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HP Advanced Server V7.3B for OpenVMS
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Chapter 4
4 Problems Corrected in Advanced Server V7.3 for OpenVMS
     4.1     Server Problems
         4.1.1         File Created by a Windows Client Might Not Be Truncated Correctly
         4.1.2         "Yikes" Error Message Logged in PWRK$LMSRV Log FIle
         4.1.3         External Authentication to a Windows NT Server Fails with Password Exceeding 12 Characters
         4.1.4         Advanced Server Crashes with ACCVIO at XIOCTL Routine
         4.1.5         The File Server Leaks Memory When Handling RegSetValue Calls
         4.1.6         Server Crashes Randomly, Often When in an LMFREE or LMMALLOC Routine
         4.1.7         PWRK$LMSRV Crashes with Access Violation Processing a GET SECURITY DESCRIPTOR SMB Message for a Named Pipe
         4.1.8         Shares With Names 12 Characters in Length Might Be Displayed with a Random Character at Position 13
         4.1.9         PWRK$LMSRV or PWRK$LMDMN Crashes with "resume_0: too many thread resumes" Error
         4.1.10         Advanced Server Hangs and Logs "Server allocating 10 more queue elements" Messages
         4.1.11         Certain Clients Are Unable to Change a Password on an Advanced Server
         4.1.12         Advanced Server Crashes in mbreaddoneast Routine (LIBIPC)
         4.1.13         NetBIOS Message Hangs Operator Terminal
         4.1.14         Access Denied to Non-Administrators Group Users Attempting to Use Windows NT Management Tools
         4.1.15         Partial Synchronization Failure with First Time Startup in New Domain
         4.1.16         Excessive Event 5719 Messages Logged on all Backup Domain Controllers in a Domain
         4.1.17         BDC Servers Experience High CPU Utilization and Replication Traffic
         4.1.18         PWRK$LMSRV Crashes in Module UXREDIR, Routine TCON
         4.1.19         Advanced Server Crashes with ACCVIO in Image PWRK$PCMSHR
         4.1.20         Advanced Server Crashes with ACCVIO at Routine APIEXCEPT
         4.1.21         Advanced Server Crashes with ACCVIO in Image PWRK$LMRPCSHR
         4.1.22         PWRK$LMSRV Process Crashes in PTRMAP
         4.1.23         Windows NT Workstation User Unable to Log In - NET5722 Errors
         4.1.24         Client Directory Listings Incomplete
         4.1.25         External Authentication Fails with 15-Character Domain User Name
         4.1.26         Cannot Create a Share to an ISO-9660 or High Sierra CD-ROM Device
         4.1.27         PWRK$LMSRV Crashes During Client Operation Invoking NetLogon
         4.1.28         Partial Synchronizations Require Excessive Time to Complete
         4.1.29         External Authentication for User Account in a Trusted Domain Fails
         4.1.30         Server Crashes with ACCVIO in Routine FIDGetCache
         4.1.31         SAM Database Becomes Corrupted After Shutdown
         4.1.32         SAM Corruption Issues Addressed
         4.1.33         PWRK$LMSRV Crashes in Module PFS$OPS, Routine PFS_setextattr
         4.1.34         BDC Servers Experience High CPU Utilization and Replication Traffic, or ADMINISTER Commands Fail with "RPC Server Is Unavailable" Errors
         4.1.35         Server Crashes with Access Violation in DirRecycleDirectory
         4.1.36         Server Crashes in ODS2NewASUSecurityAce
         4.1.37         "release_secure_channel_lock failed" Error Occurs, with Replication Failure
         4.1.38         PWRK$LMSRV Process crash in RPCBIND/rpc__binding_free
         4.1.39         PWRK$LMSRV Crashes with "Buffer Insane" Messages
         4.1.40         Interdomain Trust Stops Working
         4.1.41         PWRK$LMSRV Crashes in Routine ssignon_gethostmap
         4.1.42         PWRK$LMSRV Process Crashes in Routine CheckMsgAuthenticator
     4.2     File Access/Printing Problems
         4.2.1         Files Inherit Wrong or Inappropriate ACEs
         4.2.2         Cannot Create File on Disk Because of Insufficient Space for Index Header Blocks
         4.2.3         Creators of Files in Shared Directories Do Not Inherit Ownership and Might Lose Access to the Created File
         4.2.4         File Name Prompt Does Not Appear When Printing to a Windows NT Shared Printer That Is Set to Print to Port FILE:
         4.2.5         Attempts to Copy a Read-Only File onto an Existing Shared File Results in "Access Denied" Error
         4.2.6         Users with Logons Restricted to One Workstation Cannot Print to Shared Printers on Other Workstations
         4.2.7         Unlocked User Account Denied Access, Event 1909 Logged: "Account Locked Out"
         4.2.8         "Access Denied" Error Messages Received Sporadically
         4.2.9         Clients Cannot Access Files with Long File Names Containing Multiple Periods
         4.2.10         Certain Applications Might Fail When Attempting to Display Files on ODS-5 Disk Volumes
         4.2.11         Directory Might Appear Empty Even When It Is Not
     4.3     ADMINISTER Command Problems
         4.3.1         REMOVE SHARE Command Fails with Share Name That Has Trailing Spaces
         4.3.2         OpenVMS Users Not Logged on to the Network Cannot Use the ADMINISTER SEND Command
         4.3.3         ADMINISTER Commands Act on Nonexistent, Hidden Shares As If the Shares Exist
         4.3.4         ADD TRUST Command Fails
         4.3.5         SHOW COMPUTERS Command Displays Inconsistent Information from Servers in Different Subnets of the Same Domain
         4.3.6         Once Permissions Are Removed from a File or Directory, Owner Cannot Change Permissions
         4.3.7         Time Values in SHOW Command Displays Fail to Roll Over Past 23 Hours
         4.3.8         SHOW FILES /PERMISSIONS Command Produces "The RPC server is unavailable" Error
         4.3.9         Administrator Cannot Take File Ownership
         4.3.10         SHOW USER Command Enhanced to Display Several Additional Fields
         4.3.11         SHOW FILES with Wildcards Issued Against a Large Directory Might Fail
         4.3.12         The Password of a Newly Created Account Is Not Expired by Default
         4.3.13         REGUTL SHOW PARAMETERS With Wildcards Displays Subset of All Data That Can Be Displayed
     4.4     Windows 2000 Related Problems
         4.4.1         Backup Domain Controller Cannot Be Added to a Windows 2000 Domain
         4.4.2         Windows 2000 Clients Might Be Unable to Delete Shared Files
         4.4.3         Windows 2000 PDC Fails During Replication to Advanced Server BDC
         4.4.4         Windows 2000 Clients See Blank Date Fields for Shared Files
         4.4.5         Logon Denied After Adding a User Account or Changing a Password in a Domain with a Windows 2000 Primary Domain Controller
         4.4.6         Windows 2000 Clients Must Use Server-Based Licensing
         4.4.7         Windows 2000 Backup Fails to Advanced Server Share
     4.5     Transport Problems
         4.5.1         Advanced Server Loses Its Name Registration in Windows NT WINS Server Database
         4.5.2         System Crashes in the PWIP_CALLUP Routine
         4.5.3         System Crashes in PWRK$STREAMSOS_V7
         4.5.4         System Crashes in Routine RcvUDSthand
         4.5.5         15-Character Alias Name Truncated in Claimed NETBIOS Name
         4.5.6         Call to KNBNQ_UNSET_TIMER in the PWRK$LMMCP Process Might Cause OpenVMS to Crash
     4.6     Cluster-Related Problems
         4.6.1         With Open File Caching, PWRK$LMSRV Hangs with Deadlock
         4.6.2         Multiple Servers Perform Replication in a Cluster
         4.6.3         BDC Loses Connection to PDC; Unable to Participate in Replication
     4.7     Browser Problems
         4.7.1         Browser Fails to List Entire List of Servers or Domains
     4.8     Advanced Server Interaction with DEC Rdb (Oracle) Problems
         4.8.1         Advanced Server Is Incompatible with Certain Versions of Oracle

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