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HP Fortran for OpenVMS
Language Reference Manual

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Main program #1
Main program #2
    as a program unit
MALLOC function #1
MALLOC function #2
    using with integer pointers
    functions for array
    functions for bit
    functions for numeric
Mantissa in real model
Many-one array sections #1
Many-one array sections #2
Map declarations
MAP statement
        in intrinsics
    See also Mask expressions
Mask expressions
    function to combine arrays using
    function to count true elements using
    function to determine all true using
    function to determine any true using
    function to find location of maximum value using
    function to find location of minimum value using
    function to pack array using
    function to return maximum value of elements using
    function to return minimum value of elements using
    function to return product of elements using
    function to return sum of elements using
    function to unpack array using
    in FORALL
    in intrinsics
    in WHERE
Masked-array assignment statements (WHERE)
    generalization of (FORALL)
Mathematical functions
MATMUL function #1
MATMUL function #2
Matrix multiplication
    function performing
MAX function #1
MAX function #2
MAX0 function
MAX1 function #1
MAX1 function #2
MAXEXPONENT function #1
MAXEXPONENT function #2
Maximum exponent
    function returning
Maximum value
    function returning
    function returning location of
    of array elements
        function returning
MAXLOC function #1
MAXLOC function #2
MAXREC specifier
    in OPEN statements
MAXVAL function #1
MAXVAL function #2
    function allocating
    subroutine freeing allocated
MERGE function #1
MERGE function #2
MESSAGE directive
    See HP Fortran for OpenVMS User Manual
    See General compiler directives
MIL standard
MIN function #1
MIN function #2
MIN0 function
MIN1 function #1
MIN1 function #2
MINEXPONENT function #1
MINEXPONENT function #2
Minimum exponent
    function returning
Minimum value
    function returning
    function returning location of
    of array elements
        function returning
MINLOC function #1
MINLOC function #2
Minus operator (--)
    order of precedence of
MINVAL function #1
MINVAL function #2
Mixed-mode expressions #1
Mixed-mode expressions #2
MOD function #1
MOD function #2
Models for data representation
Module procedures #1
Module procedures #2
    definition of
    in interface blocks
Module references
MODULE statement
Module subprograms
    introducing in program unit
    providing entry points within
Modules #1
Modules #2
Modules #3
    accessibility of entities in #1
    accessibility of entities in #2
    containing interface blocks
    references to
    See also HP Fortran for OpenVMS User Manual
    selecting entities in (USE)
    specification part of #1
    specification part of #2
    function returning
MODULO function #1
MODULO function #2
Multidimensional arrays
    constructing #1
    constructing #2
    constructing #3
    conversion between vectors and #1
    conversion between vectors and #2
    declaring adjustable
    storage of
Multiplication operator (*)
    order of precedence of
MULT_HIGH function #1
MULT_HIGH function #2
MVBITS subroutine #1
MVBITS subroutine #2
MVBITS subroutine #3
MVBITS subroutine #4
MY_PROCESSOR function #1
MY_PROCESSOR function #2
NAME specifier
    in INQUIRE statements
    in OPEN statements
    interaction with OPEN (FILE)
Named common blocks
    agreement of data types in
    establishing and initializing values in
    See also Common blocks
Named constants
    definition of
Named control constructs
NAMED specifier
    in INQUIRE statements
Namelist external records
    alternative form for
Namelist formatting
    for READ statements
    for WRITE statements
Namelist group
    accessibility of
    example of
    prompting for information about
    variables in #1
    variables in #2
Namelist input
    comments in
Namelist specifier
NAMELIST statement
    example of
Namelist statements
    PRINT and TYPE
    READ #1
    READ #2
    WRITE #1
    WRITE #2
    associating with constant value
    associating with group
    association of
    association of arguments
    association of use and host
    constants with
    containing dollar sign
    examples of
    explicit typing of variable
    extension to characters in
    extension to length of
    implicit type if first character is $
    implicit typing of variable
    in FORTRAN-66 EXTERNAL statement
    in PARAMETER statement
    length allowed
    of external and dummy procedures as actual arguments
    of intrinsic procedures as actual arguments
    of procedures
        established as generic
        established as specific
    overriding default data typing of
    rules for constants with
    scope of
    See also HP Fortran for OpenVMS User Manual
    uniqueness within programs
    with global scope
    with local scope
    with statement scope
NaN values
    function testing for
    See also HP Fortran for OpenVMS User Manual
NATIVE value
    for OPEN (CONVERT)
    See also HP Fortran for OpenVMS User Manual
    See Relational operators
Nearest different number
    function returning
NEAREST function #1
NEAREST function #2
Nearest integer
    function returning
    See Logical operators
Nested constructs
Nested DO construct
    control transfers in
Nested DO loops
Nested format specifications
Nested IF constructs
Nested implied-do lists
    in I/O lists
NEW value
    for OPEN (STATUS)
NEXTREC specifier
    in INQUIRE statements
NINT function #1
NINT function #2
NML specifier
    OPTIONS directive option
    OPTIONS statement option
NODECLARE directive
    function returning available number of
    OPTIONS statement option
    OPTIONS statement option
NOFREEFORM directive
    OPTIONS statement option
    OPTIONS statement option
NOLIST option
    in DICTIONARY statement
    in INCLUDE statement
    for ATTRIBUTES directive
Non-Fortran procedures
    argument list functions for
    in argument list
        defaults for
    references to
        See also HP Fortran for OpenVMS User Manual
    referencing with %DESCR function
    referencing with %LOC function
    referencing with %REF function
    referencing with %VAL function
Nonadvancing I/O #1
Nonadvancing I/O #2
    See also HP Fortran for OpenVMS User Manual
Nonblock DO construct
Nondecimal numeric constants
    data type of
Nonelemental intrinsic procedures
Nonexecutable statements
Nonnative floating-point formats #1
Nonnative floating-point formats #2
    in OPEN statements
NOSTRICT directive
    See also HP Fortran for OpenVMS User Manual
    See Logical operators
NOT function #1
NOT function #2
NOT function #3
NO_ARG_CHECK keyword
    for ATTRIBUTES directive
NULL function #1
NULL function #2
NULL value
    for OPEN (BLANK)
NULLIFY statement
Number of processes
    function returning
NUMBER specifier
    in INQUIRE statements
    in character set
Numeric and logical type declaration statements
Numeric assignment statements
Numeric constants
Numeric editing
    general rules for
Numeric expressions
    effects of parentheses within
    in relational expressions #1
    in relational expressions #2
    operator precedence in
    order of evaluation in
    ranking of data types in
    rules for typing of
    using in FORMAT statements
Numeric functions
    categories of
    models defining
Numeric models
    querying parameters in #1
    querying parameters in #2
    querying parameters in #3
Numeric nondecimal constants
    data type of
Numeric operators
    in expressions
Numeric storage unit
Numeric values
    size limits for A editing
NWORKERS function #1
NWORKERS function #2

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