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 HP DECset for OpenVMS Alpha Systems

HP DECset for OpenVMS Alpha Systems is an integrated programming tool set that supports software developers' coding, debugging, testing, and maintenance activities.

HP DECset for OpenVMS Alpha Systems contains the following components:

  • HP Language-Sensitive Editor/Source Code Analyzer (LSE/SCA) for OpenVMS Alpha Systems.
  • HP Test Manager for OpenVMS Alpha Systems.
  • HP Performance and Coverage Analyzer (PCA) for OpenVMS Alpha Systems.
  • HP Code Management System (CMS) for OpenVMS Alpha Systems .
  • HP Module Management System (MMS) for OpenVMS Alpha Systems.

The components of the DECset tool set can be used in either a workstation or character-cell terminal environment. All components include both DECwindows Motif[R] for OpenVMS Alpha and command-line interfaces.

Country List Price for USA.

Part#Part DescriptionLoan-EMEA OnlySPDUSA
QL-965AA-2BHP DECset for OpenVMS/VAX and Alpha Personal LicenceSoftware Loan AvaliableSoftware Product Description7027
QL-MUPAE-AAHP DECset for OpenVMS/Alpha Workgroup LicenceSoftware Loan AvaliableSoftware Product Description18980
QL-MUPAG-AAHP DECset for OpenVMS/Alpha Departmental LicenceSoftware Loan AvaliableSoftware Product Description38090
QL-MUPAQ-AAHP DECset for OpenVMS/Alpha Enterprise LicenceSoftware Loan AvaliableSoftware Product Description73710
QP-965AA-3BHP DECset for OpenVMS/VAX and Alpha Concurrent Licence PackNo Software Loan AvaliableSoftware Product Description8970

For further information on how to order this product, please contact your local authorised HP Business Partner. Click here for more information if you don't have a local contact.

Customers outside of Europe should contact an HP Sales Representative directly to arrange for software loan of product.