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HP OpenVMS Version 8.3 Release Notes


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Preface Preface
Chapter 1 OpenVMS Software Installation and Upgrade Release Notes
Chapter 2 OpenVMS Associated Products Release Notes
Chapter 3 General User Release Notes
Chapter 4 System Management Release Notes
Chapter 5 Programming Release Notes
Chapter 6 Hardware Release Notes
Appendix A Product Retirement Notices
Appendix B Interlocked Memory Instructions (Alpha Only)


Preface Preface
Chapter 1
1 OpenVMS Software Installation and Upgrade Release Notes
     1.1     HP Software Technical Support Policy
     1.2     General Application Compatibility Statement
     1.3     Obtaining Remedial Kits
     1.4     Networking Options
     1.5     Disk Incompatibility with Older Versions of OpenVMS
     1.6     HP DECwindows Motif for OpenVMS
     1.7     Release Notes for OpenVMS for Integrity Servers Users
         1.7.1         A6825A Gigabit Ethernet Controller and RX4640 Restriction V8.3
         1.7.2         UI60 SCSI Support on the rx7620 and rx8620
         1.7.3         Clearing the System Event Log (SEL) on Integrity Servers
         1.7.4         Firmware for Integrity Servers
         1.7.5         Booting from the Installation DVD
         1.7.6         HP DECwindows Motif Release Notes
                Keyboard Support
                Connect Peripheral Devices Prior to Server Startup
                Countdown Messages Displayed During Startup
     1.8     Release Notes for OpenVMS Alpha Users
         1.8.1         Firmware for OpenVMS Alpha Version 8.3
         1.8.2         Upgrade Paths
     1.9     CDSA: Secure Delivery Signing for Third Parties Available After Release of OpenVMS V8.3
     1.10     Remove Any Lines from SYS$MANAGER:SYSTARTUP_VMS.COM That Start Encrypt or SSL
     1.11     Kerberos for OpenVMS
     1.12     Encryption for OpenVMS Installed with the OpenVMS Operating System
     1.13     HP DECram V3.n: Remove Before Upgrading
     1.14     Converting the LANCP Device Database After Upgrading
     1.15     DECnet-Plus Requires a New Version
     1.16     SHADOW_MAX_UNIT Default Setting and Memory Usage
     1.17     TIE Kit Must be Removed Before Upgrade
     1.18     Installation of a Layered Product to an Alternate Device or Directory May Fail
Chapter 2
2 OpenVMS Associated Products Release Notes
     2.1     Associated Product Support
     2.2     CMAP Files Added
     2.3     COBOL: Changes in I/O Run-Time Diagnostics and RMS Special Registers
     2.4     COM for HP OpenVMS (Alpha Only)
         2.4.1         COM for OpenVMS Support
         2.4.2         Registry Access Error with Heavy Load of Applications
     2.5     DECdfs Version 2.4 Required for OpenVMS Version 8.3
     2.6     DEC PL/I: RTL Support for OpenVMS
     2.7     FMS Kits
     2.8     Graphical Configuration Manager (GCM) (Alpha Only)
     2.9     HP DCE RPC for OpenVMS
         2.9.1         DCE RPC Supports FAILSafe IP
         2.9.2         Support for Tuning the Buffer Size of RPC Sockets
         2.9.3         RTI (Remote Task Invocation) RPC (I64 Only)
         2.9.4         Microsoft Lan Manager RPC Not Tested (I64 Only)
         2.9.5         The utc_mulftime Factor Argument Type
         2.9.6         Support for G_FLOAT and IEEE Floating-Point Types
     2.10     HP DECnet-Plus Support for Mixed-Case Password
     2.11     HP DECnet-Plus for OpenVMS: X.25 Data Links Not Supported (I64 Only)
     2.12     HP DECram
         2.12.1         DECram Ships With OpenVMS Version 8.2
         2.12.2         Conflict with DECRYPT DCL Command
     2.13     HP DECwindows Motif for OpenVMS
         2.13.1         DECwindows Pause Screen Can Fail to Unlock (Alpha Only)
         2.13.2         User-Written Transports Not Supported
     2.14     HP Secure Web Server Version Support
     2.15     HP Pascal for OpenVMS Alpha Systems
         2.15.1         V5.8A (or Later) Required to Create STARLET Library (Alpha Only)
         2.15.2         Installing HP Pascal After an Upgrade (Alpha Only)
     2.16     WEBES and SEA Support on I64 Systems
     2.17     NetBeans Version 3.6 Requires Java Standard Edition, Development Kit v 1.4.2-x
Chapter 3
3 General User Release Notes
     3.1     OpenVMS Freeware CDs
         3.1.1         Freeware Menu Unavailable (I64 Only)
     3.2     DCL Commands
         3.2.1         CREATE/MAILBOX: Temporary Restriction
         3.2.2         DIAGNOSE Command No Longer Supported
     3.3     DECmigrate Not on Open Source Tools CD
     3.4     HP Secure Web Browser
         3.4.1         Increased Memory Required
         3.4.2         Installation Error on ODS-2 Disk Volume (I64 Only)
     3.5     Documentation Corrections
         3.5.1         HP OpenVMS System Analysis Tools Manual
         3.5.2         HP OpenVMS Programming Concepts Manual
                Saving System Dumps
         3.5.3         HP OpenVMS Debugger Manual: Client/Server Interface Correction
     3.6     HP OpenVMS DELTA/XDELTA Debugger Manual Update
     3.7     HP OpenVMS Utility Routines Manual Updated
         3.7.1         HP OpenVMS I/O User's Reference Manual: PTD$READ Clarification
                PTD$ Pseudoterminal Driver Correction
         3.7.2         HP OpenVMS Version 8.2 New Features and Documentation Overview: Librarian Utility Corrections
                /REMOVE Qualifier Correction
                Accessing ELF Object Libraries Correction
         3.7.3         HP OpenVMS RTL Library (LIB$) Manual Corrections
                HP OpenVMS RTL Library (LIB$) Manual: Clarification of Rounding Rule for LIB$CVT_DX_DX
         3.7.4         HP OpenVMS RTL Library (LIB$) Manual: Clarification of Platform Restrictions
         3.7.5         HP OpenVMS System Manager's Manual: IPC Commands Restriction
                $PUTMSG System Service Correction
         3.7.6         HP Volume Shadowing for OpenVMS: Corrections to Memory Requirements
     3.8     Network Update Restrictions from Version 8.2 to Version 8.2--1
     3.9     Synchronous Data Links Not Supported
     3.10     Duplex-Mode Mismatch Errors Reported by the LAN Drivers
     3.11     Failure of AUDIT_SERVER to Initiate During Boot

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