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Language Reference Manual

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JFIX function
JIABS function
JIAND function
JIBCLR function
JIBITS function
JIBSET function
JIDIM function
JIDINT function
JIDNNT function
JIEOR function
JIFIX function
JINT function
JIOR function
JIQINT function
JIQNNT function
JISHFT function
JISHFTC function
JISIGN function
JMAX0 function
JMAX1 function
JMIN0 function
JMIN1 function
JMOD function
JMVBITS subroutine
JNINT function
JNOT function
JZEXT function
KEEP value
    for CLOSE statements
    for OPEN (DISPOSE)
Key comparison
KEY[con] specifiers
    components of
    examples of #1
    examples of #2
    selection process in
Key field
    identifying index for
Key-field-value specifier
    components of
    examples of #1
    examples of #2
    selection process in
Key-of-reference specifier
KEY specifier
    in OPEN statements
    See KEY[con] specifiers
    INQUIRE statement specifier
    value for INQUIRE (ACCESS)
Keyed access
    definition of
    See also HP Fortran for OpenVMS User Manual
KEYED value
    for OPEN (ACCESS)
KEYEQ specifier
    See also KEY[con] specifiers
KEYGE specifier
    See also KEY[con] specifiers
KEYGT specifier
    See also KEY[con] specifiers
KEYID specifier
KEYLE specifier
    See also KEY[con] specifiers
KEYLT specifier
    See also KEY[con] specifiers
KEYNXT specifier
    See also KEY[con] specifiers
KEYNXTNE specifier
    See also KEY[con] specifiers
        specified in OPEN statement
    ascending and descending
    defining primary and alternate
    specifying and referencing
Keyword arguments
    See Argument keywords
    for control-list specifiers
    See also Argument keywords
KIABS function
KIAND function
KIBCLR function
KIBITS function
KIBSET function
KIDIM function
KIDINT function
KIDNNT function
KIEOR function
KIFIX function
    function #1
    function #2
        in intrinsics
Kind functions
    definition of
Kind parameters
    See Kind type parameter
Kind selector
Kind type parameter
    definition of
    for character constants #1
    for character constants #2
    for complex constants
    for integer constants
    for logical constants
    for real constants
    function returning value of
    function selecting logical
    functions to determine
    of integer data
        function returning
    of real data
        function returning
    restriction for real constants
    selector for
KINT function
KIOR function
KIQINT function
KIQNNT function
KISHFT function
KISHFTC function
KISIGN function
KMAX0 function
KMAX1 function
KMIN0 function
KMIN1 function
KMOD function
KMVBITS subroutine
KNINT function
KNOT function
KZEXT function
L edit descriptor
    in block DO constructs
    in formatted I/O statements
    in nonblock DO constructs
    in source form
    scope of
Language compatibility
    features for
    See also HP Fortran for OpenVMS User Manual
    summary of
Language extensions
    directive disabling
    from HP Fortran
    summary of
Language features
    deleted in Fortran 95
    for compatibility with older versions
    obsolescent in Fortran 90
    obsolescent in Fortran 95
Language interface
    See HP Fortran for OpenVMS User Manual
LBOUND function #1
LBOUND function #2
    in pointer assignment
    See also HP Fortran for OpenVMS User Manual
    See Relational operators
LEADZ function #1
LEADZ function #2
Left shift
    function performing arithmetic
    function performing circular
    function performing logical
    in character type declaration statements
LEN function #1
LEN function #2
Length specifier
    in character type declaration statements
LEN_TRIM function #1
LEN_TRIM function #2
Lexical string comparisons
    function determining <
    function determining <=
    function determining >
    function determining >=
Lexical token
    definition of
LGE function #1
LGE function #2
LGT function #1
LGT function #2
        See Compiler in HP Fortran for OpenVMS User Manual
List-directed formatting
    defaults for output
    for READ statements
    for WRITE statements
List-directed statements
    PRINT and TYPE
    READ #1
    READ #2
    WRITE #1
    WRITE #2
List items
LIST option
    in DICTIONARY statement
    in INCLUDE statement
LIST value
    See also HP Fortran for OpenVMS User Manual
    See Source listing
Listing header
    directive specifying subtitle for
    directive specifying title for
    I/O control
        in DATA statements
    items in I/O
Literal constant
Little endian
    definition of
    for OPEN (CONVERT) #1
    for OPEN (CONVERT) #2
LLE function #1
LLE function #2
LLT function #1
LLT function #2
%LOC function
LOC function #1
LOC function #2
%LOC function
    See also HP Fortran for OpenVMS User Manual
LOC function
    using with integer pointers
Local properties
    of intrinsic functions
Local scope
    names having
Locked records
LOG function #1
LOG function #2
LOG function #3
LOG10 function #1
LOG10 function #2
    function returning common
    function returning natural
    data type #1
    data type #2
    I/O units
        See I/O units
    in type declaration statements #1
    in type declaration statements #2
        See Logical expressions
        data types resulting from
    See also LOGICAL(4)
    storage requirements
    storage requirements
    data type
        See also LOGICAL
    storage requirements
    storage requirements
Logical AND
    function performing
Logical assignment statements
Logical complement
    function returning
Logical constants
    range for
        See Logical data type in HP Fortran for OpenVMS User Manual
    See also HP Fortran for OpenVMS User Manual
Logical conversion
    function performing
Logical data types
Logical editing
Logical expressions
    evaluation of subexpressions in
    extensions to
    order of evaluation in
LOGICAL function #1
LOGICAL function #2
Logical I/O units
    See I/O units
Logical IF statement
    See IF statement
Logical operations
    functions performing
Logical operators
Logical shift
    function performing
Logical unit
    definition of
Logical values
    definition of
Loop control
    iteration count
Loop iteration #1
Loop iteration #2
        flow of control in
Lower bounds
    function returning
Lowercase letters
    in character set
    treatment on compiler
LSHIFT function
    See also HP Fortran for OpenVMS User Manual
    See Relational operators

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