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Cover Letter for HP OpenVMS Version 8.3


July 2006

Dear OpenVMS Customer,

Hewlett-Packard is pleased to introduce the OpenVMS Version 8.3 operating system for both Integrity server and AlphaServer platforms. HP is dedicated to providing customers with the most advanced functionality and the highest quality products possible and believes the OpenVMS Version 8.3 operating system release reflects this dedication.

This cover letter discusses the following topics:

  • OpenVMS Version 8.3 new features
  • OpenVMS Freeware
  • Documentation
  • Service Support and Tools
  • Software Product Descriptions
  • Software Layered Product Update
  • OpenVMS Source Listings Kits
  • Consolidated OpenVMS VAX Version 7.3 and OpenVMS Alpha Version 8.3 kit
  • Release Notes

Before installation, please read the Release Notes at the end of this cover letter for the latest information about this release.

New Features

The OpenVMS operating system is now supported on a wide variety of HP Integrity servers, including the following:

  • Entry-class servers (for example, the rx1600 or rx4600 series)
  • Midrange servers (for example, the rx7620 and rx8620)
  • High-end servers (Superdome)

For an up-to-date list of servers supported by the current release of OpenVMS, see the HP OpenVMS Version 8.3 Alpha and Integrity Servers Software Product Description (SPD 82.35.xx).

The OpenVMS Version 8.3 release provides all of the features contained in the OpenVMS Version 8.2 and 8.2--1 releases, plus enhancements to system availability, I/O performance, and security. The following are some of the features and enhancements:

  • General user features, new product and enhancements:
    • Support for new Integrity servers based on the new dual-core IntelŪ ItaniumŪ 2 processor
    • New chip Hyper-Threading support
    • Batch queue maximum increased
    • CD and DVD record optical media utility
    • New and changed DCL commands and lexical functions
    • HP Instant Capacity (iCAP) and HP Temporary Instant Capacity (TiCAP)
    • HP Pay per use (PPU)
  • System management features, new versions and enhancements:
    • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) support
    • Backup utility save-set encryption
    • Secure Delivery for digitally-signed kits and patches
    • Dynamic lock remastering
    • Dynamic volume expansion (DVE)
    • PCSI utility enhancements
    • Cluster satellite boot
    • Network clusters now include data compression and multi-gigabit scaling
    • HP System Analysis Tools utilities enhancements
    • Virtual LAN (VLAN) support
  • Programming features, new versions and enhancements:
    • HP C Run-Time Library (C RTL), now supporting symlinks
    • HP Common Data Security Architecture (CDSA)
    • HP Kerberos for OpenVMS
    • HP Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for OpenVMS
    • Library utility enhancements
    • Linker utility enhancements
    • HP MACRO Compiler for OpenVMS Alpha systems
    • HP Record Management System (RMS)
  • Associated product features, new versions and enhancements:
    • HP Distributed NetBeans for OpenVMS
    • HP Secure Web Browser for OpenVMS
    • HP Secure Web Server for OpenVMS
    • HP TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS
    • HP Web Services Integration Toolkit for OpenVMS (new product)

For a complete list of the new features in the OpenVMS Version 8.3 release, see the HP OpenVMS Version 8.3 New Features and Documentation Overview.

OpenVMS Freeware Version 8.0

The OpenVMS Freeware CDs are included in the OpenVMS Version 8.3 media kit. The Freeware CDs contain free software tools and utilities for creating applications and managing OpenVMS systems.


The OpenVMS Freeware CDs are provided as is without a warranty. HP imposes no restrictions on its distribution or on the redistribution of its contents. Be aware, however, that some of the packages on the CD can carry restrictions on their use imposed by the original authors. Therefore, you should carefully read the documentation that accompanies each product. HP does not provide support services for this software, fix the software, or guarantee that it works correctly.


OpenVMS Version 8.3 online documentation is provided on an ISO 9660 CD to meet the needs of users of multiple formats.

The OpenVMS Version 8.3 Online Documentation CD contains all the OpenVMS manuals in HTML and PDF formats. Associated product manuals are also available in HTML and PDF in support of the Operating Environment products for Integrity servers.

For more information about OpenVMS and selected layered product documentation, refer to the Guide to HP OpenVMS Version 8.3 Media and the HP OpenVMS Version 8.3 New Features and Documentation Overview included in this media kit.

Before you install OpenVMS Alpha Version 8.3, see the following documents:

  • HP OpenVMS Version 8.3 Upgrade and Installation Manual
  • HP OpenVMS Version 8.3 Release Notes
  • HP OpenVMS Version 8.3 New Features and Documentation Overview
  • Guide to HP OpenVMS Version 8.3 Media

HP Service Support and Tools

Support status for OpenVMS releases is provided at the following location:


To access the most up-to-date service tools, installation, and documentation information, see the HP Support Web site at:


Software Product Descriptions

Software Product Descriptions (SPDs) for the OpenVMS operating system and System Integrated Products can be found on the OpenVMS distribution media. For information about locating the SPDs on the OpenVMS Alpha operating system CD and the OpenVMS for Integrity Servers Operating Environment DVD, see the Guide to HP OpenVMS Version 8.3 Media. The file names for the OpenVMS Version 8.3 SPD are OVMS_V83_SPD.PS and OVMS_V83_SPD.TXT.

For the most up-to-date Software Product Descriptions (SPDs), see the SPD Web site at:


Software Layered Product Updates

For OpenVMS Alpha operating system and software layered products, HP recommends that you obtain updates through the Software Products Library subscription service. The following services are available:

Library Packages Package Content UPI
Operating System and Software Layered Products Binaries only 5FX
Operating System and Software Layered Products Binaries and online documentation 5G9
Software Layered Products Binaries and online documentation 03X

For OpenVMS for Integrity servers software layered products, initial product delivery is included on the Operating Environment media offerings:

  • BA322AA for Foundation Operating Environment (FOE)
  • BA323AA for Enterprise Operating Environment (EOE)
  • BA324AA for Mission Critical Operating Environment (MCOE)

Software Update Services for OpenVMS for Integrity servers are available for the FOE, EOE, and MCOE and for individual products on the EOE and MCOE. Products on the FOE are not available for individual license or service. All software updates are delivered on a consolidated DVD through your HP Support Agreement. For more information, contact your local HP account representative or distributor. Information about HP Support Services is also available on the Software Support Services Web site at:


OpenVMS Source Listings Kits

Two OpenVMS Source Listings Kits are available on CD: HP OpenVMS Alpha Version 8.3 Source Listings Kit and HP OpenVMS for Integrity Servers Version 8.3 Source Listings Kit. The source listing kits contain all nonproprietary source listings files that make up the OpenVMS operating system. The debug symbol files (DSF) are provided on the OpenVMS Alpha Source Listings Kit and contain information used by the OpenVMS Alpha System Code Debugger.

The OpenVMS Source Listings Kits and License include the license required to view these files on a standalone system or in an OpenVMS Cluster environment. If you want to make these files available on another system, for example, at a remote site, you must purchase an additional kit. For each kit you purchase, you must sign a source license agreement. Contact your local HP representative for more information.

Use the following order number for the OpenVMS Version 8.3 source listings:

  • QB--MT1AB--E8 --- OpenVMS Alpha Source Listings Kit and License
  • BA486AA --- OpenVMS for Integrity servers Source Listings Kit and License

For information about layered products included with OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS for Integrity servers Version 8.3, refer to the Guide to HP OpenVMS Version 8.3 Media.

Consolidated OpenVMS VAX Version 7.3 and OpenVMS Alpha Version 8.3 Kits

Customers who receive the consolidated OpenVMS VAX Version 7.3 and OpenVMS Alpha Version 8.3 kit receive not only the HP OpenVMS Version 8.3 New Features and Documentation Overview, HP OpenVMS Version 8.3 Release Notes, and cover letter, but also the OpenVMS Version 7.3 New Features and Documentation Overview, OpenVMS Version 7.3 Release Notes, and cover letter.

Release Notes

Read the following release notes before installation.

1: InfoServer Utility and FDDI

Using the InfoServer utility on OpenVMS to boot a client over an FDDI network adapter is not supported.

2: New Qualifier for DCL Command SET PASSWORD DCL

The DCL command SET PASSWORD now accepts the /PROMPT qualifier with two permitted values: /PROMPT=FIXED and /PROMPT=VARIABLE. If you use the SET PASSWORD command in a DCL command procedure, do not specify the /PROMPT=VARIABLE qualifier. If you do, it works as expected but any failing status is only displayed and not returned to DCL.

3: Output from Console Command (I64 Only)

HP recommends that you issue the DCL command INITIALIZE/ERASE on storage media prior to using them for the first time. This eliminates any stale data that may left from previous use by another operating system or diagnostics.

An indication of such stale data is three questions marks (???) in the console command output, as shown in the following example:

Shell> ls fs1:\

Directory of: fs1:\

 00/00/07 19:16p     1,788,984,016 ???

 00/00/80 12:00a           0 ???

     2 File(s)  1,788,984,016 bytes

     0 Dir(s)

The problem will be corrected in a future release.

4: XML-C Product Zip File (I64 Only)

The XML-C product for OpenVMS for Integrity servers is delivered as a ZIP file that contains a self-extracting executable file. The XML-C installation documentation describes how to install the product by using this executable file. To obtain the executable file, extract it from the ZIP file.

5: $LKWSET[_64] and $U:WSET[_64] Behavior (Alpha Only)

A change will be made to the behavior of the $LKWSET[_64] and $ULWSET[_64] system services. As of OpenVMS Version 8.2, if the VA range fell within an image---the entire image was locked into the working set. For some applications that make frequent calls to lock and unlock code from the working set, this changed created a high amount of overhead.

For this reason, we are changing the behavior of these system services on AlphaServer systems back to the prior behavior of only locking the requested pages into memory. For Integrity server platforms, these systems services continue to lock the entire image if the VA range falls within the image.

The decision to make this change occurred too late for the change to be incorporated into the final OpenVMS Version 8.3 kit. This change will appear in the first ECO kit for OpenVMS Version 8.3, which should be available shortly after Version 8.3 ships. In addition, an ECO kit will be provided for OpenVMS Alpha Version 8.2, which contains this change.

6: Using the OpenVMS e-Business and Integration Infrastructure Package

The OpenVMS e-Business and Integration Infrastructure Package for OpenVMS Alpha is contained on two CDs, which are formatted so that they appear as a Files-11 file structure to an OpenVMS system and an ISO 9660 file structure to a PC, Linux, or UNIX system.


The component installation kits and documentation are split across the two CDs. Component installation can be done only on an OpenVMS Alpha system from the specific CD designated in the top-level index.html file.


For OpenVMS systems, partial component documentation is viewable based on which CD is mounted for use. Component documentation is available only for the components present on the specific CD.

For Windows, Linux, or UNIX systems; complete component documentation is viewable on both CDs.

7: Performance Data Collector for OpenVMS (TDC)

TDC_RT Version 2.2-107 is included in the OpenVMS Version 8.3 installation. An update to TDC Version 2.2-108 is now available from the TDC Web site at:


TDC Version 2.2-108 corrects several issues discovered in TDC_RT Version 2.2-107; it also enables collection of internet metrics in TCPware and MultiNet environments, adds additional metrics to several data records, and provides new programming features and sample code in the TDC Software Developers Kit.

8: C++ Compiler (I64 Only)

C++ Version 7.2 for OpenVMS for Integrity servers predefines the macro __INITIAL_POINTER_SIZE to 0, unlike C++ Version 7.1 compiler, which leaves it undefined. This is an intentional change that makes C++ Version 7.2 consistent with the C compiler and provides support for pointer_size pragmas, while C++ Version 7.1 does not.

Note, this change can cause diagnostics to appear in code that compiled cleanly with certain declarations selected by system header files that declare pointer types. This effect is most likely to appear in applications that use starlet headers and compile with __NEW_STARLET defined.

If you cannot modify the application source code to conform to the new declarations, add the command line qualifier, /UNDEF=__INITIAL_POINTER_SIZE to the CXX command line to prevent the C++ Version 7.2 compiler from predefining this macro and causing the system headers to provide the same declarations that they did with Version 7.1 of the compiler.

9: Building DCE IDL C++ Applications (I64 Only)

Building DCE IDL C++ applications on CXX Version 7.2 and higher results in an undefined symbol linker warning. This is a known issue. Contact HP Support Services to request any necessary patches to overcome this warning.

10: CDSA Errors During Installation

You might see the following errors when upgrading to OpenVMS Version 8.3 These errors can be safely ignored, because CDSA and Secure Delivery will still function properly and PCSI kits will install normally and securely.

CDSA-I-Init, CDSA has previously been initialized on this system.
 CDSA-I-Init, Re-initializing CDSA.

 CDSA-I-Init, Initializing CDSA
 MDS installed successfully.
 Module installed successfully.
 Module: MDS Error (Clean): 300A
  (Code #300A)!
 Module: MDS Error (Clean): 300A
  (Code #300A)!
 Module: MDS Error (Clean): 300A
  (Code #300A)!
 Module: MDS Error (Clean): 300A
  (Code #300A)!
 Module: MDS Error (Clean): 300A
  (Code #300A)!
 Module: MDS Error (Clean): 300A
  (Code #300A)!
 Module: MDS Error (Clean): 300A
  (Code #300A)!
 Module: MDS Error (common-DL): 300A
  (Code #300A)!
 Module installed successfully.
 Module: MDS Error (common-DL): 300A
  (Code #300A)!
 CDSA-I-Init, CDSA Initialization complete  CDSA-I-Init, Initializing Secure Delivery.
 Install completed successfully.
 Module: MDS Error (Clean): 300A
  (Code #300A)!
 Module installed successfully.
 CDSA-I-Init, Secure Delivery Initialization complete

11: Secure Web Server Installation Text Files Cannot Be Read by EDT

The HP Secure Web Server Installation Guide text files do not have embedded carriage returns in the paragraphs. This puts all of the lines of the paragraph on one line. An editor such as EDT cannot handle lines with more than 256 characters on a line.

As a workaround, you can edit the text files using TPU, type them at the DCL prompt, or read them in a browser. You can also view the HTML or PDF versions of the files on the OpenVMS Documentation CD or the OpenVMS e-Business CD.

The affected files are:


12: Update to FREEWARE README.TXT File

An update to the [FREEWARE]FREEWARE_README.TXT, included on each OpenVMS Freeware CD, is available for download at the OpenVMS Freeware Web site at:

This updated file includes the correction to the displayed version number from V7.0 to the intended and expected V8.0, as well as additional updates and corrections.

As is traditional with the OpenVMS Freeware, updates to existing files and new packages are available at the OpenVMS Freeware Web site.