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HP Advanced Server V7.3B for OpenVMS
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Chapter 13
13 Restrictions in Advanced Server V7.3B for OpenVMS
     13.1     Installation and Configuration Restrictions
         13.1.1         Advanced Server Cannot Coexist with PATHWORKS V5.0C for OpenVMS (LAN Manager) Server
         13.1.2         Advanced Server May Fail at Startup If SYLOGIN.COM Executes with Errors
         13.1.3         Advanced Server Fails to Start If Any Processes Are Running the ADMININSTER Command-Line Interface
         13.1.4         Ignore Recommendations to Terminate Deinstall (PRODUCT REMOVE)
         13.1.5         Authentication Fails After Attempt to Synchronize with a PDC Using a Windows NT Server with Service Pack SP5
         13.1.6         Configuration Might Fail If Disk Quotas Do Not Allow Enough Space in SYS$SCRATCH
         13.1.7         PWRK$CONFIG.COM Might Report the Server as Supporting 0 PC Clients and No Transports
     13.2     Upgrade and Downgrade Restrictions
         13.2.1         Server Type Version Number Might Not Be Updated During Downgrade
         13.2.2         Upgrading Large Share Databases
     13.3     OpenVMS Registry Restrictions
         13.3.1         Changes to Incorrect Parameter Data Types in the Registry Do Not Take Effect
         13.3.2         Changes Made to OpenVMS Registry Event Log Settings Do Not Take Effect
         13.3.3         The "^" Character Does Not Get Encoded in Parameter Values
     13.4     File Server Restrictions
         13.4.1         Restriction When estimate_filesize is Set to 1 in PWRK.INI File
         13.4.2         Limitation Copying Indexed Files
         13.4.3         The User Cannot Access File Names With Dot and Without Extension
         13.4.4         Advanced Server May Issue Incorrect BlobCache Warning Messages
         13.4.5         Advanced Server Supports a Maximum Path Length of 512 Characters
         13.4.6         Advanced Server Does Not Support File Access from Macintosh Clients
         13.4.7         Premature Disk Full Conditions
         13.4.8         DECram Performance Problem
         13.4.9         Access Denied to Files Restored from Backup of Another System
         13.4.10         "XCCB Not in Use" Errors in LMMCP Log File
         13.4.11         You Cannot Map to an OpenVMS Search List
         13.4.12         Do Not Use "DEV" as a Share Name
         13.4.13         Limit to Number of Directory Levels
         13.4.14         Server Language Restrictions
                Entering Extended Character Set Characters in Single-Byte ISO-8859 Form Can Result With Wrong Data
                Relative and Indexed Files with Names Containing Extended Character Set Characters Are Inaccessible
         13.4.15         File Size Restriction
         13.4.16         Alias File Names Not Supported on NFS Shares
         13.4.17         Case Sensitivity
         13.4.18         Restriction on Roaming User Profiles
     13.5     User Interface Restrictions
         13.5.1         Expired Password Cannot be Changed During Admin Login
         13.5.2         Inconsistent Results from ADMIN/SHOW FILE Command
         13.5.3         Configuration Manager (ADMIN/CONFIG) Requires That the Registry Server Be Running
         13.5.4         When a User Account Is Created Without a Password, an Encrypted Password is Supplied
         13.5.5         Server Acting as a BDC Will Not Allow Changes to Share Permissions Until Synchronized with PDC
         13.5.6         Directory File (Folder) Name Length Restrictions on ODS-2 Disk Volumes
         13.5.7         Alias Name Not in Browse List When Using DECnet Transport Only
         13.5.8         Mouse Selection Highlights Entire Screen
         13.5.9         Advanced Server Unable to Resolve Job Logical Translation as Part of a File Specification
         13.5.10         Server Description (SrvComment) Restriction
         13.5.11         Cannot Delete Stale Host Mappings
         13.5.12         SHOW SERVICES Command Fails When Directed to Windows NT, Windows 2000, or Windows XP
         13.5.13         Specifying a User Password Shorter Than the Minimum Length Produces Unexpected Error Message
         13.5.14         Local Group Names Limited to 20 Characters in Length
         13.5.15         ADMINISTER Commands Cannot Act on Event Log Files of Remote Windows 2000 or Windows NT SP6 Servers
         13.5.16         ADMINISTER SET PASSWORD Command Fails If the PDC is Windows 2000 or Windows XP
         13.5.17         SHOW COMPUTER Command Might Fail with -LM-E-NERR_SERVICENOT Error
     13.6     Windows 2000, Windows 2003 and Windows XP Related Restrictions
         13.6.1         Restrictions Applying to Windows 2000, Windows 2003 and Windows XP
                Problem When Ports 137, 138 and 139 are Blocked
                Unable to Establish Trust With Windows 2003 Domain
                Unable to Establish Trust Using ADMINISTER ADD TRUST/TRUSTED <w2k3domainname> Command
                Windows 2000 and Windows XP Clients Unable to Rejoin Domain
         13.6.2         Restrictions Applying to Windows 2000 Only
                Cannot Establish a Trust with a Windows 2000 Domain By Means of Remote Administration
                Restricted Anonymous Access on Windows 2000 Server Affects External Authentication
         13.6.3         Restrictions Applying to Windows XP Only
                Enabling a Windows XP Client to Join and Log On to a Domain
                Windows XP Client Stays in Computer List Even After Being Removed from Domain
     13.7     Printing/Print Management Restrictions
         13.7.1         Restriction for Print Share Names with Unicode Extended Characters
         13.7.2         Cannot Rename Print Share or Print Queue
         13.7.3         Cannot Move Print Job Position In Queue from Client
         13.7.4         ADMINISTER REMOVE PRINT QUEUE Fails to Delete a Routing Print Queue
         13.7.5         Client Cannot Purge Print Queues
         13.7.6         Cannot See Print Job Name from Client
         13.7.7         Windows NT Print Manager Fails to Display Advanced Server Printers
         13.7.8         Windows NT Printer Management Restrictions
         13.7.9         Ownership/Access Restrictions to Print Share with Group Everyone Set for No Access
     13.8     Event Logging Restrictions
         13.8.1         Event Log Files Fail to Overwrite When Full
         13.8.2         Unable to Set the Event Logging Setting
     13.9     Browser Restrictions
         13.9.1         Browser State Is Not Distributed on an OpenVMS Cluster
         13.9.2         Browser Service Stays in START PENDING State
     13.10     Domain Management Restrictions
         13.10.1         A BDC Cannot Be Removed from the Domain If It Has Been Promoted To Be a PDC in Another Domain
         13.10.2         Additions or Deletions of Trusts on One Cluster Node Are Unknown to the Other Cluster Nodes Until NetLogon Restart
         13.10.3         Attempts to Promote BDC Might Fail
         13.10.4         Member Server Role Restrictions
                Restriction Connecting to Member Server Share from External Domain
                User with "Add Workstations to Domain" Rights Cannot Add Member Server to Domain
                Problems Using Certain Characters for a Member Server Computer Name or Cluster Alias Name
                You Must Restore Explicit Host Maps When Changing the Role of a Server to or from a Member Server
                You Cannot Add or Modify User and Group Permissions on a Member Server Object Unless Logged Into or Administering the Local Database
         13.10.5         OpenVMS ACME Server Crashes with Access Violation When Advanced Server Is Shut Down
         13.10.6         Password Lengths Are Limited to 14 Characters
         13.10.7         Locked Out Account Does Not Get Replicated by Advanced Server or Windows 2000 Server PDCs
     13.11     Remote Management Restrictions
         13.11.1         Error When Displaying Advanced Server Domains from a Windows NT Server Manager
         13.11.2         Windows NT Explorer Error on Attempt to Take Ownership of Shared File or Directory
     13.12     Transport Restrictions
         13.12.1         DEFZA FDDI Controller Is Not Supported with Advanced Server for OpenVMS
         13.12.2         NETBIOS Fails to Start, Dumps Invalid Media Address
     13.13     OpenVMS Cluster Restrictions
         13.13.1         Two or More Advanced Servers in an OpenVMS Cluster Must All Be in the Same Subnet
         13.13.2         Server Parameter Hidden Causes Browser to Fail to Announce Itself
         13.13.3         Using the Windows NT Server Manager to Promote a Clustered BDC
         13.13.4         After Upgrading the Advanced Server, PWRK$CONFIG Must Be Run Before Changing the Cluster State
         13.13.5         Attempts to Add Multiple User Accounts Might Fail
     13.14     Advanced Server with DEC Rdb (Oracle) Restrictions
         13.14.1         Advanced Server Fails to Start Correctly on Systems Running DEC Rdb (Oracle)
     13.15     Miscellaneous Restrictions
         13.15.1         PWVER ALL Output
         13.15.2         Wrong Time Set on Client After NET TIME Command Is Used to Synchronize with the Server
         13.15.3         Unable to Connect Using OpenVMS Computer Name if Different from Advanced Server Computer Name

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