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OpenVMS Customer Lab

The OpenVMS Customer Lab is a dedicated lab that offers a secure environment for testing application software. It is designed to provide OpenVMS partners, independent software vendors (ISVs), and customers access to cutting-edge HP technology. Guests can schedule hardware, software, and engineering resources to stage their applications in controlled environments before going live in their own production environments.
Typical engagements include:
  • Porting to HP Integrity servers—create a side-by-side environment of AlphaServer and Integrity server configurations, and have HP experts close by to assist as needed, and to answer questions
  • Validating solutions on new hardware and new versions of the operating system—test solutions on new platforms and mixed-architecture clusters
  • Characterizing performance—measure response times and throughput on different size systems such as systems with 8 processors, 16 processors, and 64 processors, and systems with different amounts of memory
  • Proof of concept—configure an environment that closely resembles the target configuration and validate the solution before purchasing equipment

OpenVMS porting workshops

The OpenVMS Customer Lab offers qualified customers and partners a two- to three-day workshop where they can bring all their source code, build files, and data files, and port them to the OpenVMS on HP Integrity server operating environment. The lab provides an HP Integrity server for use, and assists in porting the code to OpenVMS on Integrity. The workshops are held in the various OpenVMS customer labs to make use of the vast OpenVMS engineering expertise available on-site for assistance. This program has had many successes where customers walked away after only two days with their solutions completely ported from AlphaServer systems to HP Integrity servers.


The OpenVMS Customer Lab can provide a wide range of HP technology to meet customer testing needs. Some of the equipment in the lab is listed below. Additional equipment can be made available for particular testing requirements.
  • HP Integrity servers

    • Superdome
    • rx8640 16P/32C 1.4GHz, 4MB
    • rx6600 4P/8C
    • rx3600 2P/4C
    • rx4640 4P
    • BL860c blade servers

  • HP AlphaServer systems

    • Alpha GS1280 servers
    • ES47, ES45, ES40
    • DS-class servers

  • HP StorageWorks storage products

    • EVA3000, EVA5000, EVA8000 Enterprise Virtual Arrays
    • MSA1000 Modular Smart Array
    • XP24000 disk array
    • ESL Tape Library
    • VLS Tape Library

Contact us

Are you a candidate to use the lab? Please fill out and return this basic questionnaire and we'll let you know.

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Use this form only to submit requests for a OpenVMS porting workshop.

» HP OpenVMS Integrity Porting Questionnaire