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Office server MAPI driver v7.1 frequently-asked questions

What desktop systems are supported?

Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Windows XP

Many existing documents in my organization are in WPS-PLUS and WordPerfect format. What support is there for them?

Support for WPS-PLUS documents and messages is provided in the form of converters that temporarily convert such items to rich-text format when you open them for reading or editing. When you close such an item, it is converted back to its original format, together with any changes you have made. (You can, of course, use the Save As option to save the file in a different format on your PC.)

Support for messages created using the ALL-IN-1 integration for WordPerfect Version 4.2 or later is provided in the same way as for WPS-PLUS items.

Documents in WordPerfect format are not converted, but are opened with whatever application is associated with WordPerfect format on your PC.

To use Microsoft Word to open WordPerfect items, you must have Word installed with the appropriate WordPerfect option (provided in the default installation).

My colleagues and I use Office Server Time Management to arrange meetings. Does the MAPI driver support Time Management meeting requests?

You must use the VT interface to arrange meetings, but you can use the MAPI driver to read meeting requests. The Office Server properties page (References tab) has an option that allows you to leave Time Management messages with the status UNREAD. This allows you to use the Office Server VT interface to re-read these messages, answer them, and have meetings automatically scheduled in your calendar.

If you do not use this option (not the default), the MAPI driver treats these meeting requests as simple messages, and sets their status from UNREAD to READ when you read them. This means that when you subsequently use the VT interface to read these requests, you cannot take advantage of the automatic reply and scheduling options that are available when you read a new meeting request.

Can I use Exchange folders as well as Office Server folders?

Yes. If your messaging profile contains both COMPAQ Office Server MAPI Driver and Exchange, you can view Exchange folders and personal folders as well as your Office Server drawers and folders. You can also move documents and messages between these different folders.

How long does it take to install the COMPAQ Office Server MAPI Driver?

Installing the MAPI driver is very simple and takes only a few minutes.

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