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HP OpenVMS System Management Utilities Reference Manual

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Chapter 6
6 AUTOGEN Command Procedure
     6.1     AUTOGEN Description
         6.1.1         NEWPARAMS.DAT
                How NEWPARAMS.DAT Works
                What Goes into NEWPARAMS.DAT
                        Product Name
                        Parameter Assignment
                        How to Remove Assignments from CLU$PARAMS.DAT
                What CLU$PARAMS.DAT Looks Like
     6.2     AUTOGEN Usage Summary
     6.3     Feedback
     6.4     Phases
         6.4.1         SAVPARAMS
         6.4.2         GETDATA
         6.4.3         GENPARAMS
         6.4.4         TESTFILES
         6.4.5         GENFILES
         6.4.6         SETPARAMS
         6.4.7         SHUTDOWN
         6.4.8         REBOOT
         6.4.9         HELP
     6.5     Execution Modes
     6.6     Files Used by AUTOGEN
     6.7     AUTOGEN Usage Summary
Chapter 7
7 Backup Utility
     7.1     BACKUP Description
     7.2     BACKUP Command Line Format
     7.3     BACKUP Input and Output Specifiers
         7.3.1         Input and Output Specifier Element Lists
         7.3.2         Using Wildcard Characters with BACKUP
     7.4     BACKUP Qualifiers
     7.5     BACKUP Usage Summary
          /BY_OWNER (Select Input File by UIC)
          /BY_OWNER (Redefine Owner UIC for Restored File)
          /BY_OWNER (Specify Owner UIC for Save Set)
     7.6     BACKUP Examples
Chapter 8
     8.1     CDDVD Description
         8.1.1         Media Limitations
         8.1.2         Mastering
Chapter 9
9 EFI Utilities for OpenVMS
     9.1     EFI Utilities Description

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