See Data abstraction
ACCEPT statements
    modes of record
Access keys for indexed files
    specifying in OPEN statement
Access methods
ACCESS specifier
    in INQUIRE statements
    in OPEN statements
Accessibility of modules
    See HP Fortran for OpenVMS User Manual
ACHAR function #1
ACHAR function #2
ACOS function #1
ACOS function #2
ACOSD function #1
ACOSD function #2
ACTION specifier
    in INQUIRE statements
    in OPEN statements
Actual arguments
    definition of
    function returning pointer to list of
    passing to procedures
    using aggregate field references as
Addition operator (+)
    order of precedence of
    See also Unary operators
    function allocating
    subroutine freeing allocated
ADDRESS64 keyword
    for ATTRIBUTES directive
Adjustable arrays #1
Adjustable arrays #2
    examples of
    in RECORD statements
ADJUSTL function #1
ADJUSTL function #2
ADJUSTR function #1
ADJUSTR function #2
ADVANCE specifier
Advancing I/O #1
Advancing I/O #2
    See also HP Fortran for OpenVMS User Manual
Aggregate assignment
AIMAG function #1
AIMAG function #2
AIMAX0 function
AIMIN0 function
AINT function #1
AINT function #2
AJMAX0 function
AJMIN0 function
AKMAX0 function
AKMIN0 function
    keyword for ATTRIBUTES directive
    OPTIONS directive option
    See HP Fortran for OpenVMS User Manual
ALL function #1
ALL function #2
Allocatable arrays #1
Allocatable arrays #2
Allocatable arrays #3
    allocation of
    allocation status of
    deallocation of
    dynamically allocating and deallocating
    function to determine status of
    See also Arrays
ALLOCATABLE attribute and statement
    attributes compatible with
ALLOCATE statement
ALLOCATED function #1
ALLOCATED function #2
ALLOCATED function #3
ALLOCATED function #4
Allocating virtual memory
    allocatable array
    of allocatable arrays #1
    of allocatable arrays #2
    of pointer targets #1
    of pointer targets #2
Allocation status
    of allocatable arrays
ALLOW_NULL keyword
    for ATTRIBUTES directive
ALOG function
ALOG10 function
Alphabetic characters
    case sensitivity for
Alternate entry points
Alternate return
    alternative for
    specifier #1
    specifier #2
    specifier #3
AMAX0 function #1
AMAX0 function #2
AMAX1 function
AMIN0 function #1
AMIN0 function #2
AMIN1 function
AMOD function
    See Ampersand character
Ampersand character (&)
    as continuation indicator in free source form
    See Logical operators
AND function
ANINT function #1
ANINT function #2
ANSI standard
    language extensions to #1
    language extensions to #2
ANSI standards
ANY function #1
ANY function #2
Apostrophe character (')_>as delimiter for character strings
Apostrophe character (')_>See also Character constants
Apostrophe character (')_>See also Character strings
    for OPEN (DELIM)
Append access
    specifying for sequential files
APPEND value
    for OPEN (ACCESS)
    function returning degrees
    function returning radians
    function returning degrees
    function returning radians
    function returning degrees
    function returning degrees (complex)
    function returning radians
    function returning radians (complex)
Argument association #1
Argument association #2
Argument intent
Argument keywords
    argument association using
    in function references
    in intrinsic procedures
    in subroutine references
Argument-list functions
    See Built-in functions
Argument passing
    defaults for
    using %VAL, %REF, and %DESCR
Argument presence function
    aggregate field references as
    alternate return
    associating array elements with
    association of procedure
    character constants as
    defaults for %VAL, %REF, and %DESCR functions
    dummy #1
    dummy #2
    Hollerith constants as
    intent of
    list of
        effect in CALL statement
    of generic intrinsic functions
    See also HP Fortran for OpenVMS User Manual
    using external and dummy procedures as
    using intrinsic procedures as
Arithmetic exception handling
    See HP Fortran for OpenVMS User Manual
Arithmetic expressions
    See Numeric expressions
Arithmetic IF statement
    alternative for
Array assignment statements
Array assignments
    masking in
Array components #1
Array components #2
Array components #3
Array constructors
    implied-do loops in
Array declaration statements
Array declarators
Array elements #1
Array elements #2
    association of
    function returning location of maximum
    function returning location of minimum
    function returning maximum value of
    function returning minimum value of
    function returning product of
    function returning sum of
    order of
    references to
    storage of
Array expressions
Array functions
    categories of
    for construction #1
    for construction #2
    for construction #3
    for construction #4
    for inquiry #1
    for inquiry #2
    for inquiry #3
    for inquiry #4
    for inquiry #5
    for location #1
    for location #2
    for manipulation #1
    for manipulation #2
    for manipulation #3
    for manipulation #4
    for reduction #1
    for reduction #2
    for reduction #3
    for reduction #4
    for reduction #5
    for reduction #6
    for reduction #7
Array name
    unsubscripted in a DATA statement
Array pointers
Array properties
Array sections #1
Array sections #2
    assigning values to
    many-one #1
    many-one #2
    restrictions to vector subscripts in
Array specifications
Array structure component
Array transposition
Array variables
    allocatable #1
    allocatable #2
    allocatable #3
        example of
    allocating allocatable #1
    allocating allocatable #2
    as automatic objects
    as components in derived types
    as operands in expressions
    as structure components
    as variables
    assignment of
    associating group name with
    association of
        See Automatic arrays
    bounds of
    components of
    constructing multidimensional
    constructing one-dimension
    data type of
    deallocating allocatable #1
    deallocating allocatable #2
    declaration of
        using ALLOCATABLE
        using COMMON
        using DIMENSION
        using POINTER
        using TARGET
        using type declaration
    defining constants for
    dummy argument
    element order in
    elements in
    establishing with subprogram references
    extending #1
    extending #2
    extent of
    function performing circular shift of
    function performing dot-product multiplication of
    function performing end-of shift on
    function performing matrix multiplication of
    function returning location of maximum value in
    function returning location of minimum value in
    function returning lower bounds of
    function returning maximum value of elements in
    function returning minimum value of elements in
    function returning shape of
    function returning shape of processor
    function returning size (extent) of
    function returning upper bounds of
    function to add a dimension to
    function to combine
    function to count true elements in MASK
    function to determine all true in
    function to determine allocation of
    function to determine any true in
    function to pack
    function to replicate
    function to reshape
    function to unpack
    function transposing rank-two
    functions for geometric location
    functions to construct
    functions to determine properties of
    functions to manipulate
    functions to reduce
    initializing elements with DATA statements
    intrinsic assignment of
    intrinsic functions for
    making equivalent
    many-one #1
    many-one #2
    number of storage elements for
    properties of
    rank of
    section subscript in
    sections in
    shape of
    size of
    size of dummy
    specifications for
    specifying the values in
    storage of
    subscript list in
    subscript triplets in
    vector subscripts in
    zero-size #1
    zero-size #2
Ascending keys
    values for
    character set
ASCII constants
    assigned in DATA statements
ASIN function #1
ASIN function #2
ASIND function #1
ASIND function #2
ASIS value
ASM function (Alpha only) #1
ASM function (Alpha only) #2
Assembly language instructions
    function to include
ASSIGN statement
    alternative for
    establishing assigned GO TO
    See also HP Fortran for OpenVMS User Manual
Assigned FORMAT specifier
    alternative for
Assigned GO TO statement
    alternative for
    establishing labels for
    element array (FORALL)
    masked-array (WHERE)
        generalization of
ASSIGNMENT interface specifier
    for subroutines #1
    for subroutines #2
    for subroutines #3
Assignment statements
    kinds of
Assignment symbol
    scope of
ASSOCIATED function #1
ASSOCIATED function #2
ASSOCIATED function #3
    in OPEN statements
    argument #1
    argument #2
    of arrays
    use and host
    OPTIONS statement option
Assumed-length character
    arguments #1
    arguments #2
        See also HP Fortran for OpenVMS User Manual
        alternative for
        requiring explicit interface
        as whole array references
        determining the size of
        in SIZE function
        in UBOUND function
        restrictions to using
        subscript triplets for
Asterisk character (*)
    as comment line indicator
    as dummy argument #1
    as dummy argument #2
    as multiplication operator
        order of precedence of
    using to specify length of function type
ATAN function #1
ATAN function #2
ATAN2 function #1
ATAN2 function #2
ATAN2D function #1
ATAN2D function #2
ATAND function #1
ATAND function #2
    in type declaration statements
    summary of compatible
ATTRIBUTES directive
    ADDRESS64 keyword
    ALIAS keyword
    ALLOW_NULL keyword
    C keyword
    DECORATE keyword
    DEFAULT keyword
    DESCRIPTOR keyword
    DESCRIPTOR32 keyword
    DESCRIPTOR64 keyword
    EXTERN keyword
    IGNORE_LOC keyword
    NO_ARG_CHECK keyword
    REFERENCE keyword
    REFERENCE32 keyword
    REFERENCE64 keyword
    STDCALL keyword
    VALUE keyword
    VARYING keyword
Automatic arrays #1
Automatic arrays #2
AUTOMATIC attribute and statement
    attributes compatible with
Automatic objects
    array as
    definition of
    in character declarations
Automatic variables

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