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HP Advanced Server V7.3B for OpenVMS
Release Notes

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Chapter 8
8 Problems Corrected in Advanced Server V7.3A-ECO1 for OpenVMS
     8.1     Advanced Server Problems with File Access Permissions
     8.2     Wrong Time Set on Client After NET TIME Command Is Used to Synchronize with the Server
     8.3     File Remains Locked, Access Violation Errors Reported
     8.4     Copying New Files with Certain Names to a Share Might Fail
     8.5     Server Might Crash in Routine RealGetSidOfUnixOwner
     8.6     PWRK$LMMCP Hangs with One or More Server Cluster Members in the LEF State
Chapter 9
9 Problems Corrected in Advanced Server V7.3A-ECO2 for OpenVMS
     9.1     Execution of ADMINISTER SHOW Commands Causes Server to Crash with Access Violation in PWRK$LMRPCSHR
     9.2     PWRK$LMSRV Crash While Enumerating Shares
     9.3     PWRK$KNBDAEMON and PWRK$NBDAEMON Log Files Cannot be Viewed While Advanced Server is Running
     9.4     Server Announcements to Downlevel Servers Not Qualified
     9.5     Cannot Create a Share to an ISO-9660 CD-ROM Device
     9.6     Server Might Crash in Routine LsarLookupNames
     9.7     The ADMINISTER Command-line Interface Cannot be Used to Manage the Member Server
     9.8     "Cannot Convert Unicode to the Target Server Character Set" Messages in Common Event Log
     9.9     PWCONVERT Cannot Convert SPACE (__20) Correctly
     9.10     PWRK$RENAME.EXE Image was Not Included in the Distribution Kit
     9.11     Server Crashes in Routine PFS_releaseuser During ULOGOFF
     9.12     Access to Data Denied
     9.13     System Crashes in PWRK$STREAMSSHR
     9.14     Server Crashes in Routine PutSidInCache
     9.15     System Crash Caused by PCIDRIVER
     9.16     The Server Fails to Start On a System with 32GB of RAM
     9.17     PWRK$LMSRV Process Crashes If the Server Uses a User Name Exceeding 20 Characters in Length
     9.18     Advanced Server Crashes with ACCVIO in Routine ssignon_oneway
     9.19     Pathworks Crashes in Routine get_latest_logoff
     9.20     Unnecessary Event Logging from ODS2_lookup
     9.21     Unable to Open Event Log on Modern NT Systems
     9.22     Unable to Add PATHWORKS V5.0F ECO2 as a Member Server (or Backup Domain Controller) to Advanced Server V7.03A ECO1 Primary Domain Controller
     9.23     Wrong Behavior If the File is Renamed with an Extension of More Than 39 Characters
     9.24     Error in Advanced Server Version 7.3A PWRK$ACME_STARTUP
     9.25     Server Crashes in BUFIO, Routine lm_force_close
     9.26     ADMINISTER Command REMOVE USER/GROUP Confirmation Prompts to Include Domain/Member Server Name
     9.27     MCP Ran Out of Pipe Instances
     9.28     Printing Sometimes Fails with the File Lock Error
     9.29     Network Problems Cause OPLOCK Timeouts
     9.30     ADMINISTER SET PASSWORD Resulted in ACCVIO
     9.31     Process Startup Fails Due to Wrong Default Directory
     9.32     MCP Crashes in Module VCDROPPED, Routine mcpvcdropped
     9.33     "Sharedb" File Could Grow to an Unreasonable Size, and Could Not be Shrunk Using "blobadm"
     9.34     Crashes or Hangs Caused by OPLOFC Threads
     9.35     Avoid Logging Unnecessary Event Types
     9.36     Browser Service Stays in PENDING State
     9.37     Excessive Pipes Consumption and File Lock Problems Due to Invalidated Sessions
     9.38     PWRK$LMSRV Crashes in Module APICHECK, Routine ApiAccessCheckAndAudit
     9.39     Memory Leak When RPC Throws an Exception
     9.40     Session Thrashing
     9.41     REGUTL Utility Unaware of New Registry Value
     9.42     Missing Out on Open Files/Pipes, Connections and Shares During Enumeration
     9.43     Autoshares Shows Garbled Information in the Description Field and Modification of that Share Creates a New Share
     9.44     Cannot Establish Trust with Windows 2003 Domain
     9.45     "Access Denied" Error While Accessing Non-stream Files On ODS-2 Disks
     9.46     Advanced Server Does Not Bind to the Correct Device on a Multihomed System
Chapter 10
10 Problems Corrected in Advanced Server V7.3A-ECO3 for OpenVMS
     10.1     Server Crashes in Routine FileEnumWorker()
     10.2     Server Does Not Respond to Any Requests from the Clients
     10.3     Many Sessions Consumed by 'datagrams on name 00'
     10.4     ADMINISTER Utility Crashes While Loading the Client Codepage Table
     10.5     Problem With Windows NT-style Printing - Settings Done by Administrators are Not Visible to Users That are Members of Domain Users Group
     10.6     Error While Executing ADMINISTER SHOW HOSTMAP
     10.7     PWRK$LMSRV Process Crashes in Module FORCE
     10.8     Alpha OpenVMS V7.3-1,PWRK$LMSRV Process Dumps in Module MTS
     10.9     PWRK$LMSRV Process Crashes in Module PIPES, Routine pipe_open
     10.10     PWRK$LMSRV Process Crashes in Module FILEAPI
     10.11     Issues With Alert Service/Messages
     10.12     Cannot Rename the Russian Cyrillic Folder in to English
     10.13     %PWRK-E-LOGONERR, -LM-E-ERROR_TOO_MANY_, too many contextID's
     10.14     NetBIOS Connectivity Problems
     10.15     Advanced Server Cluster-Alias Does Not Appear in Browse List
     10.16     PWRK$LMSRV Process Crashes in Routine alloc_netbuf()
     10.17     Problem with NT-Style Printing, each Job Prints Two Separator Pages
     10.18     Advanced Server Cannot Create the PCX$SERVER Correctly
     10.19     PWCONVERT Cannot Convert Directory File Name Correctly, If the Length of the Directory Name Exceeds 39 Characters
Chapter 11
11 Problems Corrected in Advanced Server V7.3A-ECO4 for OpenVMS
     11.1     PWRK$KNBDAEMON Fails To Start with Multinet V4
     11.2     Browser Log Fills up With Statements "Remember the Alias Name"
     11.3     Warning Message Seen on Systems Running DECnet Phase IV During Product Installation
     11.4     NTLM V2 - Lmcompatibilitylevel Issue
     11.5     Server Looping When Disk Full
     11.6     Lanman Style Printing---Crash in lmsrv
     11.7     Sessions Get Disconnected Despite Having Files Kept Opened
     11.8     System Crashes in STREAMSOS, Routine WriteStream()
     11.9     NT Style Printing - Advanced Server Hangs While Accessing Printers
     11.10     Advanced Server Crashes When Deleting Print Shares
     11.11     Suppress Redundant Logging
     11.12     Advanced Server Version 7.3A-ECO3 - When a User Changes Password, the Password Expired Flag is Set
     11.13     PWRK$LMSRV Crashes in Module SAMWRAP2, Routine NetUserNtPasswordSet
     11.14     <70>SYSTEM Cannot Login With ACME LOGIN Installed and NT ACME First
     11.15     OpenVMS 7.3-2/Advanced Server 7.3-A3 Server Crash
     11.16     Advanced Server Crashes When Clients Try Connecting to It
Chapter 12
12 Problems Corrected in Advanced Server V7.3B for OpenVMS
     12.1     Installation and Configuration Problems
         12.1.1         Problem with RestrictAnonymous Registry Parameter
         12.1.2         pwrk$*_V8 Images Not Installed on OpenVMS V7.* Systems
     12.2     Server Problems
         12.2.1         Server Hangs on all Nodes in the Cluster
         12.2.2         PWRK$LMSRV Process Crashes in Module PFS$OPS, Routine PFS_getuser()
         12.2.3         Server Crashes When ADMINISTER Command is Executed to Close the Session
         12.2.4         PWRK$LMSRV Crashes in Routine SepSidInToken
         12.2.5         Set Password fails With Externally Authenticated User
         12.2.6         Delay in the Server Response to Pipe Open Requests
         12.2.7         PWRK$LMSRV Crashes in Module TRANSPARSE, Routine unwindvwv
         12.2.8         Advanced Server Does Not Support More than 32 %X86 ACEs
         12.2.9         PWRK$LMSRV Crashes in Routine FileEnumWorker
         12.2.10         OpenVMS System Hangs During Reboot
         12.2.11         PWRK$LMSRV Crashes in Routine resume_0
         12.2.12         ADMINISTER SHOW SESSIONS and ADMINISTER SHOW CONNECTION Commands Do Not Display Information for all User Sessions
         12.2.13         Advanced Server Always Establishes Secure Channel Against PDC
         12.2.14         OpenVMS System Crashes in Routine OTS$MOVE_C+004D0
     12.3     File/Printer Share Problems
         12.3.1         Server-Based Licenses are Lost Whenever a Node in the Cluster Crashes
         12.3.2         Advanced Server Shared Files Appear Empty When the Data is Requested from a Linux Client
         12.3.3         File Creation on a Linux Client Fails, and touch Command Hangs
         12.3.4         Problem Accessing Shared Files from Windows 2003 SP1 Clients
         12.3.5         Users are Unable to Connect to Shares on Windows 2000 Member Servers or Workstations in a Domain
         12.3.6         Viewing XML Files on Windows Using Internet Explorer Dislays an Error Message
         12.3.7         Unable to Copy or Print a File on Advanced Server Share if the File Size is Greater than the Datacache Size
     12.4     Transport Problems
         12.4.1         Messages are not Logged When WINS Server is Unavailable
     12.5     Browser Problems
         12.5.1         Advanced Server Cluster Alias and Computer Names Not Displayed in Browse List
         12.5.2         Browser Will Be in the PENDING STATE on One of the Nodes in the Cluster
         12.5.3         Advanced Server Crashes in Module Backup, Routine getsrvlist
         12.5.4         Advanced Server Crashes in Module Backup, Routine getdomlist

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