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HP Advanced Server for OpenVMS
Server Administrator's Guide

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Preface Preface
Chapter 1 Overview
Chapter 2 Managing Domains and Servers
Chapter 3 Managing Users and Groups
Chapter 4 Managing Directory and File Sharing
Chapter 5 Managing Printers, Print Queues, and Print Shares
Chapter 6 Monitoring Events and Troubleshooting
Chapter 7 Managing Server Configuration Parameters
Appendix A Server Configuration Parameters
Appendix B Network Protocols


Preface Preface
Chapter 1
1 Overview
     1.1     The Role of the Administrator
         1.1.1         Setting Up the Advanced Server Environment
         1.1.2         Administering the Network
                Maintaining User Accounts, Shares, and Resources
                Monitoring Events and Troubleshooting Server Problems
     1.2     The Advanced Server Network
         1.2.1         Domains
         1.2.2         Security
         1.2.3         Users
         1.2.4         Groups
         1.2.5         Logon Validation
         1.2.6         Logon Scripts
         1.2.7         Home Directories
         1.2.8         Advanced Server Licensing
     1.3     Resource Sharing
         1.3.1         Disk Directories
         1.3.2         Printers
     1.4     Monitoring Events and Troubleshooting
     1.5     Network Administration Interfaces
     1.6     The Advanced Server ADMINISTER Command-Line Interface
         1.6.1         Getting Help with ADMINISTER Commands
         1.6.2         Administering Domains and Servers
         1.6.3         Administrative Groups
Chapter 2
2 Managing Domains and Servers
     2.1     Managing a Domain
         2.1.1         Server Roles in the Domain
                Changing a Server's Role in a Domain
                        Changing a BDC to a PDC, or a PDC to a BDC
                        Changing a BDC to a Member Server, or Vice Versa
         2.1.2         Domain Controllers and the SAM Database
                Synchronizing SAM Databases on Domain Controllers
                        How to Synchronize All Controllers in a Domain
                        How to Synchronize a Specific Backup Domain Controller with the Primary Domain Controller
         2.1.3         Displaying the Current Domain
         2.1.4         Administering Another Domain
         2.1.5         Member Servers and Domain Management
                Administering the Member Server's Local Database
                ADMINISTER Command Variances on Member Servers
         2.1.6         Adding a Computer Account to a Domain
                Procedure for Adding a Computer to a Domain
         2.1.7         Removing a Computer Account from a Domain's Security Database
                Procedure for Removing a Computer from a Domain
         2.1.8         Managing Trust Relationships
                Establishing Trust Relationships
                Setting Up a One-Way Trust Relationship
                Setting Up a Two-Way Trust Relationship
                Displaying the Trust Relationships
                Removing Trust Relationships
     2.2     Managing Security Policies
         2.2.1         Managing the Account Policy
                Example: Setting a User Account Policy
                Example: Displaying the Account Policy for a Domain
         2.2.2         Managing the Audit Policy
                Example: Displaying the Audit Policy for a Domain
                Example: Enabling Auditing and Setting the Audit Policy for a Domain
     2.3     Managing a Server
         2.3.1         Displaying Server Information
                Displaying Connections
                Displaying User Sessions
                Displaying Shared Resources
                Displaying the Advanced Server Version Number
         2.3.2         Stopping the Advanced Server
         2.3.3         Sending Messages to Users
                Sending a Message to the User of a Specific Computer
                Sending a Message to Users on a Specific Server
         2.3.4         Managing Services
                Displaying Services
                Starting Services
                Pausing Services
                Continuing Services
                Stopping Services
                Synchronizing Clocks on All Network Computers
         2.3.5         Changing Time Zones or Daylight Saving Time Settings
     2.4     Advanced Server in OpenVMS Clusters
         2.4.1         About the Advanced Server Cluster Alias
         2.4.2         Defining the Advanced Server Cluster Alias
         2.4.3         Cluster Load Balancing in LANs
         2.4.4         Dynamic Cluster Load Balancing in WANs
                Background and Overview: Advanced Server Clusters and Load Balancing
                The Software for Dynamic Cluster Load Balancing in WANs
                Setting Up Dynamic Cluster Load Balancing in WANs

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