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Q editing
QABS function
QACOS function
QACOSD function
QASIN function
QASIND function
QATAN function
QATAN2 function
QATAN2D function
QATAND function
QCMPLX function #1
QCMPLX function #2
QCONJG function
QCOS function
QCOSD function
QCOSH function
QCOTAN function
QCOTAND function
QDIM function
QEXP function
QEXT function #1
QEXT function #2
QEXTD function
QFLOAT function #1
QFLOAT function #2
QIMAG function
QINT function
QLOG function
QLOG10 function
QMAX1 function
QMIN1 function
QMOD function
QNINT function
QREAL function #1
QREAL function #2
QSIGN function
QSIN function
QSIND function
QSINH function
QSQRT function
QTAN function
QTAND function
QTANH function
Quad-precision product
    function producing
    definition of
    of variable names in record structures
    See Compiler options
Question mark character (?)
    as namelist prompt
    See Quotation mark character
Quotation mark character (")
    as delimiter for character strings
    See also Character constants
    See also Character strings
QUOTE value
    for OPEN (DELIM)
    function returning
    in integer model
    in real model
RADIX function #1
RADIX function #2
RAN function #1
RAN function #2
Random number
    subroutine returning
Random number generator
    routines #1
    routines #2
    routines #3
Random numbers
    function returning next in sequence of
RANDOM_NUMBER subroutine #1
RANDOM_NUMBER subroutine #2
    See also RANDOM_SEED subroutine
RANDOM_SEED subroutine #1
RANDOM_SEED subroutine #2
    See also RANDOM_NUMBER subroutine
RANDU subroutine #1
RANDU subroutine #2
    for character length
    for H editing
    for intrinsic type constants
        See HP Fortran for OpenVMS User Manual
    for parameter in control edit descriptors
    for parameters in data edit descriptors
    for repeat specifications
    for scale factor
    of case values #1
    of case values #2
RANGE function #1
RANGE function #2
    definition of
    of data types
READ specifier
    in INQUIRE statements
READ statements
    compared to DECODE statement
    compared to FIND statement
    direct access
        formatted #1
        formatted #2
        forms of
        unformatted #1
        unformatted #2
        formatted #1
        formatted #2
        unformatted #1
        unformatted #2
    internal #1
    internal #2
        form of
    list-directed #1
    list-directed #2
    namelist #1
    namelist #2
        formatted #1
        formatted #2
        forms of
        unformatted #1
        unformatted #2
READ value
    for OPEN (ACTION)
READONLY specifier
    in OPEN statements
READWRITE specifier
    in INQUIRE statements
    for OPEN (ACTION)
    data type #1
    data type #2
        See also HP Fortran for OpenVMS User Manual
    data types #1
    data types #2
    directive specifying default kind
    in type declaration statements #1
    in type declaration statements #2
    model for data
    See also REAL
    See also Real constants
    storage requirements
REAL*16 constants
    See REAL(16)
    constants #1
    constants #2
    storage requirements
REAL*4 constants
    See REAL(4)
    constants #1
    constants #2
    See also DOUBLE PRECISION constants
    storage requirements
REAL*8 constants
    See REAL(8)
Real constants
    decimal point in
    range for
        See Floating-point data types in HP Fortran for OpenVMS User Manual
    REAL(16) type
    REAL(4) type
    REAL(8) type
Real conversion
    function performing
Real data
    model set for
Real data types
REAL directive
Real DO control
    alternative for
Real editing (F,E,EN,ES,D,G)
    scale factor in
REAL function #1
REAL function #2
Real model
    function returning exponent part in
    function returning fractional part in
    function returning largest number in
    function returning smallest number in
    function returning the difference between 1.0 and the next larger model number
Real numbers
    function returning absolute spacing of
    function returning ceiling of
    function returning class of IEEE
    function returning difference between
    function returning floor of
    function returning fractional part for model of
    function returning scale of model for
    function to determine nearest whole number
    function to truncate
    See also REAL
    See also Real constants
Real-time clock
    subroutine returning data from
    subroutine returning data on
Real type
    converting to higher precision
    function converting to double precision
    function converting to quad precision #1
    function converting to quad precision #2
    function converting to quad precision #3
    function converting to single precision
Real values
    transferring #1
    transferring #2
REC specifier
    function returning
RECL specifier
    default record lengths for
    in INQUIRE statements
    in OPEN statements
    maximum record lengths for
Record access mode
    See HP Fortran for OpenVMS User Manual
Record I/O
    See HP Fortran for OpenVMS User Manual
Record number
    identifying for data transfer
Record-oriented I/O
Record specifier
    alternate form of
RECORD statement
Record structure items
    directive specifying starting address of
Record structures
    declarations in
    directive modifying alignment of fields in
    examples of
    passing as arguments
    qualifying variable names in
    references to fields in
    rules in using scalar field reference
    statements that can use names of
    type declarations for
    typing of field names in
    using %FILL in
Record type
    See HP Fortran for OpenVMS User Manual
    default length for OPEN(RECL)
    default types upon file connection
    definition of
    deleting from relative files
        See External records
    freeing locked (UNLOCK)
    kinds of
    maximum length for OPEN(RECL)
RECORDSIZE specifier
    in OPEN statements
    See also RECL
RECORDTYPE specifier
    defaults for
    in INQUIRE statements
    in OPEN statements
Recursion #1
Recursion #2
    in functions
    in subroutines
    See also HP Fortran for OpenVMS User Manual #1
    See also HP Fortran for OpenVMS User Manual #2
    with automatic variables
    in FUNCTION statements
    in OPTIONS statements
    in subprograms
    in subroutine statements
Recursive procedures
%REF function
    See also HP Fortran for OpenVMS User Manual
    for ATTRIBUTES directive
REFERENCE32 keyword
    for ATTRIBUTES directive
REFERENCE64 keyword
    for ATTRIBUTES directive
    See also Function references
    See also Subroutine references
    to elemental intrinsic procedures
    to generic intrinsic procedures
    to generic procedures
    to non-Fortran procedures
Relational expressions
    precedence of operators in
Relational operators
    avoiding use as field names
Relative files
    associating with logical unit numbers
    defining size and structure of
    deleting records from
Relative spacing
    function returning reciprocal of
    function returning
REPEAT function #1
REPEAT function #2
Repeat specification
    for data edit descriptors #1
    for data edit descriptors #2
    for data edit descriptors #3
    for groups of descriptors
    for slash edit descriptor #1
    for slash edit descriptor #2
    for string edit descriptors
    in DATA statements
Repeated execution
    See Loops
    for OPEN (STATUS)
Replicated arrays
    function creating
RESHAPE function #1
RESHAPE function #2
RESHAPE function #3
Resolving references
Restricted expressions
    definition of
    See also Specification expressions
RESULT keyword
    in ENTRY statements #1
    in ENTRY statements #2
    in FUNCTION statements #1
    in FUNCTION statements #2
Result variables
    in ENTRY statements
    in FUNCTION statements #1
    in FUNCTION statements #2
        value of
    requiring explicit interface
RETURN statement
    effect in subprograms
    retaining data after execution of
REWIND statements
REWIND value
REWRITE statements
    current record in
Right shift
    function performing arithmetic
    function performing circular
    function performing logical
RRSPACING function #1
RRSPACING function #2
RSHIFT function
Run-time formats

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