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HP OpenVMS System Management Utilities Reference Manual

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Contents (summary)
Preface Preface
Chapter 1 Access Control List Editor
Chapter 2 Accounting Utility
Chapter 3 Analyze/Disk_Structure Utility
Chapter 4 Audit Analysis Utility
Chapter 5 Authorize Utility
Chapter 6 AUTOGEN Command Procedure
Chapter 7 Backup Utility
Chapter 9 EFI Utilities for OpenVMS
Chapter 10 Error Log Viewer Utility (ELV)
Chapter 11 InfoServer Utility (Alpha and Integrity servers Only)
Chapter 12 Install Utility
Chapter 13 LAN Control Program (LANCP) Utility
Chapter 14 LAT Control Program (LATCP) Utility
Chapter 15 Log Manager Control Program (LMCP) Utility
Chapter 16 Monitor Utility
Chapter 17 MSA Utility
Chapter 18 Point-to-Point Utility
Chapter 19 POLYCENTER Software Installation Utility (PCSI)
Chapter 20 SAS Controller
Chapter 21 SCA Control Program Utility (SCACP)
Chapter 22 Show Cluster Utility
Chapter 23 System Generation Utility
Chapter 24 System Management Utility
Chapter 25 USB Configuration Manager (UCM)
Chapter 26 XA Gateway Control Program Utility (XGCP)
Appendix A ACL Editor Keypad Editing Commands
Appendix B Customizing the ACL Editor
Appendix C Accounting Information for Programmers
Appendix D ANALYZE/DISK_STRUCTURE---Stage Checks
Appendix F Security Audit Message Format
Appendix G Valid Combinations of BACKUP Qualifiers
Appendix H Supplemental MONITOR Information---Record Formats
Appendix I HP OpenVMS Integrity servers Serial Multiplexer (MUX) Support for Integrity Servers
Appendix J SHOW CLUSTER Keypad Commands
Appendix K System Parameters


Preface Preface
Chapter 1
1 Access Control List Editor
     1.1     ACL Editor Description
     1.2     ACL Editor Usage Summary
     1.3     ACE Formats
          Alarm ACE
          Audit ACE
          Creator ACE
          Default Protection ACE
          Identifier ACE
          Subsystem ACE
     1.4     ACL Editor Qualifiers
Chapter 2
2 Accounting Utility
     2.1     ACCOUNTING Description
     2.2     ACCOUNTING Usage Summary
     2.3     ACCOUNTING Qualifiers
          /OUTPUT (Alpha and Integrity servers)
Chapter 3
3 Analyze/Disk_Structure Utility
     3.1     ANALYZE/DISK_STRUCTURE Description
         3.1.1         Disk Error Reporting and Repair
         3.1.2         Detecting Shadow Set Errors
     3.2     ANALYZE/DISK_STRUCTURE Usage Summary
     3.3     ANALYZE/DISK_STRUCTURE Qualifiers
          /LOCK_VOLUME (Alpha and Integrity servers)
Chapter 4
4 Audit Analysis Utility
     4.1     ANALYZE/AUDIT Description
     4.2     ANALYZE/AUDIT Usage Summary
     4.3     ANALYZE/AUDIT Qualifiers
     4.4     ANALYZE/AUDIT Commands
          NEXT FILE
          NEXT RECORD
Chapter 5
5 Authorize Utility
     5.1     AUTHORIZE Description
     5.2     AUTHORIZE Usage Summary
     5.3     AUTHORIZE Commands

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