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Bridge to the future—OpenVMS on AlphaServer systems to OpenVMS on Integrity servers

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» OpenVMS 8.3 for Integrity servers shipping now!
» OpenVMS VAX to Integrity server Transition Modules
» OpenVMS Alpha to Integrity server Transition Modules

OpenVMS benefits

HP OpenVMS features high-availability, scalability, security, industry-leading cluster technology, and enhanced flexibility. Some of these key benefits are discussed below:

  • HP OpenVMS version 8.3 is a new release for HP Integrity servers and AlphaServer systems. This OpenVMS version enhances the key properties of security, scalability, availability, performance, and interoperability with UNIX plus support for the latest dual-core servers and Integrity Superdome. The ability to deploy various generations of AlphaServer systems technology while incorporating Integrity servers offers bottom-line investment protection.
  • With OpenVMS, the combination of HP AlphaServer systems and Integrity servers will enhance your computing environments by capitalizing on the economy of an industry-standard architecture while adding value through HP innovation.
  • Legendary OpenVMS clustering supports both AlphaServer systems and Integrity servers as well as mixed architecture clusters. Application investments are also protected because the vast majority of AlphaServer system-based OpenVMS applications need only be recompiled, relinked, and tested in order to run on Integrity servers.
  • The new release of OpenVMS is based on a single-source code stream. Therefore, non-hardware-dependent enhancements will become available on both Integrity servers and AlphaServer systems with each release.
Most OpenVMS customers take a broad view of HP’s plans into account when planning for their OpenVMS installations, including
  • HP's recommendations for sustaining OpenVMS installations at optimal ROI, with appropriate service levels to meet your long-term business needs
  • HP and third party (ISV) product availability and support roadmaps covering
    • Integrity servers
    • AlphaServer systems
    • The OpenVMS operating environment
    • Related storage systems
    • OpenVMS applications or alternatives
    • HP's recommendation to transition to Integrity server-based solutions running OpenVMS
  • The contributions HP makes through the Alpha RetainTrust program, to reduce transition costs.

OpenVMS for Integrity servers

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» OpenVMS presentation (pdf 5MB)

OpenVMS for AlphaServer systems

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OpenVMS transition white papers

» Integrating HP Integrity servers into the OpenVMS AlphaServer environment
» Porting applications from HP OpenVMS AlphaServer systems to HP OpenVMS Industry standard 64 for Integrity servers
» Alinean, Inc: Improve availability and lower TCO with OpenVMS on Integrity servers

Transition tools

» OpenVMS AlphaServer systems to OpenVMS Integrity servers transition modules
» HP OpenVMS Migration Software for AlphaServer systems to Integrity servers (OMSAIS)

ART transition assistance

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» ISV lookup database
» Business practices (pdf)

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» OpenVMS on Integrity