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HP WBEM Solutions for OpenVMS

For information on how to configure WBEM Services on OpenVMS V8.4, refer the following document:
» HP OpenVMS Version 8.4 for Integrity Servers Upgrade and Installation Manual

OpenVMS V8.4 Upgrade and Install Manual Documentation Errata: Section 7.9.5 (titled "Configure WBEM Services for OpenVMS") incorrectly mentions the version of HP SIM to be used with OpenVMS V8.4 as "Version 5.2 or later". Please read this as "HP SIM Version 6.0".

For information on how to configure WBEM Services on OpenVMS V8.3-1H1, refer the following document:
» HP OpenVMS Version 8.3-1H1 for Integrity Servers Upgrade and Installation Manual

NOTE: The WBEM Services and WBEM Providers products are supported for installation on to the OpenVMS system disk only. Installation of these products onto a non-system disk is currently not supported.

HP WBEM Services for OpenVMS - Document Name

HP WBEM Services Readme » TXT
HP WBEM Services Data Sheets  
     Computer System CIM provider » PDF
     Operating System CIM Provider » PDF
     Process and Process Statistics CIM Provider » PDF
     Internet Protocol CIM Provider » PDF

HP WBEM Providers for OpenVMS - Document Name

V1.7-21 for OpenVMS V8.3-1H1 V2.2-3 for OpenVMS V8.4 V2.2-5 for OpenVMS V8.4
HP WBEM Providers Installation and Administrator's Guide » PDF » PDF
HP WBEM Providers Release Notes » PDF » PDF » PDF
HP WBEM Providers Data Sheets



     CPU Instance Provider » PDF
     EMS Wrapper Provider


     Memory Instance Provider » PDF
     Environmental Instance Provider » PDF
     Firmware Revision Instance Provider » PDF
     Management Processor Instance Provider » PDF
     Enclosure Instance Provider » PDF
     Utilization Provider » PDF
     LAN Instance Provider » PDF
     LAN Indication Provider » PDF
     LAN Consolidated Status Provider » PDF
     VM Provider » PDF
     CSC Provider » PDF

HP WBEM Providers Events List

V1.7-21 for OpenVMS V8.3-1H1 V2.2-3 / V2.2-5 for OpenVMS V8.4
   IPMI Forward Progress Log Monitor (fpl_em) » HTML » HTML
   Itanium Core Hardware Monitor (ia64_corehw)