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HP Operating Environments for OpenVMS for Integrity Servers

This SPD describes the HP Operating Environments for OpenVMS for Integrity Servers. The Operating Environment (OE) license bundles and media offerings are included in the November 2007 OE release, supporting OpenVMS Version 8.3-1H1.

Foundation Operating Environment (FOE)

The Foundation Operating Environment is the core environment. It includes the operating system, networking, and infrastructure software. FOE component products are not available for order separately.

Table 1 - Foundation Operating Environment - Media product BA322A*

OE Component Version SPD Ship Date
OpenVMS I64 Operating System 8.3-1H1 82.35 Nov 2007
CDSA 2.3 82.35 Nov 2007
DECnet Phase IV 8.3-1H1 48.48 Nov 2007
DECnet-Plus 8.3-1H1 50.45 Nov 2007
DECprint Supervisor (DCPS) 2.6 44.15 May 2007
DECwindows Motif 1.6 42.19 Sep 2006
Distributed Computing Environment (RT) 3.2 43.05 Mar 2005
Java[TM] Platform, Standard Edition, Development Kit (JDK) 1.5.0-2 80.58 Nov 2007
Kerberos 3.1 82.35 Nov 2007
NetBeans Suite 80.58
         Distributed NetBeans 1.1-1 Mar 2006
         NetBeans IDE 3.6 Mar 2005
         Plugins: BASH, C/C++, CMS Client, COBOL,
         DCL, EDT Keypad, FORTRAN, MMS
80.58 Sep 2006
OpenVMS Enterprise Directory 5.5ECO1 81.03 Nov 2006
OpenVMS I18N 8.3-1H1 82.35 Nov 2007
Pay-Per Use (PPU) 8.0 82.35 Sep 2006
Performance Data Collector (TDC) 2.3 Nov 2007
Secure Web Browser 1.7-13 80.58 Sep 2006
SSL 1.3 80.58 Sep 2006
TCP/IP Services 5.6-9ECO2 46.46 Nov 2007
WBEM/CIM 2.7 Nov 2007
WBEM Providers 1.5 Nov 2007
Web Management Agents 3.4 82.35 Sep 2006
Web Server Suite 80.58
         Secure Web Server 2.1-1ECO 80.58 Nov 2007
         CSWS_JAVA (Tomcat) 3.0 80.58 Mar 2006
         CSWS_PERL (mod_Perl) 2.1 80.58 Mar 2006
         CSWS_PHP (mod_PHP) 1.3 80.58 Mar 2006
         Perl 5.8-6 80.58 Sep 2006
Web Services Toolkit 80.58
         SOAP Toolkit 2.0 80.58 Mar 2005
         UDDI for Java 1.0 80.58 Mar 2005
         Web Services Integration Toolkit 1.2 80.58 Feb 2007
         XML Technology 2.0 80.58 Mar 2005

Enterprise Operating Environment (EOE)

The Enterprise Operating Environment includes the FOE, and adds system management tools. EOE component products not included in the FOE can be ordered separately.

Table 2 - Enterprise Operating Environment - Media product BA323A*

OE Component Version SPD Ship Date
Availability Manager 3.0-1 82.35 Nov 2007
DECram 34.26 Mar 2005
OpenView Performance Agent 4.0 Sep 2006
OpenVMS Management Station 3.2D 82.35 Mar 2005
RMS Journaling for OpenVMS 8.3-1H1 27.58 Nov 2007
Volume Shadowing for OpenVMS 8.3-1H1 27.29 Nov 2007

Mission Critical Operating Environment (MCOE)

The Mission Critical Operating Environment includes the Foundation and Enterprise Operating Environments, and adds clustering and HP Reliable Transaction Router. MCOE component products not included in the FOE can be ordered separately.

Table 3 - Mission Critical Operating Environment - Media product BA324A*

OE Component Version SPD Ship Date
VMScluster Client 8.3-1H1 29.78 Nov 2007
VMScluster Software 8.3-1H1 29.78 Nov 2007
Reliable Transaction Router, Back End 5.1 51.04 May 2007

Operating Environment Media kits

The Operating Environment Media kits deliver the Operating System, the Operating Environment component products, and the Layered Products as follows:
  • Media and Online Documentation:
    • Operating Environment DVD (binaries)
    • Layered Product CD-ROM (binaries)
    • OpenVMS Online Documentation CD-ROMs (documentation for OE components)
    • Online Documentation Library CD-ROM (documentation for Layered Products)
    • Freeware CD-ROM(s)
    • Open Source Tools CD-ROM
  • Hardcopy Documentation:
    • HP OpenVMS License Management Utility Manual
    • HP OpenVMS Version 8.3-1H1 New Features and Release Notes
    • HP OpenVMS Version 8.3 Release Notes
    • HP OpenVMS Version 8.3-1H1 Upgrade and Installation Manual
    The media offerings (updated quarterly) include the most recent revision of OE components and Layered Products.

    Tables 1 through 3 list the OE component products included with the currently shipping OE Media. The HP Operating Environments for OpenVMS Industry Standard 64 for Integrity Servers SPD will revise with each quarterly OE update to track OE component versions and ship dates.

For information about future additions, please refer to the Software Public Rollout reports at: http://h71000.www7.hp.com/openvms/os/swroll/index.html

Please refer to indivdual SPDs for details about the OE components. Component SPDs are listed in the SPD repository: http://docs.hp.com/index.html#openvms