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HP OpenVMS Version 8.4 Release Notes

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Chapter 4
4 System Management Release Notes
     4.1     SYS$TIMEZONE_RULE Logical Replaces Hyphen (-) with Caret (^)
     4.2     Licenses with Virtual Option
     4.3     iSCSI Demo Kit not Supported
     4.4     OpenVMS as a Guest Operating System on Integrity VM
         4.4.1         Shutdown Behaviour Changes
         4.4.2         OpenVMS Guest Does not Support Attached I/O Devices
         4.4.3         Networking or Storage Interface Support
         4.4.4         Known Limitation on HP-UX Guests and OpenVMS Guests Sharing the Same Virtual Switch
         4.4.5         Known Issue on OpenVMS Guest When vNICs are not Configured
     4.5     HP Availability Manager Release Notes
     4.6     Provisioning OpenVMS Using HP SIM
         4.6.1         Provisioning OpenVMS Guest Limitation
         4.6.2         System Firmware
         4.6.3         Provisioning Multiple Servers
         4.6.4         Provisioning From HP SIM Central Management Server
         4.6.5         InfoServer Name Length
         4.6.6         OpenVMS InfoServer and the Integrity servers on the Same LAN
         4.6.7         EFI Firmware
         4.6.8         Management Processor
         4.6.9         Known Issues With Configuring OpenVMS TCP/IP Using Provisioning
         4.6.10         OpenVMS TCP/IP Provisioning Restrictions
         4.6.11         AutoBoot Timeout Configuration
     4.7     OpenVMS Management using Insight Software
     4.8     Performance Enhancements
         4.8.1         Enhancements to Write Bitmaps
                WBM_MSG_INT Parameter Updates
                WBM_MSG_UPPER and WBM_MSG_LOWER Parameter Updates
                Asynchronous SetBit Messages
                Reduced SetBit Messages for Sequential I/O
         4.8.2         Exception Handling Performance Improvements (Integrity servers Only)
         4.8.3         Image Activation (Integrity servers Only)
         4.8.4         Global Section Creation and Deletion
         4.8.5         Dedicated CPU Lock Manager
         4.8.6         Ctrl/T Alignment Faults
     4.9     Error and Warning Messages from ACPI During Boot
     4.10     Large Device Name Support for Accounting Utility
     4.11     PAGED_LAL_SIZE New System Parameter
         4.11.1         Paged Pool Lookaside Lists
     4.12     2 TiB Disk Volume Support Restrictions
     4.13     Configuring SAS Tape Drives
     4.14     External SAS Disk Device Naming
     4.15     External Authentication
         4.15.1         External Authentication and Password Policy
         4.15.2         Integrity servers External Authentication Support
         4.15.3         SET PASSWORD Behavior Within a DECterm Terminal Session
         4.15.4         No Password Expiration Notification on Workstations
         4.15.5         Restriction in ACME_SERVER Process (Integrity servers only)
     4.16     Itanium Primary Bootstrap (IPB) Fails to Find the Valid Dump Devices
     4.17     SHUTDOWN.COM Changes
     4.18     OpenVMS Cluster Systems
         4.18.1         Cluster over IP (IP Cluster Interconnect)
                Software Requirements
                Integrity servers Satellite Node and Bootserver in the Same LAN
                Alpha Satellite Node Requires LAN Channels With Disk Server
                IPv6 Support
                Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) or Secondary Address Support
                Multiple IP Interface Configuration
                ifconfig Command Usage
                Multiple Gateway Configuration
                Block Transfer XMIT Chaining
                LANCP for Downline Load
                Duplex Mismatch
                Shared System Disk Upgrade
                Enhanced CLUSTER_CONFIG_LAN Command Procedure
         4.18.2         OpenVMS Cluster Support for Integrity VM
                Cluster Interconnect for OpenVMS Guest
                MSCP Support for Clusters in Integrity VM Environment
                Online Migration Support
         4.18.3         Mixed Platform Support
         4.18.4         Satellite Systems using Port Allocation Class
     4.19     Mixed-version Cluster Compatibility of a Six-member Shadowset
     4.20     Backward Compatibility of a Six-member Shadowset
     4.21     WBEM Services and WBEM Providers for OpenVMS
         4.21.1         WBEM Services for OpenVMS Based on OpenPegasus 2.9
         4.21.2         WBEM Providers Support for OpenVMS Guest
         4.21.3         Restart cimserver.exe to Unload Providers on OpenVMS
         4.21.4         Use Quotes Around Command Line Options
     4.22     Monitor Utility Changes
         4.22.1         Guest Operating System on Integrity VM
         4.22.2         Version-to-Version Compatibility of MONITOR Data
         4.22.3         Playing Back Data from a Recording File
     4.23     System Parameters
     4.24     SYS$LDDRIVER Restriction
     4.25     CPU_POWER_MGMT Default Value Changed
     4.26     Booting A Satellite System with Reserved Memory
     4.27     SCACP Error Counter Reports Retransmit Errors
     4.28     Virtual Connect
         4.28.1         Failover and RECNXINTERVAL
     4.29     INITIALIZE/ERASE=INIT Before Using Media
     4.30     Performance Data Collector for OpenVMS (TDC)
     4.31     Recovering From System Hangs or Crashes (Integrity servers Only)
     4.32     DECdtm/XA with Oracle 8i and 9i (Alpha Only)
     4.33     Device Unit Number Increased
     4.34     EDIT/FDL: Fixing Recommended Bucket Size
     4.35     Using EFI$CP Utility not Recommended
     4.36     Error Log Viewer (ELV) Utility: TRANSLATE/PAGE Command
     4.37     Cluster Compatibility Patch Kits
         4.37.1         Patch Kits Needed for Cluster Compatibility
         4.37.2         API to Correct Incompatibility of FC and SCSI Multipath with Some Third-Party Products
         4.37.3         DDT Intercept Establisher Routines and Device Configuration Notification Results
         4.37.4         Cluster Performance Reduced with CI-LAN Circuit Switching
         4.37.5         Multipath Tape Failover Restriction
         4.37.6         No Automatic Failover for SCSI Multipath Medium Changers
     4.38     OpenVMS Galaxy (Alpha Only)
         4.38.1         Galaxy Definitions
     4.39     Multiple nPartitions on Cell-based Systems
         4.39.1         Galaxy on ES40: Uncompressed Dump Limitation
         4.39.2         Galaxy on ES40: Turning Off Fastpath
     4.40     Corrupted Version 2 Format Database
     4.41     System Parameters
         4.41.1         New System Parameters
         4.41.2         Obsolete System Parameters
         4.41.3         System Parameter Changes
     4.42     Terminal Fallback Facility
     4.43     User Environment Test Package (Integrity servers Only)
     4.44     Recommended Caching Methods
     4.45     Analyze Utility for OpenVMS
         4.45.1         Formatted Symbol Vector Correctly Shown in Data Segment
         4.45.2         Transfer Array Formatted in Data Segment
         4.45.3         System Version Array Formatted in Dynamic Segment
         4.45.4         Enhancements for the /SEGMENT Qualifier
         4.45.5         Support for Section Escaping Added
     4.46     INSTALL Utility for OpenVMS (Installing Resident Images in S2 Space)

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