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HP Advanced Server for OpenVMS
Guide to Managing Advanced Server Licenses

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Chapter 5
5 Client Licensing Software
     5.1     Client Licensing Software Components and When to Install Them
     5.2     How to Obtain the Client Licensing Software
     5.3     Enabling Wide Area Network (WAN) Operations
         5.3.1         Configuring the WAN Protocol Stack for WAN Licensing
         5.3.2         Configuring the License Server Name
Appendix A
Appendix A Server Messages
     A.1     License Component Log Files
         A.1.1         License Processing-Related Log Files
         A.1.2         License Component Program Log Files
     A.2     License Server Events
     A.3     License Registrar Events
         A.3.1         Monitoring Consumption of Server-Based Licenses
     A.4     Event Logger (ADMIN/ANALYZE) Messages
1-1 Advanced Server Licensing System
3-1 License Server Startup Error Message
4-1 Main Menu Screen
4-2 Main Menu with View Menu Displayed
4-3 License Server Error Message
4-4 License Server Startup Error Message
4-5 Server Enable/Disable Screen
4-6 Log File Options Screen
4-7 Add License Product Screen
4-8 Sort Options for Products Screen
4-9 Add New Group Screen
4-10 Products Screen for Products in a Group
4-11 Sort Options for Groups Screen
4-12 Modify License Product Allocation Screen
4-13 List of Client Licenses Screen
4-14 Confirm Revocation of Client License Screen
4-15 Client Details Screen
4-16 Sort Options for Licenses Screen
4-17 File Name for Report Dialog Box
1-1 File Server Licenses
2-1 Virtual License Names
4-1 Keys for Navigating Screens
4-2 Confirmation Box Selections
4-3 Buttons for Navigating Screens
4-4 Allocation and Alert Field Descriptions
4-5 Client Details Field Description

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