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HP OpenVMS Version 8.4 Release Notes

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Preface Preface
Chapter 1 OpenVMS Software Installation and Upgrade Release Notes
Chapter 2 OpenVMS Associated Products Release Notes
Chapter 3 General User Release Notes
Chapter 4 System Management Release Notes
Chapter 5 Programming Release Notes
Chapter 6 Hardware Release Notes
Appendix A Interlocked Memory Instructions (Alpha Only)


Preface Preface
Chapter 1
1 OpenVMS Software Installation and Upgrade Release Notes
     1.1     HP Software Technical Support Policy
     1.2     General Application Compatibility Statement
     1.3     Obtaining Remedial Kits
     1.4     Intel Itanium 9300 Based Servers Pre-enablement Information
     1.5     HP DECprint Supervisor Installation Restriction
     1.6     Networking Options
     1.7     Disk Incompatibility with Older Versions of OpenVMS
     1.8     HP DECwindows Motif for OpenVMS
     1.9     Upgrade Paths
     1.10     OpenVMS Integrity server Users
         1.10.1         Storage Controllers
         1.10.2         U160 SCSI Support for rx7620 and rx8620
         1.10.3         Clearing the System Event Log on Integrity servers
         1.10.4         Firmware for Integrity Servers
         1.10.5         Booting from the Installation DVD
         1.10.6         Booting from USB or vMedia Devices
         1.10.7         Small Memory Configurations Error Message
         1.10.8         HP DECwindows Motif Release Notes
                Keyboard Support
     1.11     OpenVMS Alpha Users
         1.11.1         Firmware for OpenVMS Alpha Version 8.4
     1.12     Kerberos for OpenVMS
     1.13     Modifying SYSTARTUP_VMS.COM
     1.14     Encryption for OpenVMS
     1.15     Upgrading HP DECram V3.n
     1.16     Converting the LANCP Device Database
     1.17     DECnet-Plus Requires a New Version
     1.18     Remove TIE Kit Before Upgrade
     1.19     Installation Failure of Layered Products on Alternate Devices or Directories
Chapter 2
2 OpenVMS Associated Products Release Notes
     2.1     Associated Product Support
         2.1.1         HP BASIC for OpenVMS
     2.2     HP TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS
     2.3     NetBeans Version 5.5.1 Requires Latest JDK
     2.4     Problem Accessing DFS Mounted Disk
     2.5     HP DCE for OpenVMS Restriction (Integrity servers Only)
     2.6     XML-C Product Zip File
     2.7     CMAP Files Added
     2.8     COBOL: Changes in I/O Run-Time Diagnostics and RMS Special Registers
     2.9     COM for HP OpenVMS (Alpha Only)
         2.9.1         COM for OpenVMS Support
         2.9.2         Registry Access Error with Heavy Load of Applications
     2.10     Supported Versions of DECdfs
     2.11     DECforms Web Connector Version 3.0 (Alpha Only)
     2.12     DEC PL/I: RTL Support for OpenVMS
     2.13     FMS Kits
     2.14     HP DECram
         2.14.1         DECram Available with OpenVMS Version 8.2 and later
         2.14.2         Conflict with DECRYPT DCL Command
     2.15     HP DECwindows Motif for OpenVMS
         2.15.1         New Locales Added
         2.15.2         User-Written Transports not Supported
     2.16     HP Secure Web Server Version Support
     2.17     HP Pascal for OpenVMS Alpha Systems
         2.17.1         HP Pascal: Version 5.8A (or later) Required to Create STARLET Library (Alpha Only)
         2.17.2         Installing HP Pascal After an Upgrade (Alpha Only)
     2.18     WEBES and SEA Support on Integrity servers
Chapter 3
3 General User Release Notes
     3.1     Problem With Images Translated Using AEST
     3.2     SYS$GETTIM_PREC System Service Declaration
     3.3     Problem With F$GETSYI("RAD_CPUS")
     3.4     HP Code Signing Service for OpenVMS
     3.5     SHOW FORWARD/USER Truncates the Display of User Name
     3.6     Symbolic Links Implementation Changes
         3.6.1         Logical Names
         3.6.2         Audit Alarms Fixed
     3.7     SHOW SYSTEM/STATE=MUTEX Does not Display the Processes
     3.8     HP Secure Web Browser V1.1-12 Installation Warnings
     3.9     Ctrl/P at the Console Does not Always Work
     3.10     Serial Port Enumeration
     3.11     Old Firmware Cannot Translate Messages Written to the System Event Log
     3.12     TZ Function in C RTL
     3.13     InfoServer Utility and FDDI
     3.14     New Qualifier for DCL Command SET PASSWORD
     3.15     OpenVMS Freeware
     3.16     DCL Commands
         3.16.1         SHUTDOWN.COM on OpenVMS Graphics Console (Integrity servers only)
         3.16.2         MOUNT Command Restriction
         3.16.3         SHOW LICENSE/CHARGE_TABLE Does not Determine the Socket Count on OpenVMS Guests
         3.16.4         DIAGNOSE Command No Longer Supported
     3.17     DECmigrate Not on Open Source Tools CD
     3.18     HP Secure Web Browser
         3.18.1         Increased Memory Required
         3.18.2         Installation Error on ODS-2 Disk Volume (Integrity servers Only)
     3.19     Documentation Corrections
         3.19.1         HP OpenVMS Linker Utility Manual Update
                HP C++ Examples
         3.19.2         HP PCSI Utility Online help and Manual: $PRODUCT REGISTER VOLUME Syntax Error Correction
         3.19.3         HP Open Source Security for OpenVMS Volume 1: Common Data Security Architecture
                The Signing Process
         3.19.4         iCAP Release Notes: GiCAP Functionality not Available
         3.19.5         POLYCENTER Software Installation Utility Developer's Guide: PRODUCT Command Update
         3.19.6         OpenVMS Record Management Services Reference Manual Update
                NAML$L_INPUT_FLAGS Field
         3.19.7         HP OpenVMS System Manager's Manual, Volume 1: Essentials Update
                Getting Information About Devices on the System
                Initializing a New Volume with ODS-5 Format
                Converting from ODS-2 to ODS-5
                New Extended File Specifications Characteristics
                ODS-2 and ODS-5 Used Together
                Performing Image Backups to Disk
                Automatically Adjusting for Daylight Saving Time (OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.3 and Later and OpenVMS I64)
                Using Interrupt Priority Level C: IPC Commands Restriction
         3.19.8         HP OpenVMS System Manager's Manual, Volume 2: Tuning, Monitoring, and Complex Systems Update
                Mounting a Volume With Caching Disabled
                System-Wide Statistics
                Disabling Caching for a Volume
                Understanding File System Data Caches
         3.19.9         Documentation Error: LCKMGR_CPUID System Parameter
         3.19.10         MMG_CTLFLAGS: Documentation Error
         3.19.11         HP OpenVMS Programming Concepts Manual
                Saving System Dumps
         3.19.12         HP OpenVMS Version 8.2 New Features and Documentation Overview: Librarian Utility Corrections
                /REMOVE Qualifier Correction
                Accessing ELF Object Libraries Correction
         3.19.13         HP OpenVMS RTL Library (LIB$) Manual Corrections
                HP OpenVMS RTL Library (LIB$) Manual: LIB$FILE_SCAN Routine
                HP OpenVMS RTL Library (LIB$) Manual: LIB$FIND_FILE Routine
                HP OpenVMS RTL Library (LIB$) Manual: LIB$RENAME_FILE Library Routine
                HP OpenVMS RTL Library (LIB$) Manual: LIB$SET_SYMBOL Routine
                HP OpenVMS RTL Library (LIB$) Manual: Rounding Rule for LIB$CVT_DX_DX
                HP OpenVMS RTL Library (LIB$) Manual: Platform Restrictions
     3.20     Network Update Restrictions from Version 8.2 to Version 8.2--1
     3.21     Synchronous Data Links not Supported
     3.22     Duplex-Mode Mismatch Errors

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