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HP OpenVMS Version 8.4 Release Notes

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Chapter 5
5 Programming Release Notes
     5.1     Incorrect Prototype Declared in lib$routines.h File
     5.2     Symbolic Debugger
     5.3     C++ Run-Time Library
     5.4     Process/Application Hangs
     5.5     AST Delivery Clarification in Programs using POSIX Threads
     5.6     RMS $PARSE Validation of Directory Files
     5.7     No-IOLOCK8 Fibre Channel Port Drivers
     5.8     C++ Compiler
     5.9     Building DCE IDL C++ Applications
     5.10     Privileged Programs may Need a Recompile (Alpha Only)
     5.11     Privileged Data Structures Updates
         5.11.1         KPB Extensions
         5.11.2         CPU Name Space
         5.11.3         64-Bit Logical Block Number (LBN)
         5.11.4         Forking to a Dynamic Spinlock
         5.11.5         UCB/DDB Updates
         5.11.6         PCB$T_TERMINAL Size Increase
         5.11.7         Per-Thread Security Impacts Privileged Code and Device Drivers
     5.12     Applications Using Floating-Point Data
         5.12.1         IEEE Floating-Point Filter (Integrity servers Only)
         5.12.2         Ada Event Support (Integrity servers Only)
         5.12.3         C++ Language Issues (Integrity servers Only)
     5.13     Ada Compiler(Integrity servers Only)
     5.14     Backup API: Journaling Callback Events Restriction
     5.15     C Programs: Compiling with CASE_LOOKUP=SENSITIVE Settings
     5.16     C Run-Time Library
         5.16.1         C RTL TCP/IP Header File Updates
         5.16.2         Backport Library No Longer Shipped
         5.16.3         Header File <time.h> Changes
         5.16.4         Header File <time.h> Makes *_r Non-ANSI Functions Visible
         5.16.5         Header File <builtins.h> __CMP_SWAP* and _Interlocked* Visible to C++
         5.16.6         Builtin __fci Added for Integrity servers
         5.16.7         No New Entries for DECC$*.OLB Object Libraries
     5.17     Calling Standard and Rotating Registers (Integrity servers Only)
     5.18     Common Data Security Architecture (CDSA) Considerations
         5.18.1         Secure Delivery
         5.18.2         Installation and Initialization Considerations
     5.19     Debugging Modes: Avoiding CPUSPINWAIT Bugchecks
     5.20     Delta/XDelta Debuggers
         5.20.1         XDELTA Register Display Consideration (Integrity servers Only)
     5.21     File Applications: Corrections to Guide to OpenVMS File Applications
     5.22     HP BLISS Compiler Warnings with RMS Structures (Integrity servers Only)
     5.23     Potential Must-Be-Zero RMS Error: Making Room for New File Options in the FAB
     5.24     HP COBOL Run-Time Library (RTL)
         5.24.1         Performance Improvement of COBOL CALL Statement
     5.25     HP Fortran for Integrity servers
     5.26     HP MACRO for OpenVMS
         5.26.1         Enhancements for the Macro-32 Compiler
         5.26.2         HP MACRO for OpenVMS Integrity servers
         5.26.3         HP MACRO for OpenVMS Alpha Systems
         5.26.4         /OPTIMIZE=VAXREGS Qualifier not Supported on Integrity servers
         5.26.5         Floating Divide-by-Zero Error Not Raised (Integrity servers Only)
     5.27     Hypersort Utility
         5.27.1         Reporting a Problem to HP
         5.27.2         Large Files Restriction
         5.27.3         Hypersort and VFC Files Restriction
         5.27.4         /FORMAT=RECORD_SIZE Restriction
         5.27.5         Using Hypersort with Search Lists and Other Uses of Logical Names
         5.27.6         Lack of Free Space for Work Files
         5.27.7         Input Asterisk (*) Restriction
         5.27.8         Optimal Working Set Extent and Page File Quota Settings
     5.28     Intel Assembler (Integrity servers Only)
     5.29     Librarian Utility
         5.29.1         Linking Against Data-Reduced ELF Object Libraries Not Recommended (Integrity servers Only)
         5.29.2         Failure to Insert or Replace .STB files in an Integrity servers Library (Integrity servers Only)
         5.29.3         Librarian Fails to Report Errors When Process Quota Too Low
     5.30     Linker Utility for OpenVMS Alpha
         5.30.1         SYMBOL_VECTOR Linker Option Restriction
         5.30.2         Linker Appears to Hang When Many Files Are Specified
         5.30.3         Change in Linker Default Behavior with Library Check
         5.30.4         Limit of 25 Elements on Stack
     5.31     Linker Utility for OpenVMS Integrity servers
         5.31.1         SYMBOL_VECTOR Linker Option Restriction
         5.31.2         Linker Writes Incorrect Interimage Debug Fixups into Debug Symbol File
         5.31.3         /SELECTIVE_SEARCH Qualifier Might Incorrectly Ignore Transfer Address
         5.31.4         Maximum Number of Sections
         5.31.5         Incorrect Creation Date of Shareable Images in the Map File
         5.31.6         Demangler Information Look Up Results in Linker Access Violation
         5.31.7         Incorrect Secondary Messages for the NOGLOSYM Error Message
         5.31.8         Incorrect Information for Undefined Symbols
         5.31.9         Incorrect UNMAPFIL Error
         5.31.10         Max Ident Length Change for Shareable Images in Map
         5.31.11         Linkage Type Check for Shareable Images
         5.31.12         Program Section Attribute ABS Ignored
         5.31.13         Linker ACCVIOs when FP_MODE Literal Missing From Command Line
         5.31.14         OpenVMS Integrity servers Object Module and Image File Information Currently Unavailable
         5.31.15         Differences Between the Integrity servers Linker and the Alpha Linker
         5.31.16         LINK_ORDER Section Header Flag not Supported
         5.31.17         Linking Against Data-Reduced ELF Object Libraries Not Recommended
         5.31.18         Error in Handling Initialized Overlaid Program Sections Fixed
         5.31.19         Removal of Linker Qualifiers /EXPORT_SYMBOL_VECTOR and /PUBLISH_GLOBAL_SYMBOLS
         5.31.20         Support for Longer Symbol Names in Options
         5.31.21         Better Use of Memory for Linker-Created Code Stubs
         5.31.22         Compiler Support for Demangled Symbol Names
     5.32     LTDRIVER: CANCEL SELECTIVE Restriction
     5.33     Mail Utility: Threads Restriction for Callable Mail
     5.34     OpenVMS System Dump Analyzer (SDA)
         5.34.1         CLUE Commands Not Ported to OpenVMS Integrity servers
     5.35     PL/I Libraries Not Included in OpenVMS Integrity servers Version 8.2
     5.36     POSIX Threads Library
         5.36.1         Support for Process-shared Objects
         5.36.2         New Return Status for pthread_mutex_lock
         5.36.3         Support for New API pthread_mutex_tryforcedlock_np
         5.36.4         Stack Overflows During Exception Handling (Integrity servers Only)
         5.36.5         THREADCP Command Behavior on Integrity Servers
         5.36.6         Floating-Point Compilations and Exceptions (Integrity servers Only)
         5.36.7         C Language Compilation Header File Changes
         5.36.8         New Priority Adjustment Algorithm
         5.36.9         Process Dumps
         5.36.10         Dynamic CPU Configuration Changes
         5.36.11         Debugger Metering Function Does Not Work
     5.37     RTL Library (LIB$)
         5.37.1         RTL Library (LIB$) Help Omission
         5.37.2         RTL Library (LIB$): Calling Standard Routines (Integrity servers Only)
     5.38     Screen Management (SMG$) Documentation
     5.39     SORT32 Utility
         5.39.1         CONVERT Problem With DFS-Served Disks
         5.39.2         Temporary Work Files Not Always Deleted
         5.39.3         SORT/SPECIFICATION With Compound Conditions: Requirement
         5.39.4         Performance Problem with Variable Length Records
         5.39.5         Work File Directories Restriction
     5.40     Timer Queue Entries (TQEs)
     5.41     Watchpoint Utility (Integrity servers Only)
     5.42     Whole Program Floating-Point Mode (Integrity servers Only)

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