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HP Integrity server animation
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HP BridgeWorks Download Request Form

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Please tell us a few things about yourself and your IS environment. This information will help us identify our customer requirements for OpenVMS Internet and eBusiness solutions and improve our OpenVMS offerings.

Hewlett-Packard respects your privacy. The information you provide on this form is for use only by HP and will not be sold or released to other companies or individuals.

Please enter the following information and submit the registration form. After submission, you will receive an email message with the URL of the download page and installation instructions.

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Questions for All Downloaders

  1. What versions of OpenVMS Alpha will you be using with BridgeWorks?

    7.3 7.3-1 7.3-2 8.2

  2. What languages will you be using with BridgeWorks?

    Ada BASIC C C++ COBOL Fortran Pascal Java Other

  3. Please list any client development tools and environments you plan to use with BridgeWorks?

  4. Please include any other comments.


Previously Tried BridgeWorks?
Please Take a One-Minute Survey

Please be so kind as to respond to the following statements

  1. I installed BridgeWorks successfully

  2. I found the information I needed in online help documentation

  3. I found the main features of BridgeWorks to be easy to learn

  4. I found the "quick-start tutorial" and was able to follow the steps

  5. I was able to generate and build the server and middle code

  6. I was able to test a connection with a working client

  7. I've expanded my use of BridgeWorks beyond the demo examples

  8. BridgeWorks has a place in my current or future production needs?

  9. I would recommend BridgeWorks to others

  10. I have tested BridgeWorks version...


  11. I have tested the following component types... JavaBeans EJB COM

  12. Do you have any questions, suggestions, or other feedback?

Don't forget to enter your Name and Email Address at the top of the page before clicking SUBMIT.
Thank you!

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