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HP Pay per use (PPU) User's Guide for versions 8.x > Chapter 3 Installing and Configuring PPU Software

Reinstalling or Updating PPU Software

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To update just the PPU software on one or more partitions, you do not need to do anything special to preserve the PPU configuration. Simply follow the installation instructions from “Installing PPU Software” for your appropriate platform (HP-UX or Windows). (On HP-UX, if you happen to be reinstalling the same PPU version as was previously installed, perhaps to ensure a clean installation, you may need to include the option -x reinstall=true on the swinstall command to force a new installation.)

However, if you reinstall HP-UX or Windows on a partition (for example, installing HP-UX by either cold-installing or installing from a “golden image”), you need to perform the following steps to preserve your PPU configuration:

  1. Before reinstalling, execute the ppuconfig command and record the configuration information (utility meter, system identifier, and core information) from the output.

  2. Reinstall HP-UX or Windows on the partition and install the PPU software. (See “Installing PPU Software” for details.)

  3. Using the recorded output from Step 1, configure the PPU settings with the ppuconfig command. (See “Configuring PPU Software ” for details.)