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The OpenVMS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Chapter 15
15 Information on Networks and Clusters
     15.1     How to connect OpenVMS to a Modem?
     15.2     OpenVMS and IP Networking?
         15.2.1         How to connect OpenVMS to the Internet?
         15.2.2         Connecting to an IP Printer?
         15.2.3         How do I connect a PostScript printer via TCP/IP?
         15.2.4         How do I set a default IP route or gateway on OpenVMS?
         15.2.5         How can I set up reverse telnet (like reverse LAT)?
         15.2.6         Why can't I use PPP and RAS to connect to OpenVMS Alpha?
     15.3     OpenVMS and DECnet Networking?
         15.3.1         Can DECnet-Plus operate over IP?
         15.3.2         What does "failure on back translate address request" mean?
         15.3.3         Performing SET HOST/MOP in DECnet-Plus?
         15.3.4         How to flush the DECnet-Plus session cache?
     15.4     How to determine the network hardware address?
         15.4.1         How do I reset the LAN (DECnet-Plus NCL) error counters?
         15.4.2         How do I install DECnet Phase IV on VMS 7.1?
     15.5     How can I send (radio) pages from my OpenVMS system?
     15.6     OpenVMS, Clusters, Volume Shadowing?
         15.6.1         OpenVMS Cluster Communications Protocol Details?
                OpenVMS Cluster (SCS) over DECnet? Over IP?
                Configuring Cluster SCS for path load balancing?
                        Cluster Terminology?
                        Cluster Communications Control?
                        Cluster Communications Control Tools and Utilities?
         15.6.2         Cluster System Parameter Settings?
                What is the correct value for EXPECTED_VOTES in a VMScluster?
                        Why no shadowing for a Quorum Disk?
                Explain disk (or tape) allocation class settings?
                        How to configure allocation classes and Multi-Path SCSI?
         15.6.3         Tell me about SET HOST/DUP and SET HOST/HSC
         15.6.4         How do I rename a DSSI disk (or tape?)
         15.6.5         Where can I get Fibre Channel Storage (SAN) information?
         15.6.6         Which files must be shared in an OpenVMS Cluster?
         15.6.7         How can I split up an OpenVMS Cluster?
         15.6.8         Details on Volume Shadowing?
                Does volume shadowing require a non-zero allocation classes?
1-1 Core Websites
1-2 INFO-VAX Mail Server Commands
2-1 OpenVMS Alpha Media Kits
2-2 OpenVMS I64 Order Numbers
2-3 OpenVMS I64 Media Suffix
2-4 OpenVMS Source Listings Kits
2-5 OpenVMS Alpha Version Rule-Of-Thumb
3-1 OpenVMS Websites
3-2 OpenVMS Tutorial and Documentation Websites
3-3 DP Books
3-4 OpenVMS Mailing Lists
5-1 PCSI Generation Number
11-1 X Windows Display Commands
14-1 I64 Conversational Bootstrap Flags
14-2 Alpha Conversational Bootstrap Flags
14-3 VAX Conversational Bootstrap Flags
14-4 DE500 Speed and Duplex Settings
14-5 DEC MMJ Pin-out
14-6 PC DB9 Pin-out
14-7 MicroVAX DB9 Pin-out
14-8 DECconnect MMJ Connectors and Adapters
15-1 Cluster Common Shared Files

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