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HP OpenVMS Version 8.4 Release Notes

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Chapter 6
6 Hardware Release Notes
     6.1     USB Device Support
     6.2     MP and BMC Console Restrictions (Integrity servers Only)
         6.2.1         Input, Output, and Error Device Restriction
         6.2.2         Remapping Ctrl/H to the Delete Key
     6.3     AlphaServer 2100
         6.3.1         Console Display
         6.3.2         SCSI Controller Restriction
     6.4     AlphaServer 8200/8400: FRU Table Error
     6.5     AlphaServer ES47/ES80/GS1280 Systems
         6.5.1         INIT Console Command Usage on ES47/ES80/GS1280 Soft Partitions
         6.5.2         RAD Support
         6.5.3         License Requirements
         6.5.4         STOP/CPU and Shutdown Behavior
         6.5.5         Setting Time at MBM
     6.6     AlphaServer GS Series Systems
         6.6.1         AlphaServer GS80/160/320 Systems: Device Restriction
         6.6.2         OpenVMS Galaxy License Enforcement
         6.6.3         Installing Licenses
         6.6.4         AlphaServer GS60/GS60E/GS140 Multiple I/O Port Module Configuration Restriction
     6.7     AlphaStation 200/400: ISA_CONFIG.DAT Changes Required
     6.8     AlphaStation 255: PCI Configuration Restriction
     6.9     ATI RADEON 7000 Graphics (Integrity servers Only)
         6.9.1         Integrity servers Graphics Support
         6.9.2         Hardware Accelerated 3D Graphics not Supported on RADEON 7000
     6.10     ATI RADEON 7500 Graphics
         6.10.1         Resource Requirements
         6.10.3         Support Limitations
         6.10.4         Video Artifacts at High Refresh Rates
         6.10.5         OpenGL Supports IEEE Arithmetic Only
         6.10.6         DECwindows Server Hangs When Output Is Written to the Graphics Console (OPA0)
         6.10.7         Monitor Must Be Connected During Initialization
         6.10.8         Boot Reset Recommendation (Alpha Only)
         6.10.9         No Overlay Planes
         6.10.10         Single Colormap
         6.10.11         Single Bit Depth for All Windows
         6.10.12         Pixel Depth for Read/Write Color Map
         6.10.13         Backing Store/Save Unders not Supported for 3D Windows
         6.10.14         Threads Restriction
         6.10.15         No Support for Single Buffered Visuals
         6.10.16         No 3D Support for Color Index Mode
         6.10.17         Timer Mechanism
     6.11     DECwindows X11 Display Server (Alpha Only)
         6.11.1         S3 Multihead Graphics
     6.12     DIGITAL Modular Computing Components (DMCC)
         6.12.1         Alpha 5/366 and 5/433 PICMG SBC Restriction
         6.12.2         Updating the SRM Console
     6.13     Digital Personal Workstation: Booting OpenVMS V7.3-1 and Higher
     6.14     Dual-Controller HSGnn with Many LUNs Can Fail Under Heavy I/O Load
     6.15     Open3D Graphics Licensing Change
     6.16     PowerStorm 300/350 PCI Graphics Support for OpenVMS
     6.17     RFnn DSSI Disk Devices and Controller Memory Errors
     6.18     RZnn Disk Drive Considerations
         6.18.1         RZ25M and RZ26N Disk Drives: Recommendations
         6.18.2         RZ26N and RZ28M Disks: Recommended Firmware Support
         6.18.3         RZ26L and RZ28 Disks: Required Firmware for Multihost Use
                Firmware Revision Level 442 Requirements
                Firmware Revision Level 442 Installation Procedure
     6.19     sx1000 Integrity Superdome
     6.20     ZLX Graphics Boards Support
     6.21     Recompiling and Relinking OpenVMS Device Drivers
         6.21.1         Alpha and VAX SCSI Device Drivers
         6.21.2         OpenVMS Alpha Device Drivers
     6.22     Device Driver MON Version Handling
     6.23     Possible Per-Threads Security Impact on Alpha Device Drivers
     6.24     Device IPL Setup for OpenVMS Alpha Drivers
     6.25     CRCTX Routines Enhanced
     6.26     Adapter Release Notes
         6.26.1         Fibre Channel EFI Driver and Firmware Requirements
         6.26.2         Booting with Multiple Fibre Channel Boot Entries
Appendix A
Appendix A Interlocked Memory Instructions (Alpha Only)
     A.1     Required Code Checks
     A.2     Using the Code Analysis Tool (SRM_CHECK)
     A.3     Noncompliant Code Characteristics
     A.4     Coding Requirements
     A.5     Compiler Versions
     A.6     Recompiling Code with ALONONPAGED_INLINE or LAL_REMOVE_FIRST
1-1 Supported Versions of DECwindows Motif
1-2 Firmware Versions for Entry-Class Integrity Servers
4-1 Patch Kits Required for Cluster Compatibility
4-2 Patch Kits Required for Cluster Compatibility
4-3 Galaxy Definitions
4-4 TFF Character Fallback Tables
5-1 Macro-32 New Built-ins
6-1 Changes to Device Description Block
6-2 Supported Microcode Revision Levels
6-3 Commands for Updating Microcode in Certain DSSI Disk Devices
6-4 Revision Level 442 Firmware Compatibility
A-1 Versions of OpenVMS Compilers

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