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April 2, 2001

» download CSWS_JSERV
» MOD_JSERV and JServ Servlet engine release notes

Compaq is pleased to provide Compaq-supported, customer release version of CSWS_JSERV for Compaq Secure Web Server for OpenVMS Alpha. This kit is based on Apache JServ 1.1-1. See the Java Apache Project Change Log for the features included in this kit.

We'd also like to announce a new Compaq-supported, customer release version of CSWS_JAVA. CSWS_JAVA includes these Apache Tomcat technologies: JavaServer Pages 1.1, Java Servlet 2.2, MOD_JK, and MOD_JSERV.

The CSWS_JSERV kit runs with the Compaq Secure Web Server V1.1 for OpenVMS Alpha released May 18, 2001, the Compaq Secure Web Server Version 1.0-1 for OpenVMS Alpha released January 5, 2001, and the Compaq Secure Web Server Version 1.0 for OpenVMS Alpha released October 3, 2000.

Apache JServ is a pure Java servlet engine fully compliant with the JavaSoft Java Servlet API 2.0 specification. This servlet engine works on any Version 1.1 compliant Java Virtual Machine and may execute any Java servlet compliant with Version 2.0.

Apache JServ 1.1 is a server application serving requests made with a specific protocol (Apache JServ Protocol). Then, included modules allow the web server to "translate" servlet requests and forward them to the right servlet engine.

The Apache JServ distribution contains one module for the Apache Web Server (mod_jserv).

Apache JSSI is a Java servlet that provides support for including dynamic servlet output from within HTML documents via the SERVLET tag, as specified by the JavaSoft Java Web Server.

Apache JSSI parses JHTML files, executes the servlets as specified by the SERVLET tag and replaces those tags with the output of the executed servlet. The SERVLET tag can be seen as the server side equivalent of the APPLET tag.


CSWS_JSERV for the Compaq Secure Web Server for OpenVMS Alpha requires the following software:


The CSWS_JSERV for Compaq Secure Web Server for OpenVMS Alpha Installation Guide and Release Notes contain OpenVMS-specific information including how to download, install, and run the kit. You can also access the MOD_JSERV and JServ Servlet Engine Release Notes For more information on Apache JServ and Apache JSSI, see the Java Apache Project website. General information about Apache is available from the Apache Software Foundation.

reporting problems

Customer Release Version

Support for CSWS_JSERV for Compaq Secure Web Server for OpenVMS Alpha is provided by Compaq under existing OpenVMS service agreements through standard support channels.

See Compaq support for worldwide support center telephone numbers.

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