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HP Advanced Server V7.3B for OpenVMS
Release Notes

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Chapter 5
5 Problems Corrected in Advanced Server V7.3-ECO1 for OpenVMS
     5.1     Server Problems
         5.1.1         Files Created by Windows 95 or Windows 98 Clients Have Wrong Timestamp
         5.1.2         PWRK$LMSRV Crashes with Access Violation in Module ODS2$LIB
         5.1.3         PWRK$Monitor Crashes While Attempting to Output an OpenVMS Error Message (932)
         5.1.4         Numerous Locks on a Resource Accumulate, Causing PWRK$LMSRV or the System to Crash
         5.1.5         PWRK$LMSRV Process Crashes in Module THREAD
         5.1.6         PWRK$LMSRV Crashes with ODS2ReadRMS Errors
         5.1.7         Server Crashes in Module SERTL, Routine RtlValidSid
         5.1.8         Server Stops Responding to Logon Requests
         5.1.9         Authentication Fails for Domain User Names Exceeding 14 Characters in Length
         5.1.10         PWRK$LMSRV Crashes in Module PFS$OPS, Routine PFS_setextattr
         5.1.11         PWRK$LMSRV Crashes When Viewing Printer Properties
     5.2     File Access/Printing Problems
         5.2.1         Files Remain Open
         5.2.2         Directory Enumeration Incorrect If a File Named ".;1" Exists in the Directory
         5.2.3         Client Application Might Fail When Attempting to Create a Directory on a Share
     5.3     User Interface Command Problems
         5.3.1         PWVER Command Problems
         5.3.2         Unable to Add Permissions to Local Share
     5.4     Windows 2000 Related Problems
         5.4.1         Attempt to Add or Copy a User Account Fails
         5.4.2         DCL SET PASSWORD Command Fails in Windows 2000 Mixed-Mode Domain
         5.4.3         Roaming User Profiles Cannot Be Saved on the Advanced Server
         5.4.4         Read-Only Attribute Is Removed When the File is Copied Over Itself
         5.4.5         Access Denied When Copying a Subfolder of a Directory Tree Using the Windows 2000 Xcopy Command
         5.4.6         Attempts to Add File Permissions from Windows 2000 Client Fails with "Object Picker Cannot Open" Message
     5.5     Transport Problems
         5.5.1         System Hangs or Crashes with a Spinwait Bugcheck
     5.6     Cluster-Related Problems
         5.6.1         Server Hangs with One Server Cluster Member in the LEF State, Another Server Member with Multiple Copies of a "deadlock detected" Message
     5.7     Miscellaneous Problems
         5.7.1         Advanced Server Supplies Obsolete Version of File Used by eXcursion
Chapter 6
6 Problems Corrected in Advanced Server V7.3-ECO2 for OpenVMS
     6.1     Installation and Configuration Problems
         6.1.1         Server Might Not Allow Extremely Large WSMAX Values on Large Systems
         6.1.2         Server Does Not Recognize EIA0: Adapter (for example, DE600/DE602)
     6.2     Upgrade Problems
         6.2.1         Attempt to Upgrade Fails When Domain Name is LANGROUP
     6.3     Server Problems
         6.3.1         "release_secure_channel_lock failed" Error in Server Log and 5716 Event in Event Log
         6.3.2         Configuration Manager Modifies Obsolete SYSGEN Parameter VIRTUALPAGECNT
         6.3.3         Limitations When Joining a Domain as a Member Server Without Specifying Domain Administrator Information
         6.3.4         Advanced Server Crashes in Routine gcfree
         6.3.5         Advanced Server Crashes in Routine transcopydata
         6.3.6         Advanced Server Crashes in Routine outparse
         6.3.7         Server Crashes in Module PWRK$LMMCP at Startup on SMP Systems With Greater than 16 CPUs
         6.3.8         The Advanced Server Errantly Removes Data from Terminal Server User Profiles
         6.3.9         Advanced Server Crashes at Login in Routine SampMatchworkstation
         6.3.10         Advanced Server Crashes in PLM Modules
         6.3.11         Server Hangs Then Crashes When COM for OpenVMS In Use
         6.3.12         Advanced Server Crashes in Module SERVERAPI
         6.3.13         Server Stops Responding to Requests
         6.3.14         Member Server Crashes with an ACCVIO in Module SIDCACHE, Routine PutSidInCac
         6.3.15         Server Crashes in Module ODS2DIRCACHE
         6.3.16         A "Big Endian" Server in Same Domain Might Cause the Advanced Server for OpenVMS to Crash
         6.3.17         Server Crashes in Module LIB$CONVFPATH, Routine MetaToRMSPath
         6.3.18         Incorrect Free and Total Disk Space Returned to Clients
     6.4     File/Printer Share Problems
         6.4.1         Attempts to Share an ISO-9660 CD-ROM Fail
         6.4.2         Shares on an NFS Disk Are Inaccessible
         6.4.3         Unable to View or Change Properties of a Windows-Managed Printer
     6.5     ADMINISTER Command Problems
         6.5.1         Problems Modifying Permissions on Member Server Objects
         6.5.2         ADMINISTER Utility Crashes with ACCVIO When SHOW EVENT/TYPE=SECURITY/FULL Is Attempted
     6.6     Windows 2000 Related Problems
         6.6.1         The xcopy/d Command Does Not Work Properly with the Advanced Server
         6.6.2         SAM Database Corrupted After Server Joins Windows 2000 Domain
     6.7     Transport Problems
         6.7.1         OpenVMS System Crashes in TCPIP$BGDRIVER, While in Process PWRK$LMBROWSER
         6.7.2         OpenVMS System Hangs After Non-Paged Pool Is Used Up
         6.7.3         Clients Cannot Access Advanced Server on Multihomed TCP/IP Host: Wrong IP Address Is Registered in the WINS Database
     6.8     Event Logging Problems
         6.8.1         Security Events Are Logged Unnecessarily for Printer Operations
     6.9     Cluster-Related Problems with Advanced Servers
         6.9.1         Lock Release Failure
     6.10     Browser Problems
         6.10.1         Browser Service Hangs in PENDING State
Chapter 7
7 Problems Corrected in Advanced Server V7.3A for OpenVMS
     7.1     Installation and Configuration Problems
         7.1.1         Cannot Join a Domain if the PDC (Windows NT or Windows 2000) Has Restricted Anonymous Access
         7.1.2         Cluster Consistency Checking Erroneously Reports Inconsistencies
     7.2     Server Problems
         7.2.1         Using OpenVMS Security Mode, READALL Privilege Is Ignored
         7.2.2         PWRK$LMSRV Log File Records "ODS2ReleaseFIDCache: no FCE!" Messages
                ODS-2 Encoded File Names Must Be Converted Before Configuring a New Server Language
         7.2.3         PWRK$LMSRV Process Might Crash in Module PTRMAP, Routine IdToSlotPtr
     7.3     File/Printer Share Problems
         7.3.1         Server Operations on Files Greater Than 2 GBs Fail
     7.4     Remote Management Problems
         7.4.1         "Add Workstations to Domain" Right Does Not Appear in List of Rights Available to Windows NT Clients Using User Manager
     7.5     Transport Problems
         7.5.1         A 15-Character Alias Name Causes NETLOGON Not to Start
     7.6     Event Logging Problems
         7.6.1         Event in Browser Function Not Reported Properly
         7.6.2         Certain Event Code Descriptions Do Not Appear in ADMINISTER SHOW EVENTS Display
     7.7     Browser Problems
         7.7.1         Browser Problems When LAN Broadcasts Domain or Server Names That Contain Certain Non-ASCII Characters

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