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E edit descriptor
Edit descriptors
    character string
        forms for
        forms for
        rules for numeric
    summary of
    general rules for numeric
Elapsed time
    function for calculating in seconds
Element array assignment statements (FORALL)
Elemental intrinsic procedures
    definition of
    references to
    in FUNCTION statements
    in SUBROUTINE statements
Elemental user-defined procedures
    functions as
    subroutines as
    See Array elements
ELSE directive
ELSE IF directive
ELSE IF statement
    branching to
ELSE statement
    branching to
ELSEWHERE statement
EN edit descriptor
ENCODE statement
    example of
END branch specifier
END DO statement #1
END DO statement #2
END IF directive
END IF statement
    branching to
End-of-file condition
    function to check
    I/O specifier for
End-of-file records
    writing to a file
End-of-record condition
    I/O specifier for
End-off shift
    on arrays
        function performing
END statement
    retaining data after execution of
ENDFILE statements
    producing an end-of-file condition
Engineering notation
    descriptor for (EN)
Entry names
Entry points
    for function subprograms
    for subprograms
    for subroutine subprograms
ENTRY statement
    data types of names in
    in function subprograms
    in subroutine subprograms
    RESULT keyword in
    See also HP Fortran for OpenVMS User Manual
    using with FUNCTION statement
    using with SUBROUTINE statement
Environment variables
    See HP Fortran for OpenVMS User Manual
EOF function #1
EOF function #2
EOR branch specifier
EOSHIFT function #1
EOSHIFT function #2
EPSILON function #1
EPSILON function #2
    See also HP Fortran for OpenVMS User Manual
    See Relational operators
    compared to union declaration
    examples of
    interaction with COMMON
    See also HP Fortran for OpenVMS User Manual
    using with arrays
    using with substrings
    See Logical operators
ERR branch specifier
Error conditions
    I/O specifier for
    subroutine returning information on
    See HP Fortran for OpenVMS User Manual
ERRSNS subroutine #1
ERRSNS subroutine #2
ES edit descriptor
Escape sequences
Exclamation point character (!)
    as comment indicator #1
    as comment indicator #2
Exclusive OR
    function performing
Executable constructs
Executable statements
    disallowed in main programs
    DO loops
        See Program execution
EXIST specifier
    in INQUIRE statements
EXIT statement #1
EXIT statement #2
EXIT subroutine #1
EXIT subroutine #2
EXP function #1
EXP function #2
Explicit format #1
Explicit format #2
    using character expressions
Explicit interfaces
    of dummy procedures
    when required
Explicit-shape arguments
Explicit-shape arrays
EXPONENT function #1
EXPONENT function #2
Exponential operator (**)
    order of precedence of
Exponential values
    function returning
    function returning range of decimal
    determining data type of
    element array
        effect on character assignments
    masked array
        effects of parentheses within
        operator precedence in
        order of evaluation in
    See also Character expressions
    See also Logical expressions
    See also Numeric expressions
    See also Relational expressions
    variable format
    with arrays as operands
    with pointers as operands
Extended intrinsic operators
    properties of
Extended ranges
    for DO constructs
Extending arrays #1
Extending arrays #2
EXTENDSIZE specifier
    effect on INITIALSIZE
    in OPEN statements
    OPTIONS statement option
    definition of
    function returning
EXTERN keyword
    for ATTRIBUTES directive
EXTERNAL attribute and statement
    attributes compatible with
External field separators #1
External field separators #2
    comma as
External fields
External files
    connecting to units
    definition of
External procedures #1
External procedures #2
    compared to internal procedures
    definition of
    invoking with CALL
    See also Functions
    See also Subroutines
    using as actual arguments
    with the same name as intrinsic procedures
External procedures, directive specifying alternate name for
External records
        direct-access input
        direct-access output #1
        direct-access output #2
        sequential access input #1
        sequential access input #2
        sequential access output #1
        sequential access output #2
EXTERNAL statement
    block data program unit in
    FORTRAN-66 implementation of
    names in
    using with intrinsic procedures
External subprograms
    providing entry points within

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