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 HP C++ for OpenVMS

Delivers faster compile time, faster runtime, and reduced object size

HP C++ for OpenVMS VAX/Alpha Operating Systems is a native programming language product, which generates optimized position-independent code without employing an intermediate translation to C. HP C++ is based on The Annotated C++ Reference Manual (ARM), Ellis and Stroustrup. In addition to ARM, HP C++ also supports CFRONT and MS dialects.

HP C++ includes:

  • A subset of the ANSI C++ Standard Library, including the string library, numeric_limits, auto_ptr, standard exception classes, complex math library, and the Standard Template Library (STL) updated to a subset of the September 1996 ANSI C++ draft. Portions of the ANSI C++ Standard Library have been implemented using source licensed from and copyrighted by Rogue Wave Software, Inc.
  • A HP C++ Class Library containing the following packages: iostream, complex, generic, objection, stopwatch, string, task, messages, and vector.
  • ANSI/ISO C header files enhanced for use with the HP C++ compiler. These headers are currently packaged with HP C++ to make them avail able for use with HP C++. Packaging of the headers is subject to change as they become available in subsequent releases of related products.
  • Features to facilitate porting to HP C++ from other C++ implementations. The /STANDARD=CFRONT option relaxes error checking for better compatibility with C++ compilers based on the AT&T "cfront" trans lator. The /STANDARD=MS option provides better compatibility with Microsoft's Visual C++ (TM).
  • Automatic instantiation of templates
  • A name demangler that enables other tools (besides the compiler and debugger) to present demangled names to the user.

Country List Price for USA.

Part#Part DescriptionLoan-EMEA OnlySPDUSA
QL-0HQAE-AAHP C++ for OpenVMS/Apha Workgroup LicenceSoftware Loan AvaliableSoftware Product Description4718
QL-0HQAG-AAHP C++ for OpenVMS/Apha Departmental LicenceSoftware Loan AvaliableSoftware Product Description9450
QL-0HQAQ-AAHP C++ for OpenVMS/Apha Enterprise LicenceSoftware Loan AvaliableSoftware Product Description14168
QL-MJ1A2-AAHP C++ for OpenVMS/VAX Departmental LicenceSoftware Loan AvaliableSoftware Product Description17069
QL-MJ1A5-AAHP C++ for OpenVMS/VAX Enterprise LicenceSoftware Loan AvaliableSoftware Product Description28335
QL-MJ1AA-2BHP C++ for OpenVMS/VAX and Alpha Personal LicenceSoftware Loan AvaliableSoftware Product Description1880
QL-MJ1AA-3BHP C++ for OpenVMS/VAX and Alpha Concurrent LicenceSoftware Loan AvaliableSoftware Product Description2074
QL-MJ1AB-AAHP C++ for OpenVMS/VAX Workgroup LicenceSoftware Loan AvaliableSoftware Product Description5670

For further information on how to order this product, please contact your local authorised HP Business Partner. Click here for more information if you don't have a local contact.

Customers outside of Europe should contact an HP Sales Representative directly to arrange for software loan of product.