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 HP NAS Base Server 200 for OpenVMS Alpha Systems

HP NAS Base Server 200 for OpenVMS[TM] Alpha is a member of the NAS client/server packages family. Each NAS package is a software product providing a license for the NAS product and documentation.

HP NAS Base Server 200 consists of a set of components that provide a server run-time environment for distributed network applications on OpenVMS Alpha systems. These components, along with the operating system, provide uniform services that enable applications to be distributed in heterogeneous client/server environments.

Use of the components of HP NAS Base Server 200 requires a license for HP NAS Base Server 200 in combination with the OpenVMS Alpha operating system. Rights to new versions of a NAS package or new versions of its components should be obtained through an update service or an update licence. Please see the SPD for details.

Country List Price for USA.

Part#Part DescriptionLoan-EMEA OnlySPDUSA
QL-23EAE-AANAS Base Server 200 for OpenVMS/Alpha Workgroup LicenceSoftware Loan AvaliableSoftware Product Description2645
QL-23EAG-AANAS Base Server 200 for OpenVMS/Alpha Departmental LicenceSoftware Loan AvaliableSoftware Product Description5865
QL-23EAQ-AANAS Base Server 200 for OpenVMS/Alpha Enterprise LicenceSoftware Loan AvaliableSoftware Product Description12132

For further information on how to order this product, please contact your local authorised HP Business Partner. Click here for more information if you don't have a local contact.

Customers outside of Europe should contact an HP Sales Representative directly to arrange for software loan of product.