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Getting Started With the New Desktop

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Preface Preface
Chapter 1 Overview of the New Desktop
Chapter 2 Using the New Desktop
Chapter 3 Managing the New Desktop
Chapter 4 Integrating Applications Into the New Desktop
Chapter 5 New Desktop Programming Resources
Appendix A New Desktop and CDE Differences
Appendix B Multiple-Screen Support
Appendix C CDE API Routines


Preface Preface
Chapter 1
1 Overview of the New Desktop
     1.1     What is CDE?
     1.2     Why is Digital Offering CDE?
     1.3     What is the New Desktop?
     1.4     Familiarizing Yourself With the New Desktop
     1.5     New Desktop Productivity Features
     1.6     User Applications
     1.7     APIs and Application Integration Services
     1.8     Documentation for the New Desktop
         1.8.1         CDE Manuals
         1.8.2         Using Enhanced Mosaic to Access Manuals
Chapter 2
2 Using the New Desktop
     2.1     CDE User Applications in the New Desktop
         2.1.1         Login Manager
         2.1.2         Front Panel
         2.1.3         Application Manager
         2.1.4         Calculator
         2.1.5         File Manager
                File Representation
                File Filtering and Sorting
         2.1.6         Trash Can
         2.1.7         Help Viewer
         2.1.8         Icon Editor
         2.1.9         Print Dialog
         2.1.10         Text Editor
         2.1.11         Session Manager
         2.1.12         Style Manager
     2.2     Accessing DECwindows Applications
     2.3     Making Applications More Accessible
     2.4     CDE User Documentation
Chapter 3
3 Managing the New Desktop
     3.1     DECwindows and the New Desktop Startup Sequence
     3.2     Changing the Default Desktop
     3.3     New Desktop Directory Hierarchy
         3.3.1         System Default Configuration Directories
         3.3.2         Directory Hierarchy With Multiple Locales
         3.3.3         Configuration Directories for Systemwide Customizations
         3.3.4         Configuration Directories for User Customizations
         3.3.5         Order of Precedence of Data Files
     3.4     Customizing the Environment and Applications
         3.4.1         Using Resource Files With the New Desktop
         3.4.2         Using Actions With the New Desktop
                Data Typing
                Action (Stub) Files
         3.4.3         Security Settings
         3.4.4         Keyboard Settings
         3.4.5         Printer Management
                Adding Printers to the Personal Printers Subpanel
                Creating a Printer Subpanel Control Definition File
                Changing the Default System Printer
                Changing the Default Printer for Your Own Use
                Print Dialog Command Line Options
                Starting Print Dialog From a Command Line
         3.4.6         Changing the Default Editor
         3.4.7         Window Colors and Screen Background
         3.4.8         Window Manager Customizations
                Window Manager Resource File (DTWM.DAT)
                Window Manager Resource Configuration File (SYS.DTWMRC)
         3.4.9         Automatic Application Startup
     3.5     Using the New Desktop Error Logs
     3.6     Using Colors in the New Desktop Environment
         3.6.1          Changing the Number of Available Colors
         3.6.2          Avoiding Color Conflicts
     3.7     Using the New Desktop Fonts
         3.7.1         Changing Application Font Size
     3.8     Using X Terminals and Other Remote Displays
         3.8.1         Selecting the New Desktop Window Manager
         3.8.2         Accessing Font Aliases
         3.8.3         Switching Languages
     3.9     Using Multiple Screens
     3.10     Managing Processes Created Within the New Desktop
         3.10.1         Passing Process Logical Names to Detached Processes
         3.10.2         Specifying the Creation of Subprocesses
         3.10.3         Debugging Processes
         3.10.4         Identifying Processes By Name
     3.11     CDE System Management Documentation
Chapter 4
4 Integrating Applications Into the New Desktop
     4.1     Minimal Integration
         4.1.1         CDE Action Terminology
         4.1.2         Creating Action Definition Files on OpenVMS Alpha
         4.1.3         Create Action Overview
         4.1.4         Integrating Applications Using Create Action
         4.1.5         Creating or Modifying Data Types Using Create Action
         4.1.6         Editing Icons From the Create Action Application
     4.2     Recommended Integration
         4.2.1         Internationalization
         4.2.2         Displaying Error Messages From Applications
     4.3     Optional Integration
     4.4     Creating New Application Groups
     4.5     Registering a Third-Party Application
     4.6     Porting UNIX Reference Pages to the New Desktop
     4.7     CDE Documentation for Integrating Applications

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