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HP OpenVMS License Management Utility Manual


Contents (summary)
Preface Preface
Chapter 1 Overview
Chapter 2 Licensing on OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS VAX
Chapter 3 Licensing on OpenVMS I64
Chapter 4 Using LMF
Chapter 5 OpenVMS Galaxy Licensing Information (Alpha Only)
Appendix A Command Reference
Appendix B Examples


Preface Preface
Chapter 1
1 Overview
     1.1     License Management
     1.2     License Management Utility (LICENSE)
     1.3     License Database
         1.3.1         History Records
     1.4     Licensing Differences on Alpha/VAX and I64
Chapter 2
2 Licensing on OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS VAX
     2.1     License Units and License Unit Requirement Tables
     2.2     Types of Licenses
         2.2.1         Availability Licenses
                Providing Sufficient License Units
                Providing More License Units
                Providing Availability in an OpenVMS Cluster Environment
                Providing More Availability
         2.2.2         Activity License
                Providing Enough License Units
                Determining Your License Needs
                Sharing License Units in an OpenVMS Cluster Environment
         2.2.3         Personal Use License
         2.2.4         User License
         2.2.5         Group License
     2.3     License Combination
         2.3.1         Licenses That Can Be Combined
         2.3.2         Include, Exclude, and Reservation Lists
         2.3.3         Termination Dates and Version Numbers
Chapter 3
3 Licensing on OpenVMS I64
     3.1     Operating Environment and Tiering
     3.2     License Types
         3.2.1         Per Core Licenses
         3.2.2         Activity Licenses
     3.3     Compliance Reporting
         3.3.1         Hardware Compliance
         3.3.2         Soft Compliance
         3.3.3         Sample License Checks
Chapter 4
4 Using LMF
     4.1     Preparing for License Registration
     4.2     Managing the License Database
         4.2.1         Database Location
         4.2.2         History Records
     4.3     Getting a Product Authorization Key (PAK)
     4.4     Registering Licenses
         4.4.1         When To Perform Registration
         4.4.2         Registration and Installation
         4.4.3         Registration Methods
         4.4.4         Using VMSLICENSE.COM
                Using Data Files with VMSLICENSE.COM
                Invoking VMSLICENSE.COM with a VMSLICENSE Data File
                Creating VMSLICENSE Data Files
                Using VMSLICENSE.COM Default Value Rules
         4.4.5         Using the LICENSE REGISTER Command
         4.4.6         Displaying License Information
     4.5     Loading a License
         4.5.1         Loading Licenses in an OpenVMS Cluster Environment
     4.6     Managing Licenses After Registration
         4.6.1         Restricting Product Use
                Fastest Method
                For Inactive Licenses
                Permanent Methods
         4.6.2         Controlling Node Access to Licenses in Clusters
                Effect of the NO_SHARE Option
                Editing Include and Exclude Lists
         4.6.3         Controlling User Access
         4.6.4         Controlling Loading Order
     4.7     Logical Name LMF$DISPLAY_OPCOM_MESSAGE
     4.8     Troubleshooting Licensing Problems
Chapter 5
5 OpenVMS Galaxy Licensing Information (Alpha Only)
     5.1     OpenVMS Galaxy Licensing Requirements
         5.1.1         OpenVMS Operating System License
         5.1.2         OpenVMS Galaxy License
         5.1.3         OpenVMS Layered Products License
     5.2     Clustering OpenVMS Galaxy Instances
         5.2.1         Clustering in a Galaxy System
         5.2.2         Clustering Outside a Galaxy System
     5.3     License Databases
     5.4     OpenVMS Galaxy License PAKs and LMF
Appendix A
Appendix A Command Reference
          LICENSE COPY
          LICENSE LIST
          LICENSE LOAD
          LICENSE MOVE
          SHOW LICENSE

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