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HP Availability Manager User's Guide

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Chapter 5
5 Getting Information About Events
     5.1     Event Information That Is Displayed in the Event Pane
         5.1.1         Data in the Event Pane
         5.1.2         Event Pane Menu Options
     5.2     Criteria for Posting and Displaying an Event
     5.3     Displaying Additional Event Information
Chapter 6
6 Performing Fixes on OpenVMS Nodes
     6.1     Understanding Fixes
     6.2     Performing Node Fixes
         6.2.1         Crash Node
         6.2.2         Adjust Quorum
     6.3     Performing Process Fixes
         6.3.1         General Process Fixes
                Delete Process
                Exit Image
                Suspend Process
                Resume Process
                Process Priority
         6.3.2         Process Memory Fixes
                Purge Working Set
                Adjust Working Set
         6.3.3         Process Limits Fixes
                Direct I/O Count Limit
                Buffered I/O Count Limit
                AST Queue Limit
                Open File Limit
                Lock Queue Limit
                Timer Queue Entry Limit
                Subprocess Creation Limit
                I/O Byte
                Pagefile Quota
     6.4     Performing Cluster Interconnect Fixes
         6.4.1         Port Adjust Priority Fix
         6.4.2         Circuit Adjust Priority Fix
         6.4.3         LAN Virtual Circuit Summary Fixes
                LAN VC Maximum Transmit Window Size Fix
                LAN VC Maximum Receive Window Size Fix
                LAN VC Checksumming Fix
                LAN VC Compression Fix
         6.4.4         LAN Channel Fixes
                LAN Path Adjust Priority Fix
                LAN Path Hops Fix
                LAN Path Maximum Packet Size Fix
         6.4.5         LAN Device Fixes
                LAN Device Adjust Priority Fix
                LAN Device Set Maximum Buffer Fix
                LAN Device Start Fix
                LAN Device Stop Fix
Chapter 7
7 Customizing the Availability Manager
     7.1     Specifying Levels of Customization
         7.1.1         Application and Operating System Customization Levels
                Application Customization
                Windows Operating System of Customization
                OpenVMS Operating System Customization
         7.1.2         Group Customization Level
         7.1.3         Node Customization Level
     7.2     Specifying Groups or Individual Nodes to Monitor
     7.3     Changing the Group Membership of a Node
         7.3.1         Changing the Group of an OpenVMS Node
         7.3.2         Changing the Group of a Windows Node
     7.4     Customizing OpenVMS Data Collection
     7.5     Customizing OpenVMS Data Filters
         7.5.1         OpenVMS CPU Filters
         7.5.2         OpenVMS Disk Status Filters
         7.5.3         OpenVMS Disk Volume Filters
         7.5.4         OpenVMS I/O Filters
         7.5.5         OpenVMS Lock Contention Filters
         7.5.6         OpenVMS Memory Filters
         7.5.7         OpenVMS Page/Swap File Filters
     7.6     Customizing Events and User Notification of Events
         7.6.1         Customizing Events
         7.6.2         Entering a User Action
                Executing a Procedure on an OpenVMS System
                Executing a Procedure on a Windows System
     7.7     Customizing Security Features
         7.7.1         Changing Data Analyzer Passwords
                Changing a Data Analyzer Password for an OpenVMS Data Collector Node
                Changing a Data Analyzer Password for a Windows Data Collector Node
         7.7.2         Changing Security Triplets on OpenVMS Data Collector Nodes
                Understanding OpenVMS Security Triplets
                How to Change a Security Triplet
                How the Availability Manager Ensures Security
         7.7.3         Changing a Password on a Windows Data Collector
     7.8     Monitoring Processes on a Node

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