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HP Fortran for OpenVMS
Language Reference Manual

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Chapter 15
15 Scope and Association
     15.1     Overview
     15.2     Scope
     15.3     Unambiguous Generic Procedure References
     15.4     Resolving Procedure References
         15.4.1         References to Generic Names
         15.4.2         References to Specific Names
         15.4.3         References to Nonestablished Names
     15.5     Association
         15.5.1         Name Association
                Argument Association
                Use and Host Association
         15.5.2         Pointer Association
         15.5.3         Storage Association
                Storage Units and Storage Sequence
                Array Association
Appendix A
Appendix A Deleted and Obsolescent Language Features
     A.1     Deleted Language Features in Fortran 95
     A.2     Obsolescent Language Features in Fortran 95
     A.3     Obsolescent Language Features in Fortran 90
Appendix B
Appendix B Additional Language Features
     B.1      DEFINE FILE Statement
     B.2      ENCODE and DECODE Statements
     B.3      FIND Statement
     B.4      FORTRAN-66 Interpretation of the EXTERNAL Statement
     B.5      Alternative Syntax for the PARAMETER Statement
     B.6      VIRTUAL Statement
     B.7      Alternative Syntax for Octal and Hexadecimal Constants
     B.8      Alternative Syntax for a Record Specifier
     B.9      Alternative Syntax for the DELETE Statement
     B.10      Alternative Form for Namelist External Records
     B.11      HP Fortran POINTER Statement
     B.12      Record Structures
         B.12.1          Structure Declarations
             B.12.1.1              Type Declarations
             B.12.1.2              Substructure Declarations
             B.12.1.3              Union Declarations
         B.12.2          RECORD Statement
         B.12.3          References to Record Fields
         B.12.4          Aggregate Assignment
Appendix C
Appendix C ASCII and DEC Multinational Character Sets
     C.1     ASCII Character Set
     C.2      DEC Multinational Character Set
Appendix D
Appendix D Data Representation Models
     D.1     Model for Integer Data
     D.2     Model for Real Data
     D.3     Model for Bit Data
Appendix E
Appendix E Summary of Language Extensions
     E.1      HP Fortran Language Extensions
Glossary Glossary
6-1 Allocating Virtual Memory
8-1 Use of the PRESENT Intrinsic With a Defined Interface
8-2 Use of the IARGCOUNT Intrinsic
8-3 Using and Redefining an Intrinsic Function Name
11-1 Interaction Between Format Specifications and I/O Lists
13-1 Including Text from a File
15-1 Example of Name, Pointer, and Storage Association
B-1 Using the F66 EXTERNAL Statement
2-1 Required Order of Statements
2-2 Line Formatting Example
3-1 Array Storage
5-1 Equivalence of Substrings
5-2 Equivalence of Character Arrays
5-3 A Valid Extension of a Common Block
5-4 An Invalid Extension of a Common Block
7-1 Flow of Control in CASE Constructs
7-2 Nested DO Constructs
7-3 Control Transfers and Extended Range
7-4 Flow of Control in IF Constructs
B-1 Memory Map of Structure APPOINTMENT
B-2 Memory Map of Structure WORDS_LONG
C-1 Graphic Representation of the ASCII Character Set
C-2 Graphic Representation of the DEC Multinational Extension to the ASCII Character Set
2-1 Statements Restricted in Scoping Units
2-2 Indicators in Source Forms
3-1 C-Style Escape Sequences
4-1 Precedence of Expression Operators
4-2 Conversion Rules for Numeric Assignment Statements
5-1 Compatible Attributes
5-2 Noncharacter Data Types
5-3 Equivalence of Array Storage
5-4 Equivalence of Arrays with Nonunity Lower Bounds
8-1 Defaults for Argument List Functions
9-1 Functions Not Allowed as Actual Arguments
9-2 Categories of Intrinsic Functions
9-3 Summary of Generic Intrinsic Functions
9-4 Specific Functions with No Generic Association
9-5 Intrinsic Subroutines
10-1 Default Formats for List-Directed Output
11-1 Summary of Edit Descriptors
11-2 Effect of Data Magnitude on G Format Conversions
11-3 Size Limits for Noncharacter Data Using A Editing
11-4 Default Widths for Data Edit Descriptors
11-5 Control Characters for Printing
12-1 OPEN Statement Specifiers and Values
12-2 Maximum Record Lengths (RECL)
12-3 Default Record Lengths (RECL)
14-1 Common Block Defaults and PSECT Modification
15-1 Scope of Program Entities
15-2 Data Type Storage Requirements

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