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HP OpenVMS System Management Utilities Reference Manual

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Chapter 22
22 USB Configuration Manager (UCM)
     22.1     UCM Description
     22.2     USB and UCM Concepts
         22.2.1         Introduction to USB
         22.2.2         UCM Concepts and Operation
                Types of UCM Lists
                How UCM Configures Devices
     22.3     Using UCM to Manage Devices and View Events
         22.3.1         Configuring Devices
         22.3.2         Viewing Events
                Information About Unknown Devices
                Information about Configuration Failures
     22.4     UCM Usage Summary
     22.5     UCM Commands
          ADD DEVICE
          SET LOG
          SHOW DEVICE
          SHOW EVENTS
Chapter 23
23 XA Gateway Control Program Utility (XGCP)(Alpha and I64)
     23.1     XGCP Description
     23.2     XGCP Commands
     23.3     XGCP Usage Summary
Appendix A
Appendix A ACL Editor Keypad Editing Commands
     A.1     ACL Editor Keypad Commands
     A.2     Additional ACL Editing Keys and Key Sequences
     A.3     ACL Editing Keys on the Supplemental Keypad (LK201-Series Keyboards)
Appendix B
Appendix B Customizing the ACL Editor
     B.1     Modifying Variables in the ACL Section File
     B.2     Using the ACL Editor CALL_USER Routine
Appendix C
Appendix C Accounting Information for Programmers
     C.1     Format of an Accounting File Record
         C.1.1         Types of Accounting Record
         C.1.2         Format of an Information Packet
             C.1.2.1             General Format
             C.1.2.2             File Name Packet (ACR$K_FILENAME)
             C.1.2.3             Identification Packet (ACR$K_ID)
             C.1.2.4             Image Name Packet (ACR$K_IMAGENAME)
             C.1.2.5             Print Resource Packet (ACR$K_PRINT)
             C.1.2.6             Resource Packet (ACR$K_RESOURCE)
             C.1.2.7             User Data Packet (ACR$K_USER_DATA)
Appendix D
Appendix D ANALYZE/DISK_STRUCTURE---Stage Checks
     D.1     Stage 1
     D.2     Stage 2
     D.3     Stage 3
     D.4     Stage 4
     D.5     Stage 5
     D.6     Stage 6
     D.7     Stage 7
     D.8     Stage 8
     D.9     Annotated Example
Appendix E
Appendix F
Appendix F Security Audit Message Format
     F.1     Audit Header Packet
     F.2     Audit Data Packets
Appendix G
Appendix G Valid Combinations of BACKUP Qualifiers
Appendix H
Appendix H Supplemental MONITOR Information---Record Formats
     H.1     The MONITOR Recording File
     H.2     Conventions
     H.3     HP Control Records
         H.3.1         File Header Record
         H.3.2         System Information Record
         H.3.3         Node Transition Record
         H.3.4         RMS File Record
     H.4     Class Records
         H.4.1         Class Type Formats
             H.4.1.1             Class Header
             H.4.1.2             Class Prefix (Component Classes Only)
         H.4.2         Class Data Blocks
             H.4.2.1             CLUSTER Class Record
             H.4.2.2             DECNET Class Record
             H.4.2.3             DISK Class Record
             H.4.2.4             DLOCK Class Record
             H.4.2.5             FCP Class Record
             H.4.2.6             FILE_SYSTEM_CACHE Class Record
             H.4.2.7             I/O Class Record
             H.4.2.8             LOCK Class Record
             H.4.2.9             MODES Class Record
             H.4.2.10             MSCP_SERVER Class Record
             H.4.2.11             PAGE Class Record
             H.4.2.12             PROCESSES Class Record
             H.4.2.13             RLOCK Class Record
             H.4.2.14             RMS Class Record
             H.4.2.15             SCS Class Record
             H.4.2.16             STATES Class Record
             H.4.2.17             SYSTEM Class Record
             H.4.2.18             TIMER Class Record
             H.4.2.19             TRANSACTION Class Record
             H.4.2.20             VBS Class Record - VAX Only
             H.4.2.21             VECTOR Class Record - VAX Only

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