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HP Advanced Server for OpenVMS
Server Administrator's Guide

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1-1 Network Administration Interfaces
1-2 Administrative Groups
2-1 Role Changes
2-2 Disallowed or Restricted Commands When Administering a Member Server's Local Database
2-3 Events You Can Audit
2-4 Network Services on the Advanced Server
3-1 User Account Attributes
3-2 Specifying Logon Hours
3-3 Uses of Local and Global Groups
3-4 Built-In Groups
4-1 Security Checks
4-2 OpenVMS Group Codes
4-3 Tradeoffs Regarding the STORE_SECURITY_ACES Parameter Settings
4-4 Network Administrative Shares
4-5 Sample Default Autoshare Names
4-6 Default Shares
4-7 Share Permissions
4-8 Directory Access Permissions and Actions on Directories
4-9 Directory Access Permissions and Actions on Files
4-10 Configurable Languages
4-11 Advanced Server File-Naming Conventions
6-1 Alerter Configuration Parameters
6-2 Event Log Files
6-3 Information in Event Files
6-4 ELFREAD Command Options
6-5 Log File Names
6-6 Event Logger Command Qualifiers
6-7 Procedure for Solving Intermittent Problems
6-8 Procedure for Solving Domain and Computer Problems
6-9 Procedure for Solving Server Operation Problems
6-10 Procedure for Solving Service Problems
6-11 Procedure for Solving Client Connection Problems
6-12 Procedure for Solving Share Access Problems
6-13 Procedure for Solving Printing Problems
6-14 Procedure for Solving User Account Problems
6-15 Procedure for Solving Problems of Privileged Users
6-16 Procedure for Solving Problems Connecting to the Advanced Server
6-17 Procedure for Solving License Validation Problems
7-1 Security Model Configuration Parameter Settings
7-2 Keys for Controlling the Configuration Manager
7-3 PWRK$REGUTL Commands
7-4 PWRK$REGUTL SHOW Command Qualifiers
A-1 Registry Value Terminology
A-2 Computer Name Values
A-3 Print Values
A-4 Browser Values
A-5 Netlogon Service Values
A-6 Advanced Server Process Parameter Values
A-7 Advanced Server File Services Parameter Values
A-8 Advanced Server Share Parameter Values
A-9 Advanced Server Parameters Values
A-10 Lanman Server Parameter Values
A-11 Alerter Service Values
A-12 Application Event Log Values
A-13 Security Event Log Values
A-14 System Event Log Values
A-15 User Service Parameter Values
B-1 Supported Transports and Protocols
B-2 TCP/IP Protocol
B-3 NetBEUI Protocol
B-4 DECnet-Plus Protocol

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