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Announcing HP Pascal v6.0 for OpenVMS on HP Integrity servers and AlphaServer systems

HP Pascal meets the Federal Information Processing Standard Publications (FIPS-109) requirements by accepting programs conforming to the ANSI standard. Many features from the Extended Pascal Standard are also supported. HP Pascal has a solid reputation as a production quality, high performance, and "industrial strength" compiler. It is a full compiler—not an interpretive one. Tightly integrated with the Integrity server and AlphaServer system architecture, it delivers optimal performance.

HP Pascal for OpenVMS is the only Pascal compiler that runs on the OpenVMS operating system. It is available for the application developer who requires high performance, dependability, and commitment to industry standards with a proven service and support track record.

New Features

  • New Statements—The new SELECT and SELECTONE statements are similar to the CASE statement but allow for run-time expressions on the select labels unlike CASE which restricts the program to compile-time expressions.
  • Extended binary operators—The IN and NOT IN binary operators have been extended to accept string operands. For strings, IN and NOT IN function the same as the INDEX(string,substring) function.
  • Extended predeclared function—The SUBSTR predeclared function has been extended to allow the third operand to be omitted. When omitted, the SUBSTR function returns the string from the specified start index to the "end of the string".
  • New %FLOAT DIRECTIVE—A new %FLOAT directive has been added to return the default floating-point setting. This new directive is useful along with the %IF conditional compilation facility when porting code from OpenVMS Alpha to OpenVMS I64.
  • Other new directives—Several new directives have been added to define floating constants of specific formats regardless of the default floating-point setting of the compilation. These directives are %F_FLOAT, %D_FLOAT, %G_FLOAT, %S_FLOAT, and %T_FLOAT.
  • More predeclared functions—The BIN, OCT, HEX, DEC, and UDEC predeclared functions can now be used in constant expressions. Besides the obvious use in a CONST declaration, this new feature provides a method for writing numeric constants with the %MESSAGE, %INFO, %WARN, and %ERROR directives.
  • Updated qualifier—A new BYTE_ALIGNED_POINTERS has been added to the /ASSUME DCL qualifier. This new option tells the compiler to assume that pointers refer to unaligned memory instead of the default assumption that pointers refer to quadword aligned memory returned via the NEW predeclared function.


HP Pascal v6.0 for OpenVMS on HP Integrity servers and Alpha systems is available in the June 2006 OpenVMS Layered Product CD-ROM Libraries.


» HP Pascal Software Product Description

» HP Pascal Technical Documentation

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